Istamojo’s create success history in payment made fast

Instamojo Technologies offers a hassle-free, affordable payment gateway across India that enables MSMEs to generate payment links, share the same with their customers via WhatsApp, SMS, e-mail or Facebook, and collect payments. And company establish in 2012 with good service products features and founder and board members: Sampad Swain, Aditya Sengupta, Akash Gehani, Harshad Sharma.
And According to a filing with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the company earned `6.3 crore in revenues in FY2016/17 and incurred losses of `3.3 crore. It claims to have turned EBITDA positive last July and seen 10-15 per cent growth month on month.Instamojo will continue to grow and improve the mobile app by investments from venture companies Gunosy Capital and Kalaari Capital. The money will be used to further grow the mobile app and improve the team. And AnyPay also became his biggest funders.Instamojo is secure and payments feature designed for Indian SMEs.
Instamojo is an electronic payment portal-it has worked primarily taking into account the demands it faces that small companies face. Yes, it just makes sense for the company to comply with all of the protection and privacy laws out there and protect the purchases of their customers. If you want immediate payment, just visit instant payment choice. Instamojo offers payment solutions designed to cater to the unique requirements of Indian SMEs.

Marketing Strategies: of Istamojo

Here are the some 4 such thing ,Treating Customer with care,Advertising Strategy,Financial Strategy and Social mediathese components  are play to make a good success history in their future. And The company has raised a total of $15.2 million in fundingSince COVID-19, Instamojo has seen 25-30 percent growth in business.Since COVID-19, Instamojo has seen 25-30 percent growth on its platform. From April onwards, Instamojo’s customer base in the education sector has seen a massive 66.58 percent growth in online presence and transactions. Businesses that deal in computer accessories and services have seen a 95.4 percent growth in transactions, and B2B companies have seen a whopping 117.54 percent increase.  The food retails and services sector has also seen an 86.12 percent increase in online transactions.  
The launch of our Capital and Shipping products helped us move to a full-stack platform for businesses, which was another big milestone. Becoming profitable recently, and especially during these Covid times, is also a big milestone.  

Future Plans And vision of the Istamojo

The company aim is to empower every individual and business to adopt the Internet to grow their business, and we will provide them with all the tools that they need for it. Instamojo will be synonymous with starting and growing the business. At the same time, we will be doing this in other countries across the world over the next few years. 
Instamojo says that transactions in the travel category saw a steep decline after April, but steady growth in the category has been witnessed in the month of August and September. The company says that there has been a 16x growth in travel volume and 3x growth in the number of transactions in travel businesses.  Instamojo plans to offer its services outside of India in the next few years.Instamojo’s aim was to turn profitable by the end of 2020 but with that out of the way, their aim is to now double the business while staying profitable. Catering to micro merchants, Swain said that with an annualized Gross Merchandising Volume (GMV) of ₹2000 crore, they still hold just 1% of the $30 billion online retail industry.

In short story by Sampad Swain, CEO and co-founder of Instamojo 

According to the Swain statement that with an annualized Gross Merchandising Volume (GMV) of ₹2000 crore, they still hold just 1% of the $30 billion online retail industry. And Instamojo runs businesses across ecommerce, lending and payments, and has reported cash flow positivity across all businesses. Its businesses beyond payments, which used to have zero revenue until last year are now contributing to 30% of the total revenue. And Swain says that their business grew as the coronavirus pandemic turned out to be demonetization 2.0 for merchants. When in November 2016, when the existing ₹1000 and ₹500 notes were banned, it had pushed customers to go digital. And The idea is to build a world class online store platform like Shopify for the Indian emerging market. We also want to see what it takes to take Instamojo global, According to the Swain statement.

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