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InNow India

Don’t these words reflect the essence of being a serial entrepreneur who knows nothing but to fetch opportunities to revolutionize lives for the better? Sure it does, and these words truly resonate with the charisma of the brand story we are about to feature today.

Water treatment and wastewater management is an imperative and rising sector of India’s environmental technology segment. As the country’s population is growing by all lengths and breadths, challenges associated with wastewater management are also increasing by many folds. With that being said, our government is also collaborating with many private and public players to simplify the challenges of water treatment and wastewater management and handle them with innovative tech-driven approaches. One such eminent star has landed on our platform today. Founded in 2015, InNow India Pvt. Ltd offers services centered on sustainable and eco-friendly water treatment solutions to sketch the picture of a cleaner and more sustainable India.

InNow India’s zeal to become disruptive and make a strong positive impact is real and futuristic. InNow India’s ultimate vision is to conserve and optimally utilize water resources, as well as take proactive actions to articulate the agenda on a global pedestal. The brand has also dedicated itself to fulfilling all the demands for water in India. To know many lesser-known facts about the brand, our editorial team invited Mr. Durgesh Gupta: Manager of InNow’s Engineering and Applications to have an interesting conversation with us. The dignitary shared many valuable lessons and principles from InNow’s legacy over the years which motivated us to feature its story under the exclusive segment of “Best Company to Work For 2023”.

An Unequaled Entrepreneur

The organization is led by Dr. Lakhwinder Hundal who holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences from the renowned University of Nebraska, Lincoln. A world-acknowledged scientist, Dr. Hundal holds more than 30 years of rich experience in domains like Resource Recovery, Wastewater Treatment, and Sustainable Management of Residuals. He currently embraces the position of InNow India’s President and has taken the brand to commendable paradigms of growth with his immaculate industry knowledge.

Umbrella of Services

InNow India sources state-of-the-art innovative technologies from the US, Australia, and Europe to provide inclusive and cost-efficient water treatment solutions in India. The exemplary service portfolio includes services like Bioremediation of lakes and ponds, Disinfection/Chlorination, WAHE- Residential Water Purifier, Capacitive Deionization, and Bio-augmentation of STPs & ETPs to name a few. Their USP lies in incorporating and implementing technology to enhance the adaptiveness of their services. The team at InNow India thoroughly analyzes the feedback coming from its clients after 15 days, after 6 months, and then after a year of installation. These are the three patterns that they follow to make the quintessential improvements to their water technologies and solutions. The brand stands tall and legitimate on its authenticity and corporate values.

The team truly acknowledges the fact that Indian consumers find it difficult to choose the best water management solution that is effective, environment-centric, and fits in the desired range of prices. The team at InNow India first works on analyzing the most pressing water problems in society. The next step is to imbibe these facts and introduce strategies that are driven by top-notch technology and integrated by techno-functional experts. This creates a swift flow of assertiveness in the quality of the services and afterward, further additions and subtractions are made in these technologies to cater to the Indian market with utmost sincerity.

A Dedicated Team Behind

InNow is also under the opulent shadow of another seasoned professional Mr. Jatinder Bedi who is currently serving as the company’s Business Head. Mr. Bedi holds a colossal experience of more than 15 years in establishing associations with industrial and corporate customers from the water sector on a PAN India level.

The corporate team at InNow India comprises of 20-25 seasoned and knowledgeable individuals from diverse sectors. Employee achievements are well recognized and handsomely rewarded at InNow India. Depending upon the performance and results achieved, the brand awards titles like, “Employee of the Year” and “Employee of the Quarter” amongst others. Moreover, to enhance the existing skill sets of the employees and carve their potential for the best, InNow India also hosts various training programs and promotes the top-performing employees within the organization. They also organize fervent online sessions with their global associates and company stakeholders to stay abreast of new technologies in the field.

Mr. Durgesh Gupta quoted, “As InNow India is a growing company and the products are sourced globally, the team needs to have a thorough understanding of their roles & responsibilities. For example, an engineer at InNow India needs to be creative and innovative with ideas. Similarly, a sales executive needs to have a sound knowledge of the client’s problems, needs, and expectations to recommend the most appropriate solutions as InNow offers niche products and technologies. Here the traditional norms of a “9 to 5 job” are not followed. We are vocal about creativity and expect a broad spectrum of innovative ideas coming our way, said Mr. Gupta.”

Plans for the Future

InNow India plans to introduce versatile products that are currently not available in the Indian market. The team is in the process of building a chemical-free automated disinfection system for the swimming pools so that people don’t have to rely on nasty bleach to keep their swimming pools clean. Likewise, there are many new technologies and products in the pipeline. InNow India is well-positioned to offer integrated water treatment solutions to match the market requirement. The growth is consistent, and the team is confident to reach an annual turnover of 100 crores by 2025.

Capsule of Motivation

To conclude the read, we requested Mr. Gupta to motivate our global readership panel with a few words of enlightenment, to which he quoted,

“The real test of your journey is when adversities encircle you. I would like to quote an incident from my perspective. Our team imported one technology worth a gigantic amount of money having in mind that we will elevate our technology portfolio to newer heights. The technology was completely different from what India had during that time. But things didn’t go as expected and we faced serious communication gaps with our channel partners. What was promised to us was not delivered in terms of technical support and technology transfer.

Hence, the technology failed and was discarded. But we had ardent faith in our team’s abilities to find better technologies. With perseverance and dedication, we succeeded in developing alternatives that had remarkable abilities to compete at the global level. So my advice to all the aspiring entrepreneurs and readers reading this article is to believe in your capabilities. Our brand does not believe in polishing words to make a sale. We say what we mean and deliver what we preach. This approach has brought us to a respectable position in the water sector in India.”


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