‘Breathe with clean air’-ways to improve air quality at home

Breathe with clean air

The air we breathe indoors is 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoors which is shocking. Even if we go for regular health checkups or take necessary medications to enhance our living, we forget the basic things to improve the air quality that we breathe indoors. This is the thing we have been neglecting 24*7. Everything starting from cooking to dusting creates a lot of dust around making us prone to various lung-related respiratory ailments. Therefore, it’s high time that we start focusing to clean or purify the indoor air with top priority. Here are some ways to purify indoor air:

Install Beeswax Candles at home:

These act as natural air purifiers. They come in various fragrances and are devoid of any paraffin content which otherwise burns to release benzene, toluene, and soot into the air. Beeswax candles ionize our surrounding air and neutralize toxic compounds and other contaminants. Along with enhancing air quality, they burn slowly not to create any strong effects around like smoke or scent. They also rejuvenate the aesthetic aspect inside the room and remove common allergens like dust from the air we breathe.

Reinforce ventilation in every room:

Ventilation reduces moisture levels that account as a major air polluting factor. Trickle vents must be set up to cycle and purify the indoor air. Another good alternative is to make use of exhaust fans that drive the entire pollutant air outside your room and circulate fresh air inside. The cooking area must have a mandatory installed ventilator or exhaust fan to drive away any unwanted smoke or gas. Cooking can release huge nitrogen levels that can be harmful to health. Also, one should let ventilation or exhaust function in a bathroom to wipe away the extra steam and moisture from inside which otherwise can cause accumulation of mould and mildew growth unnecessarily.

Make use of activated charcoal:

Activated charcoal is another form of carbon with the excellent property of adsorbing unwanted and harmful gases from indoors on its surface. It is a natural air purifier that clears out the air by removing or engulfing the unwanted pollutants from the air without replacing it. Activated carbon is another name for activated charcoal. It is purely odourless, highly adsorptive making it do wonders in the elimination of toxic contaminants from indoor air. Apart from activated charcoal, one can also use bamboo charcoal.

Freshen the air with essential oils:

Use of essential oils like cinnamon, oregano rosemary, grapefruit, thyme, clove tea, lemon, tea-tree, lavender, and so on cannot let survival of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and moulds at home. They have an antiseptic property too. The home remains germ-free and free of polluted air. Soaps and detergents can be infused with such oils to breathe fresher, cleaner air. Weber State University shows that Thieves Oil has around ((.96% kill rate of germs and airborne bacteria. It is a pure blend of essential oils like thyme, eucalyptus, pine needle, cinnamon, lemon, and grapefruit.

Set up houseplants at a corner:

According to NASA reports, houseplants can purify and rejuvenate air within the houses preventing us from the risks of toxins like ammonia, benzene, and formaldehyde. To counter the impact of indoor pollution line u the living area with indoor or houseplants. It is a permanent cure to prolonged respiratory ailments. At least one plant per 100 square feet of home for efficient air cleaning should be accomplished. Some of the best plants from households to filter toxins are Lady Palm, Peace Lily, and so on. They are adapted to indoor light but preferably grows in and around an area with indirect bright light.

Installation of Salt Lamps:

It is another great indoor air purifier. The salt crystals tend to reduce airborne irritants, pathogens, and allergens purifying vapour out of the air. A natural air purifier is Himalayan ink salt that drives toxins from the environment and neutralizes them. A pinch of this salt is added near a desk or anywhere in your room and even if it is kept somewhere overnight can lead to long-lasting purifying results. When kept overnight, its natural orange glow doesn’t disrupt sleep hormones and its soothing effect relaxes the mind and body. Not only when turned on, but they also function efficiently even for a few moments more when they are turned off.


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