Incognito Worldwide: Sparking A Wave Of Transformation In India’s Digital Marketing Space

  • Digital marketing plays a pivotal role in helping businesses stay updated and network with potential clients. And with India being the second-largest country in terms of internet users (462 million), and the Silicon Ally of Asia, it’s no wonder that some of the world’s best-known brands have established-campuses there, such as Microsoft, Google, Sun, Yahoo, and Facebook — to name just a few.
    At present, there are numerous digital marketing agencies in the country, each claiming to provide top-notch services. But there are only a few well-established and structured that are run by Americans serving America. Despite the broad claims made by many agencies, only a few of them have a legitimate
    record of successfully helping their clients. One such agency established in 2014 is Incognito Worldwide.
  • They have a simple mission statement: provide high-end digital services that help clients achieve their goals, whilst providing the Company’s young entrepreneurial team  opportunities to write their own futures.

Incognito Worldwide: A one-stop-shop for your digital marketing needs

  • The vision of Bruce T. Dugan, CEO at Incognito Worldwide, was to build a renowned digital marketing agency. They began with website development, and after being named ‘Startup of the Year in 2014’, have since expanded their services to include 3rd party automation tools, business and marketing consultation, branding & design; development, customized software development, and Online marketing (including marketing plans, public relations, execution of impactful PPC, SEO, and social promotion.)
  • In spite of being a B2B company, many of their clients are B2C clients. So the company focuses on acknowledging the uniqueness of every client and catering to the wants and requirements of that customer audience. Over the years, it has successfully catered to dozens of clients that have had varying digital marketing needs. Incognito prides itself on adopting an authentic, customer-centric-approach towards digital marketing.

Customer Success: The Primary Objective Of Incognito Worldwide

  • Incognito believes in treating every project with the sole intention of helping their clients achieve their goals. Incognito Worldwide has a wide breadth of clients, ranging from local businesses to publicly-traded companies with highly-respected executive teams of notoriety.
    Mr. Dugan notes that “Our success to date is the result of building trust. And as a result, our flow of new projects is all referral-based. In many cases, we operate as an in-house department of a client, and in many cases have direct lines of communications across their organization.”
    While interviewing Mr. Dugan he noted the company mantra is that “We’re only as good as our last job,” then continued: “While a client might be satisfied with the company’s services for years, a single mistake/shortcoming might be enough to destroy that trust. We had a client for years who loved us;
  • I might even say we’re friends. In November 2017, however, one client dropped us. The fact that I was bedridden after a near-death motorcycle accident, unable to even sit up at that time, had no impact on him. His website updates were late and everything was just noise — whah whah whah.”

Incognito’s Exhilarating Entrepreneurial Journey

  • Launched in 2013, Incognito Worldwide has had to face numerous challenges to get to where it is today. In the initial days, the company had issues in dealing with the staff’s selected disciplines, finding the right kind of structure, culture, and processes to thrive. The goal was to build a pipeline process so the company could deliver great service, quality, and value. But also, allow the young team to learn and grow.
  • The company met the challenges, went through several rotations of staff until it gained traction. They’ve built a solid stable of clientele, and never lost focus of their commitment to providing in-house opportunities. For example, Kiran Kumar began as an SEO employee, and today serves as Managing Director, while Nihanth Kandamilla began as a web designer and now serves as operations director, with each being equity holders in the company as well.

Incognito’s Vision For The Future

  • Aa a subsidiary of U.S.based Inicia Incorporated, Incognito has mostly served U.S. customers. It is now looking to expand that client base by helping India-based customers, and further merge its operations with I2MEDIALAB (another subsidiary of Inicia Incorporated), to link India, through the U.S., to South America. In 2018 Incognito also became an equity and/or revenue-share partners with numerous brands, such as DineVite,, iUrban, with others in development.
  • When Mr. Dugan was asked what’s next, he said that “I’m working towards establishing a publicly-traded SaaS-based technology company for the various platforms Inicia/ Incognito /I2MEDIALAB have developed. One of our projects is currently a subsidiary of a publicly-traded company, and upon completion, that subsidiary will be spun out into its sown entity.”

Bruce’s Message To Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs

  • Having started his first company at the age of 23, which was 38 years ago, Incognito’s founder has accumulated a great deal of entrepreneurial experience across many industries; logistics, film & music, publishing, and information technology. When asked for any advice, he said “Do it for the passion; strive for excellence, and make sure to get stuff done!. Many young entrepreneurs are so busy planning before they actually build revenue, that they strategize themselves out of business. So ‘dive in’. You can practice technique, but until you actually try to dive, and then practice over and over, make adjustments, try again. you’ll never get good at it. Sure, you’re going to make mistakes, you’re going to face many crises, maybe even fail. But get back on the board and try again. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn.”

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