ISR: Life with International STEAM Research

ISR: Life with International STEAM Research

If you’re looking for an organization that prioritizes leadership and learning experiences, then look no further than International S.T.E.A.M Research (ISR), which comes in at number one on our list. ISR is renowned for its role in the Education Sector and is truly the best Experiential S.T.E.A.M education services company to work for. The company is a market leader in what it does, and employees enjoy having this globally recognized and respected brand on their resume with the top S.T.E.A.M qualifications provided by the company itself.
While they are not yet one of the biggest companies in the world, the company is in the process of recruiting an additional 10,000 engineers and teachers pan India when presently most other companies are laying off employees in large numbers. With a strong emphasis on developing a productive and happy workforce, the company’s employees boast about the positive, competitive culture, giving them the opportunity to gain experience in a number of different areas to grow their transferable skills. The founders of the company recognize that they wouldn’t be where they are without their employees, hence rewards them with an inclusive and supportive work environment.
International S.T.E.A.M Research prides itself on delivering the promise of technology and human ingenuity as a global professional Experiential S.T.E.A.M Education Services company through its brand ISR L.I.F.E (Life-long Innovation & Futuristic Education). It empowers schools/educational institutions to provide Experiential Education to learners and develop them as mindful problem-solvers through S.T.E.A.M activities with Futuristic Technologies at the most affordable price.
Since long, people have had the thought that the traditional education system is the right and only way to get students ready for the jobs of the future. However, the world is changing at a breakneck speed. Technology improves and grows at an exponential rate and is opening up a new world with umpteen opportunities like never before. Many experts suggest that academic institutions and teachers should pay more attention to how students learn, than what they learn. In the future, skills would be more important than grades. It is imperative that teachers and educational institutions develop new ideas and equip themselves with the right tools to prepare students for the future.
International STEAM Research, founded by two passionate educationists Dr. George Panicker and Capt. Shaji Sebastian, promotes invention and innovation literacy through integrated Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M) with schools, with the aim to develop life-long learners and problem-solvers with a heutagogical, scientific and entrepreneurial temperament.

We caught up with Dr. George Panicker, Founder & CEO of ISR, to discuss about the journey so far and the road ahead.


Among the key determinants of a well-structured personality is education, a subject most people are enthusiastic about, Dr. George Panicker is an educationist who probably needs no introduction. He is also a successful author and entrepreneur. Dr. Panicker states, “Being mind full is not the same as being mindful, hence one should never let their education restrict knowledge”.

He believes that it is important to consistently promote curiosity among students to allow them to be their creative best in the present era of innovation. Therefore, schools must embrace failure as a way to learn rather than a sign of ineptitude. Students must be encouraged and provided assistance in developing a comprehensive perspective of everything through a Design Thinking approach, and become effective communicators developing resilience, and incorporating meaning into their work. Experiential STEAM education is the proven way forward, the world over.

Schools may have unique problems and issues that might stand in the way of developing a setting perfect for addressing the urgent demands of the present time. However, it is imperative that schools must provide children with the chance to be future-ready by doing and learning rather than rote learning. It is in this crucial area of the education sector that International S.T.E.A.M. Research (ISR), makes a major difference, unlike any other education service company, by working closely with schools as partners and helping them get on to the bandwagon of futuristic education in an affordable, sustainable and inclusive manner. However, this cannot be done without well-trained and highly committed human resource. ISR has been able to deliver high-quality STEAM Education services to its partners maintaining the highest ethical standards only because the company trusts, trains and treats their employees with the highest regard and respect.

Management Style

ISR has always planned all of its deliverables based on precise indicators, risk analysis, and assumptions. In addition, ISR has good backup plans for its staff and partners at all times. Through periodic appraisals, employees receive frequent feedback for their personal growth and motivation. Furthermore, employees are consistently appreciated for their accomplishments. Alongside regular capacity-building training, employees are awarded the Employee of the Year Honours annually by the management.
ISR encourages a cohesive atmosphere within the company where employees can function as individuals while also concentrating on team success. This helps employees to cooperate with each other in a committed manner for a common goal.

“We always listen to our employees and move ahead doing all that we can to help them be agile and adaptive at all times. We don’t treat employees as mere resources for business” says Dr. Panicker.

“It is not that everything we do is going to be assuring a comfort zone for anyone, sometimes significant changes in doing things may be required for the overall growth of the company as well as employees, which may not be an ideal or comfortable situation. However, these changes are important and they help us all to experience and learn together” adds Dr. Panicker.

