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The corporate world is blooming with magnificent vibrancy and every business chase areas of development. Growth in businesses is influenced by many factors. Management and Consulting are two such segments among those factors. The need for well-skilled professionals who can contribute to helming smart solutions to fulfill the demands of growing development and infrastructure becomes prominent. When individuals who are best at creativity join hands with those who are experts in practically orienting those ideas, magic is created. This is what ILF has been doing for the past 55 years.
ILF is a pioneer leader in delivering proficient management and top-notch business solutions. ILF believe in revolutionizing the standards of the development growth by understanding the changing trends of the system. With their diligent efforts continuing to spread its charm, ILF has expanded its archaic experience in corporate development. We had an opportunity to interact with the Chairman and Managing Director of ILF , Mr. Balendu Kumar Singh to know the legacy of his company so far. Mr. Balendu also shared his meaningful insights for emerging business leaders.


Prime Insights:  Please give us a crisp introduction about the company

To give us a speedy acquaintance about the company, Mr. Balendu shares that ILF Group is a conglomerate of various international management companies holding more than 5 decades of global work experience.

Mr. Balendu: Growth, expansion, speed, development are all permanent. They move along with time that does not stop too. Businesses and Managements are the same. They move and keep moving. The pace and quality of movement is the differentiator and separates man from boys. ILF facilitates all its companies in formulation of their aspirations and being resourceful enough to fulfill these aspirations successfully. The company puts in its knowledge and business algorithms, to build comprehensive solutions. Spread over all the continents, the business maps over Europe, Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, ANZ. Since its inception several decades back, ILF has established extensive network of international offices and is a leading business house acknowledged for its stability and strong fundamentals. Focusing on compiling international expertise, understanding local requirements, and project-targeted points, ILF believes in establishing the grounds of market leadership via quality sustenance and attending to global specific needs. The organization prioritize cost-effectiveness and innovation with its integrated management systems.

Prime Insights: What are the company’s factors of distinction? What makes ILF unique from your competitors?

Mr. Balendu talks about ILF’s zeal to maintain the quality of services, making them stand out in almost all domains.
Mr. Balendu: The group works with a marvelous and skilled group of people who hold indomitable experience in working and collaborating with other institutions in the management space. Over the years, the group has achieved many accolades for our ideology of problem-solving approach. Most of the business leaders have experimented in both old and new market segments to create our mark. The humongous network across the world is entirely independent and driven by professionalism. The management teams of ILF understand the necessities for scaling a business venture. Keeping that in mind, we have formed an avant-garde work environment. With such positivity, ILF is counted among the world’s eminent business firms in the all their areas of expertise. The Integrated Management system at ILF comprises significant elements like Quality Management Safety and Health Protection, Environmental Management etc.

Prime Insights: Please tell us about the clientele served by the company

In the modern trends, many ideas and projects though decently placed do not attract desired results as they miss on several dimensions of the solutions. The solutions these days need to be multi-dimensional, says Mr. Balendu. ILF recognizes this gap and does the core work with mastery.

Mr. Balendu: The teams need to be multi sectoral and multi-talented. Never before were various specialized trades were so inter-connected. Such arrangements can guarantee the success of the businesses. The teams work with the clients on ground to get their proper involvement. For true long-term consistency, we have shaken hands with a diverse genre of governments and other entities from countries like Europe, Africa, America, ANZ, and Asia-Pacific. The brand has also worked on numerous projects for infrastructure, industrial, engineering, technology, and management & systems. Depending upon the area of expertise required for a particular project we allot finance managers, designers, investors, interdisciplinary professionals, engineers, doctors, IT professionals and many more. Over several decades, ILF manages to commit and utilize the potential lying in digitalization to create a wider scope of testing things out. With these creative digital solutions, we can sustain smart technologies in development projects over various geographies. The in-house designing tools are used in a targeted way to deliver the best digital solutions.
The mixture of the local market and international expertise ensures that every client’s expectations are fulfilled. Our team truly emphasizes serving their clients with independence and doing justice to the client’s objectives. The reliability of cost, quality, sustainability, and environmental potency is our distinctive factor.
ILF works with governments and clients on policies, strategies, managing dense cooperation within the huge network and makes it real to work on the ideals and processes laid by the international requirements.

Prime Insights: How is your organisation adjusting to the drift in market trends and technology?

Mr. Balendu says that the group works with well-equipped technology thereby contributing to bringing new areas of growth and improving operations.
Mr. Balendu: Advance potent communication and EDP systems are engaged. Customized software programs specific to a project’s requirements are devised for improved results. The offices are also bestowed with efficient and cutting-edge hardware. All the offices are linked with each other via VPN. The group thrives to improve the elements of the Integrated Management System. It encompasses three pivotal topics that are quality management, environmental management, and health & safety. The IMS adheres to international standards and is recognized by various acknowledged certification bodies. The dense alliance with world-class experts adds to the existing value of ILF. These alliances also contribute to expanding ILF’s horizons for special tasks”.

Prime Insights: What are the strategies by which your organisation focuses on assuring employees’ serenity?

Mr. Balendu: Any business in the present complex world cannot function without ensuring success to its teams. The main strength of our organisation resides in the dedication and focused vision of its employees. Having strong roots in alliances both qualitative and quantitative is the key to ILF’s corporate brilliance to date.
So the employees here are profoundly motivated to excel in their field along with the growth of the company. Our team always strives to stamp leadership goals. The staff is continuously supported by a smooth organizational structure and wholesome integrated knowledge management systems. We follow a long-term agreement policy, based on the grounds of partnerships. Freelancing is also practiced here, under short-term contracts. This flexibility has gripped our growth. Because of these ideas, ILF has managed to maintain a feeble fluctuation in the flow of association with our employees.

Prime Insights: Kindly tell us how ILF nurtures a broader scope of development.

Mr. Balendu: We know that the advancements of employees and the people, who’re connected with us, are essential for our success. An exemplary brand like ILF emphasizes creating diverse paths of progress. We organise wide range of ILF Academy training Courses which are conducted to give our associates an experience of on-site working. Organisation’s mottos and objectives are embedded in these courses. Development goals acquire the major stake of these courses. So every path helmed here outshines the skills and potential of our employees. We ardently stress carving practical skills, so the scope of excelling in a professional career is immense at ILF.

Prime Insights: Please share some words of motivation for the budding entrepreneurs and the readers of our magazine.

Mr. Balendu: Leading is more simple than complex. The only distinct requirement is Clarity of thought. Becoming a leader comes with many responsibilities but anyone can become one by taking simple steps ahead. You need not be great to excel, but mindful of requirement of judicious result oriented efforts. Also, there is always some space left for improvement. Entrepreneurs should always surround themselves with people who bring something new to learn. A true leader finds and hires those people who’re smarter than the leader himself. If you’re a budding entrepreneur then always focus on building a dedicated and excellent team to execute your ideology in the right direction. Find and surround yourself with spaces where people are smarter than you and don’t hesitate to grow with them. Being patient and calm in a stressful situation is a quality to have as an entrepreneur. Amidst this uncertain world, having the mindset to deal with unfavorable circumstances with a composed mind is a plus point. Furthermore, always prioritize managing the people of your venture. The associated people and employees are the real assets of any firm.
The times when execution goes a tad bit down the hill those are the times to learn many things from. The endurance during tough situations influences the longevity of good times. Perpetual movement is the key. Foresightedness is the key. Passion is the key. Relentless urge to explore solutions for any degree of challenges in the key. Solutions oriented approach is the key.

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