Institute Of Learning & Development: Dr. Rita Vyas Nagarkar’s Initiative to Reconceptualize Non-Formal Education

Institute Of Learning & Development

In the last few decades, women have defied the conventional roles that were imposed upon them by society. The stereotypical “Indian housewife” narrative, which was ingrained in our tradition, has been completely reversed. Women are now taking the lead and spearheading reformative initiatives in each facet of human existence. They’re CEOs, thought-leaders, authors, doctors, social workers, philanthropists and visionaries. This paradigm-shift has become increasingly evident in the past few years as several powerful women entrepreneurs have emerged in the business world.
One such revolutionary woman entrepreneur is Dr. Rita Vyas Nagarkar, Founder & Director of the Institute Of Learning & Development (ILD). ILD is a Hong Kong-based institution that offers extensive learning courses to students belonging to all ages and backgrounds. It offers high-quality content and consultancy services to students that are beneficial for their career as well as personal growth. Through ILD, Dr. Vyas Nagarkar endeavours to provide meaningful learning experiences and enrich all facets of students’ lives.

ILD: A Revolutionary Step Towards Innovative Education

Established in 2001, ILD is a global institution that focuses on purpose-driven educational projects. The highly qualified team of academicians and professionals at ILD ensures that students develop all the skills required to succeed professionally. ILD’s team comprises of renowned professors and experts with invaluable knowledge and years of experience in their field.
ILD mainly operates in Hong Kong, Greater China, Macau, and other parts of the Asia-Pacific region. The organization has so far catered to the needs of hundreds of clients, some of which include the most reputable brands in the world. The impressive clientele record of ILD includes the likes of corporate professionals, youngsters in academic institutions, and women-oriented businesses.
One of the primary objectives of ILD is to effectively deliver a holistic, impactful learning experience. It ensures the utmost satisfaction of its clients by providing them effectual courses, high-quality training solutions, and comprehensive education consultancy services. ILD currently offers several courses that cover topics on over twenty-five career sectors. It also offers Branding & Designing Services, University-Industry/Community Bridging Seminars, Youth-SME Bridging Internships, Document Design Solutions & Curriculum Development.
Through ILD, Dr. Vyas Nagarkar aspires to create more thoughtful leaders – individuals who can adapt to the demands of our ceaselessly changing times. This unimpeachable institution is dedicated to transforming the lives of its clients and bringing about a perspective-shift in non-formal education.

ILD’s Inception Story

Dr. Vyas Nagarkar established ILD soon after acquiring her doctorate in 2001. According to her, lifelong learning and acquisition of knowledge are the building blocks of a person’s development. It was this idea that encouraged her to impart meaningful education to individuals through an all-encompassing institution.
Instead of opting for a well-paying teaching job at a university, she became an entrepreneur and fructified her idea. Back then, entrepreneurship wasn’t a common career path for PhDs. However, she took the risk regardless of the prevailing stereotype.
She started by building a conglomerate of course developers, educators, and researchers from across the globe. Her goal was to produce quality courses and learning materials that would cover an array of topics from different subjects. These courses were designed to be all-encompassing, catering to students of all ages and backgrounds. The organization slowly grew in size and revenue, adding one client success after another to its record. Today, after almost 20 years since its inception, ILD has become a renowned name in Asia’s non-formal education scene. It has effectively served thousands of individuals in not only acquiring better skills and prosperity, but also attaining holistic personal growth.

IDL’s Robust Safety Measures Amid the Pandemic

During the COVID-19 crisis, ILD has come up with numerous training programs that are designed exclusively for online learning. Throughout the pandemic, every instructor in ILD has been in constant touch with the participants. The institution has implemented innovative measures to ensure maximal client satisfaction whilst rigorously following anti-covid precautions .
ILD, under the guidance of advisors and HR managers, has also been working on making new, more advanced courses available to their clients. The institution has taken this time to reinvent itself by adopting newer technology for better engagement.

Dr. Vyas Nagarkar’s Advice to Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs

Women today, more than any other point in history, are making great use of their talents and skills. While some don’t doubt themselves, many hesitate to enter the business world for fear of failing. Being a successful entrepreneur herself, Dr. Vyas Nagarkar knows the importance of self-confidence in achieving business goals. She feels that women should never underestimate their potential and never be afraid of failure. She believes that failure is inevitable and plays a crucial role in learning.
“Make sure you give a lot of time and importance to networking. Networking can do wonders as you gain access to resources and opportunities and constantly learn from others. Last but not least, remember people value authenticity, so create a positioning based on your expertise.” She added.

Dr. Vyas Nagarkar’s List of Notable Credentials

Dr. Vyas Nagarkar is an all-rounder in the truest sense. She is an entrepreneur, a scholar, a trainer, an author, and a Cross-cultural communication expert with over two decades of experience in the field.


Dr. Nagarkar acquired her Ph.D. in English Linguistics with a focus on Communication, Language, & Culture from the City University of Hong Kong. She also holds an M.A. from the R.D. University in Jabalpur, India, along with an M.Phil from the University of Hong Kong.

Entrepreneurial Achievements:

Apart from being the Founder & Director of ILD, Dr. Vyas Nagarkar has been actively teaching as well in teaching higher education and corporates. She has also dedicated over 25 years of her career to Academic Research, Desiging & Writing Curriculum (English Language & Literature, Communication & Soft Skills), Publishing Textbooks and E-books. She is also highly sought after Professional Content Developer and Cross-cultural Communication Expert.
She has authored 24 English textbooks for Careers that are included in the syllabus at the university and vocational training institutes in Mainland China. Millions of students have benefitted from the textbooks since they were first published in 2010. Due to the popularity, the revised versions were published in 2014.
She is a contributing member of UNESCO-APEID’s Entrepreneurship Education Network which promotes and advances entrepreneurship education in the Asia-Pacific region. Her work corelates with United Nations Sustainable Development Educational Goals (SDG) 2030 in particular Target 4. (Skill Development and Entrepreneurial Education), SDG Target 8 ( Decent Work and Economic Growth), SDG Target 10 ( Reduced Inequalities) and SDG Target 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities).

Noteworthy Accolades:

Dr. Vyas Nagarkar has been awarded the ‘Iconic Woman of the Decade’ by the Women Economic Forum and with ‘Women Leadership Award’ for Sustainable Growth for Women Entrepreneurs in New Delhi, India. She was also conferred with Honorary Professorship by Nissan Academy of Women Education in Beijing, China

Dr. Vyas Nagarkar’s Message To Budding Entrepreneurs

Having been in the industry for more than two decades now, Dr. Vyas Nagarkar has acquired some timeless wisdom which she’d like to share with budding entrepreneurs. Here’s what she has to say: “Dream with your eyes open and have the chutzpah to achieve it. Then surround yourself with a useful board of advisors to realize your dreams.”

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