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Infragistics India Pvt. Ltd.

Driven by an extraordinary sense of purpose, the inside story of Infragistics narrates the rise of a company that is the culmination of experience, commitment, and ardent team collaboration coming together to become a global software leader. We are talking about Infragistics India, which under the stellar leadership of its Managing Director Mr. Rohit Gaur. Infragistics India provides the world’s largest enterprises with innovative tools and solutions to accelerate application design and development.

Employed by more than two million developers worldwide, Infragistics’ enterprise ready UX and UI toolkits have achieved the highest awards in software development. The tools offered by Infragistics are used worldwide to build high-performing applications for the cloud, web, mobile, and desktop. Infragistics was founded to serve enterprise software leaders, CIOs, and independent software developers who needed sophisticated, reliable software to fill their UX/UI, app development, business intelligence, and digital workplace needs. The company’s leading edge enterprise software solves problems for those working in the fast-paced field of technology with user interface development tools and multi-platform enterprise software to accelerate the growth of their client’s businesses.

That was an enlightening overview of the company but let’s dig deeper into real insights behind the company’s delivery of simple and beautiful platform experiences. We invited Mr. Rohit Gaur to have a virtual interaction with our editorial team and walk us through Infragistics’ years-long journey. Mr. Gaur shared the history of the company and revealed how its software development initiatives have thrived over three decades of technology shifts. His insights will be profoundly beneficial for anyone involved with software development. We have the opportunity to feature Infragistics India as “The Most Trusted Brand of the Year 2023” on our platform. Now you’ll learn more about this global enterprise software leader.

The Inception of Infragistics

Founded in 1989, Infragistics has become one of the world’s leading enterprise software developers with offices in India, the United States, England, Japan, Bulgaria, and Uruguay. Mr. Gaur has spearheaded Infragistics operations in India for the past ten years. Infragistics has maintained its edge by meeting the expectations of clients and delighting customers with sophisticated and easy to use software. Within the ever-changing, competitive, and fast-paced technology industry, Infragistics has traced a remarkable journey with its spirit of innovation, values, and vision.

From being completely bootstrapped to becoming a multi-million-dollar company, Infragistics never accepted outside funding. The company has undergone three decades of technological shifts, beginning with Microsoft Windows 2.0 and C. The team succeeded in updating its software ahead of each technological shift. Infragistics has grown from a small two-person business into the largest user-interface solution provider with the longest history in the component space.

Game-Changing Software

With a developer and UX professional community of more than 1.4 million, Infragistics has achieved remarkable recognition in the software development industry. Infragistics serves enterprise software leaders, CIOs and independent software developers who need sophisticated, reliable software to fill their UX/UI, app development, business intelligence and digital workplace needs.

“Reveal”, Infragistics’ embedded analytics platform, reimagines what business users can achieve with self-service business intelligence visualization. This leading new business intelligence and data analytics platform produces powerful analytics and stunning data visualizations through the cloud, desktop, and mobile.

Another new product is “Slingshot”, a digital workplace solution that connects everyone a client works with to everything they need to get the work done. The platform empowers remote, in-person, and hybrid teams with a single place to collaborate, make data-driven decisions, set goals, and share content.

“App Builder” introduces design-to-code efficiencies during the designer-to-developer handoff. This low-code/no-code software is the only cloud-based, WYSIWYG drag & drop design-to-code tool that helps teams build complete business apps.

Infragistics’ other popular enterprise software products include the design-to-code system, “Indigo.Design” and “Infragistics Ultimate”, a leading UI /UX toolkit. The company’s clients represent 100% of the S&P 500, including global software providers who rely on Infragistics when reliability and performance are non-negotiable.

What Sets Infragistics Apart?

The Infragistics Innovation Lab cements the company’s commitment to internal inventors and entrepreneurs. For years, Infragistics informally developed game-changing enterprise software products in-house. The company now maintains a $50 million fund and a formal process for the constant innovation that the team needs to stay relevant amidst technological shifts. The company’s Innovation Lab encourages employees to contribute a regular stream of insights that help the organization shape ongoing innovation. It also provides the utmost freedom for internal inventors to experiment with innovations beyond the company’s core UI/UX product, without the need to generate immediate revenue.

Making Data Accessible

Slingshot, Infragistics’ digital workplace software, makes companies’ data accessible to everyday business users as part of their day-to-day workflows. Slingshot’s Data Catalog takes data access a step further, bringing together all the business intelligence that has traditionally been spread across systems, channels, departments, and gatekeepers. This eliminates the need for a professional analysis to make it actionable. Slingshot enables teams and departments to see, in real-time, what’s working and what’s not via access to the specific data and insights that influence their work. Data is no longer the domain of data scientists; anything that tracks performance, platforms, people, projects, and processes is accessible to everyone. Slingshot lets users choose the data they want to understand and convert it into charts and graphics, so they can easily identify trends, compare performance, and make decisions based on data. Because the data catalog is integrated into Slingshot’s larger digital workplace, teams can go from insight to collaboration to results.

The Future Digital Workplace

It is evident that digital workplace technology must evolve in order to enhance team productivity, business processes, and customer service. New digital workplace technology platforms that effectively combine project management, data-driven features, content management, chat, and discussions can eliminate wasted time switching between multiple apps. The digital workplace of the future will become an essential online hub, replacing the physical office with effective team collaboration.

“Advanced software platforms like Slingshot enable teams to figure out where conversations happened, where content lives, what team members are working on, where data is stored, and how to analyze it for better decision making. We regularly upgrade our products and expand our reach to businesses to help them take advantage of these next-gen tools. Our digital workplace platform is the future of work,” says Mr. Gaur.

Infragistics continually updates and improves its product line with a stream of constant innovation. The newest Infragistics Ultimate 23.1 introduces a multitude of significant enhancements including a host of new features to App Builder, such as enhanced charting support, CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) support in Grid controls, and an updated design system to support Figma and its auto-layout features for design-to-code scenarios. With Ultimate 23.1, digital product teams can expedite project delivery, unleash advanced data visualization capabilities, and leverage the latest tools for web application development. In addition, the new release of Reveal embedded analytics software includes an enhanced toolbar, data connectors, UX & API improvements, and advanced analytics/artificial intelligence capabilities.

Working Towards a Common Goal

We asked Mr. Gaur to enlighten our global readership with a few words of motivation. He says, “Over the past 30 years, we have grown Infragistics into a place where the best designers and developers want to work. What we are today is the culmination of our collective vision and the common goal we share as a team. Infragistics continues to demonstrate exceptional support for its employees, customers, students, and the community through its open-source, developer, university, and employee initiatives. So my recommended advice to all young entrepreneurs is to set high goals, use measurements to track your progress, and hold yourself accountable for achieving those results. Make a commitment to stay focused and never give up on your drive to succeed.”

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