Companies that treat employees well during tough times attract a lot of talent. Even during the pandemic lockdowns when employees would work from home, not only were employees at ISR paid their salaries in full, but were also given extra benefits.
When evaluating what career, what industry, and what company to work for, one must look beyond just the salary because a good work culture makes all the difference for an exciting career.

Present and Future

Apart from the global channel partner countries, presently ISR is working in 10 states pan India, i.e. Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Meghalaya and West Bengal.
ISR will continue sharing its expertise and empower with schools pan India in order to provide programmes based on the principles of STEAM, which are vital for students to thrive in a competitive economy.


International S.T.E.A.M Research is an ISO Certified Company and has partnered with global institutions and organizations like I.B.M., Google, Adobe, T.E.D, Strawbees- Sweden, Jugend Eine Welt- Austria, Artec – Japan, Amity University, Don Bosco University, etc, to ensure that STEAM education services offered to their partners are of international standards.
ISR is an Awardee of many National and International awards such as Brand of the Year, Best S.T.E.A.M Education company, Go Global, Atmanirbhar Bharat, to name a few.

“Being recognized for our work and being awarded these prestigious awards are definitely motivating factors and our employees are extremely proud of these achievements. For me personally these recognitions are definitely encouraging, but nothing compares to the accolades we receive from students, parents, teachers, principals and thought leaders” says Dr. Panicker.

What do they say?

“Key words that heralds the much needed change in the National Education Policy 2020 if implemented well are: experiential learning, conceptual understanding, problem solving, integrated learning, enquiry based learning, innovative learning, using futuristic technology, exponential learning… all leading to general education or liberal arts type of education which is much in practice all over the world. To my thinking the STEAM education if initiated and promoted in our schools in India, will achieve the type of education that NEP 2020 is envisaging without disturbing the existing subject wise curriculum followed in schools at present. STEAM education enables the students to connect and understand in a holistic way as to why they are learning what they are learning from the various subjects taught in schools. It empowers them to knit together the various subjects taught in school into problem-sloving, research and inquiry-based education. I want to complement International Steam Research (ISR) and George Panicker in this great initiative of ushering in the change desired”. – Rev, Fr. Joseph Manipadam SDB, Coordinator Education & Culture – DBYA South Asia, Education Coordinator – CCBI, Former Executive Secretary Education & Culture – CBCI.

“Dr. George Panicker is a real change maker with the promotion of STEAM-Education through ISR, partnering with Jugend Eine Welt and Don Bosco Institutions. I appreciate his love for people, especially the young ones and his professionalism expressed in quality work, handshake quality, sustainability, trust and good humor. That´s a very good “curriculum” for a better education and the world!” – Hannes Velik, Jugend Eine Welt, Austria.

“Mr. George Panicker is not only an educationist by profession, but by heart and that makes him special and able to reach not only to the minds, but also to the hearts of the pupils” – Piot Gozdalski, SDB, Don Bosco Poland.

“George has been an exceptional educationist always at heart and has worked in the field of education for over 20 years. His rich experience of the holistic pedagogy (for the development of “head, hand and heart”) will definitely benefit the education sector in India” – Hans-Jürgan Dörrich, Vice President Don Bosco International, Bonn/ Germany.

“International STEAM Research (ISR) is doing remarkable work in the field of education by empowering schools pan India to facilitate Experiential learning through S.T.E.A.M activities. I firmly believe that the integration of S.T.E.A.M activity-based learning using Futuristic Technologies will help children be ready to face life challenges. I am convinced that Partnering with ISR is one of the best things I have done for our students to make their school a happy place for learning.” – Sr. Rani Jacob, Principal of Our Lady Queen of the Missions School, Kolkata.

“Innovation is the way forward and George Panicker’s initiative to promote invention literacy through hands-on Experiential S.T.E.A.M Education within the classroom is aligned with the National Education Policy of India. The idea of empowering schools to provide such activity-based education with futuristic technologies to students is a very sustainable model” – Dr. Malini Goyal Former Principal of Mahadevi Birla World Academy, Kolkata and Lokhandwala Foundation School, Mumbai.

Best company to work for in 2022

So, there you have it. If you’re knee deep in the job search and looking for a job that can give you immense satisfaction, the prospect of a long and interesting career, and some great perks, then look no further than International S.T.E.A.M Research. For more information you could log on to


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