INVENTYS Research Company : Backbone of numerous global Life Sciences supply chains

INVENTYS Research Company

The Indian chemical industry is one of the most recognized sectors and quite possibly serves as a critical and important ingredient in the development of the country. One of the biggest in the world, the Indian chemical industry incorporates countless players from the private and public sectors. Fueled by increased local demand, higher export share, and supportive government policies, this sector is expected to grow even faster in the coming times.
Inventys delivers customized, innovative manufacturing services to established as well as emerging Life Science Companies. It also offers comprehensive solutions to innovative suppliers who specialize in the chemical market.

Here are some of the services offered by the company:

  • In-Full and In-Spec Custom Manufacturing Solutions
  • State-of-the-art R&D
  • Chemicals Manufacturing to the WHO-GMP and ISO standards
  • Analytics & Quality Management
  • Regulatory Support & DMF preparation
  • Multi Customer Products & Commodities
  • Advanced Intermediates GMP & non-GMP

While offering effective and timely solutions, Inventys also places strong emphasis on responsible behavior towards society, environment, and people. Through its advanced Contract and Custom Synthesis Manufacturing Solutions, the company has already sparked transformative changes in the industry.

INVENTYS Research Company

“Considering our size, what sets us apart is our drive for innovation” asserts Dr. Deepak Birewar, Founder & CEO of Inventys. He further describes his company as a company that offers ‘unrivaled and unique chemistry’ in today’s competitive world.
Inventys has a proven track record of providing world-class results with emphasis on advanced technology to assure innovative, cost-effective, and secure solutions. Given that, over the last four years, Inventys has invested in R&D, more than its yearly revenue, it is no surprise that Inventys is now recognized as an innovation driver for the chemical manufacturing of specialty chemicals, advanced intermediates, RSMs (Registered Starting Materials), and actives for the pharmaceutical, agro, and electronic chemical industry sector.

The preponderance of Inventys R&D

Inventys is a Leading Custom Manufacturer of choice for many large Agro & Pharma giants located in Japan, Western Europe, and the Americas. Inventys is recognized for its proficiency to deliver complex chemistry, challenging engineering skills, consistent quality, ethical business processes, and long-term stable relationships.

INVENTYS Research Company

Inventys has proven to be particularly skilled for the task of designing, building, and operating efficient automated pilot and manufacturing plants for particularly complex chemical processes. Pilot plants are initially used to optimize and perfect the manufacturing process as well as to develop detailed engineering designs for commercial production with better accuracy. Five Pilot plants plus six automated multipurpose production blocks with fifteen independentINVENTYS Research Company sub-sections allow a product to be grown from paper chemistry analysis – to a few hundred MTs at a single integrated site. These production blocks are essentially flexible multi-purpose plants, designed to handle a wide range of technologies, including continuous gas or liquid phase reactions, fixed bed continuous reactions, high-temperature catalytic reactions, high-pressure hydrogenation, and many other chemical reactions like Cyanation, hydrogenation, pyrazole synthesis, nitrile synthesis, esterification, cyclization, bromination, chlorination, fluorination by Halex, hydrolysis, oxidation, as well as organometallic reactions.

Acetonitrile innovation of Inventys is an illustration of state-of-the-art process engineering skills. Inventys uses a completely green route of synthesis for Acetonitrile – an important molecule in pharmaceutical processes as well as in analytical chemistry. The only by-product in this process is water – making this technology a more sustainable way of synthesizing Acetonitrile. Inventys’ Acetonitrile has been approved in India by more than fifty-nine pharmaceutical companies as well as other companies.

Founder’s Corner – Dr. Deepak B Birewar

The foundation of an effective organization is laid with the aspiration to formulate something distinctive, superior, and that is useful to society. Dr. Deepak B. Birewar is one such veteran who has created a mark in the chemical manufacturing industry with his venture Inventys Research.
A trained chemical engineer from IIT Mumbai with a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University, USA, Dr. Deepak Birewar founded Inventys Research in 2005. Known for his entrepreneurial spirit, Dr. Birewar has taken the helm of setting new standards for the Indian specialty chemicals industry through innovative products and technology strategies. Dr. Birewar brings to the table vast experience across various domains, industries, and markets.
Dr. Deepak Birewar started his career in Dupont Corporation, one of the largest chemical companies in the world, after receiving his doctorate. He worked as a research scientist in the Central Research Department. To broaden his horizon, he moved to the software industry and became Vice President of i2 Technologies, Dallas, USA, in the Semiconductors Division.
Soon the entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and Dr. Birewar went on to start his own software consulting company Rushi International in Dallas, the USA in 1998. He also formed another software company in Dallas named Econet’s Inc.
It was late 2002, when he decided to return to India and join his father’s chemical manufacturing business in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, called Multi Organics. Following his footsteps as a founder and entrepreneur, Dr. Birewar founded Inventys Research Company in 2005 to concentrate on the business of custom manufacturing.
Dr. Deepak Birewar, with his experience across domains, industries, and markets is today a proud leader of this global chemical player. Dr. Deepak Birewar has always emphasized on transformation as a catalytic agent driving innovation.

Mission to ‘sustainably service multiple important global supply chains’

INVENTYSInventys’ primary focus is on products with high technology requirements that are not usually manufactured by any other Indian company or those that have an extremely limited supplier portfolio on a global base. Inventys competes primarily with Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and European companies. There were no customers in India until 2019 with Inventys.INVENTYS
Inventys’ goal is to support Indian and global supply chains to minimize their dependency on China by offering a dependable, sustainable, and accountable alternative while generating respectable and fulfilling job opportunities in India. Inventys’ customer base includes some of the top global agrochemical, pharmaceutical, and specialty chemical players including BASF & Bayer (Germany), Nissan Chemicals & Mitsui (Japan), Pfizer (USA), and many other large Agro/Pharma multinationals as well as small innovators in the Pharma segments. They have been partnering with the world’s leading innovators for over a decade.

Awards & Recognition

Earlier this year, Inventys was featured by Dun & Bradstreet (India) in their annual publication Business Across Borders – 2021. Last year, the Business Connect magazine – featured Inventys in its cover story as one of the 20 Most Promising Chemical Companies in India – 2020. Earlier Inventys was named as the Company of The Year – 2018 by “The CEO Magazine” and recently the Number 1 Manufacturing Company in the east Maharashtra region of Vidarbha for the manufacturing sector by Nagpur First organization. Inventys is also a recipient of the prestigious Leaders of Tomorrow award in Chemicals and Petrochemicals category by “ET NOW (Economic Times)” amongst over 68,000 SME contestants. During the year 2021, Inventys is slated to feature as Game Changer – the Covid Heroes in the Forbes Marquee Magazine. Inventys has also been selected as Company of the Year – 2021 – for their cover story by the Inner Review magazine.

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