Jack Dorsey – The Planner of Square and Twitter

Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey – The Planner of Square and Twitter

  • The co-founder and co-creator of Twitter and the founder and CEO of Square (a mobile payment company), Jack Dorsey is also an American businessman apart from being a website developer. He is a gem in establishing the service of microblogging which is today stimulating the social world.
  • Born is St. Louis, USA on November 19, 1976, Jack had always a knack towards computers. He used to devote all his time in studying the versions of IBM. He had a desire to sketch a live map of New York City that would show multiple small dots moving in a real-time space, showing cabs, ambulance cars, fire-brigades etc. This inspiration came down on him from his father, who was an engineer of medical equipment in America and used to travel a lot.
  • Jack did his schooling from Bishop du Bourg High School in St. Louis, Missouri. Learning computers was the favorite part of his life. Initially, he made an attempt to transfer road atlases into digital format and then using an electronic bulletin board – Board System, he could move objects on his map. It was much like a real city miniature! This programming experience offered to him at just 14. He also wrote a few programs for firefighting services and taxi dispatching.
  • In 1991, Jack joined Mira Digital Publishing Company as a team leader. Dispatch Management Services Corp was his next job. While in this job, he learned a short messaging system (SMS) along with a new program through which any dispatcher could locate the courier movements in a real-time mode.
  • While he was working at the Odeo Company, one day while sitting on a playground, an idea of service came up to his mind. It was to start something that would allow users to share their minds online. This is how SMS service got introduced to the US market. Jack used SMS to send messages through a special program which could spread around friend-circles. This is how he and his friends came up with the name of Twitter with the bluebird logo.
  • Twitter was not just a message sending software but also a wall onto which millions of users across the world could pin post their stories on various topics. With its first entry in the microblogging service, Twitter appeared on 26th March 2006.
  • Fred Wilson, an American businessman was the only one who showed actual interest in Twitter and sponsored it along with being its strategic consultant. He always focused on how globally Jack can expand Twitter’s usage. Currently, Twitter has 330 million active users per month and with the development of smartphones sending messages has become much easier.
  • Twitter’s popularity expanded right after 2007 from the South-West Film Festival, where multiple screens were installed, displaying real-time messages from the users of the service. Later in May 2008, the market capitalization of Twitter reached $1.5 billion.
  • Today, the system of exchanging short messages simultaneously with millions of people across the globe has turned Twitter into a renowned social weapon.

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