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In India, millions of students seek professional courses to meet their diverse career needs. Statistics show that pursuing a professional/vocational course significantly boosts a student’s chances of landing high-paying jobs. It also helps them holistically develop skills and qualities on the personal front.
To bolster students’ career growth, IIPC (International Institute of Professional Courses) India offers them multifarious courses with a growth-oriented approach. Situated in Pune, IIPC provides cutting-edge knowledge to students through its advanced curriculum and practical training. IIPC has successfully transformed the careers of thousands of students so far. It is regarded as an unequivocal leader in the domain of professional education.

An Overview of the Brand

Being an internationally acclaimed Training Institute, IIPC India has its presence in the USA and Germany. The institute is dedicated to helping its candidates acquire the best corporate job opportunities in their respective career fields. Here are the professional courses the institute specializes in:

  • Digital Marketing Course (E-Learning & Classroom Training)
  • HR Training (E-Learning & Classroom Training)
  • Data Science Courses (E-Learning & Classroom Training)

What makes IIPC stand out from its competitors is its relentless passion to make a difference. To help every student, irrespective of what social class/creed they hail from, the institute makes it a point to offer only feasible courses. The affordable fee structure, however, doesn’t mean that the institute compromises on faculty or training quality. It ensures that all its courses are up-to-date; all its professional trainers, too, must be highly experienced and have a vast knowledge of their field.

IIPC offers international certifications like Google certificates, apart from an institution certificate that implies the completion of the candidate’s Professional Training Course.
Once the course is completed, it also gives internship opportunities at the institute itself. The idea is to help candidates learn more about working on digital platforms.

IIPC’s Inception Story

IIPC was founded in 2014 by Mr. Tejas Kharat and Swapnil Dalvi. Their idea was to homogenize the education offered to the youth aka the future of the country. “If I speak about the motivation factor for this venture then to be frank with you it had its chapters and moments which played a huge role, but as even a huge tree was first a seed, similarly there was an idea of giving back to the world, leaving it better than as we found it,” recollects Tejas.
Despite having a bright career ahead in their respective fields with over 12 years of experience in HR, both, Tejas and Swapnil felt deeply towards creating something that exceeded monetary gains. “I always believed that it’s not all about money, but about the unexplainable feeling or the unmeasurable gratitude where teaching as a profession had and business even though being a huge factor with profit and loss we at IIPC India value this sentiment to our core,” adds Tejas.
With this intent, they aspired to imbibe the same morals and values in their other venture, IIPC India, as well.

“Everyone can copy product, content and services, in-fact many have already done it, but the process and the person’s unique abilities are the ones which make or break this business which as said in a famous phrase goes by “you can act like me, walk like me, talk like me, you can be the next best thing but not like me”. We at IIPC INDIA are proud to be the INFLUENCERS & not the FOLLOWERS. “

How IIPC overcame the obstacles put forth by COVID-19

The pandemic proved to be disastrous for many sectors and the educational business sector was no exception. Being a rapidly growing institute, IIPC too had to face numerous challenges due to COVID-19. “Due to covid -19 the business requirements changed overnight and the shift which was supposed to happen over 3 to 5 years down the line got streamlined in the present scenario,” says Tejas.
Despite the sudden shift in operations, IIPC immediately converted its educational services into live interactive classes and an E-learning Management System (LMS). This system was recently made public and was inaugurated by the esteemed Honorable Mr. Praveenji Salunke (I.P.S, I.G. CID Crime Maharashtra), and Mr. Deepakji Lagad (Sr. Police Inspector, Deccan Pune). Many other renowned legal and political entities were also present at the occasion.
“We have taken measures that a monotonous video teaching format to be discarded from the E-learning Modules and making it a two-way conversation where candidates can engage in real-time and get their queries solved, which provides a decent replica of classroom training figures if the internet and other things meet the required criteria,” he adds.

Notable Achievements & CSR Activities

Since the last 3 years, IIPC has sustained an impressive 66% placement record, among many other noteworthy achievements. Some of these achievements have been listed below:

  • “Outstanding work in the field of Education” – Maitreya Foundation India – 2017
  • “Social Activist Institution 2020” – Police Friends Association(Maharashtra) – 2020
  • “Excellent Digital Marketing Service Provider” – Chate Public School, Pune – 2021
  • “Top 10 E-Learning Portals In 2020” – Business Connect Magazine – 2021

The institute also actively partakes in CSR activities like Road Safety Awareness. In the last year, the institute provided sanitizers, masks, and raincoats to policemen. It also distributed food supplies amongst the poor during the lockdown period.
To add to this, IIPC India also adopts 2 children from the rural outskirts of Pune every year. It then funds their education till the time they graduate and secure themselves a job.

Plans for the Future

In the coming years, IIPC plans to standardize its training processes across the globe. With this, it aspires to establish itself as a Globally Recognized Brand in the educational sector. Apart from this, the institute also plans on making it to the Top 10 Institutes that offer quality training in HR, Digital Marketing, and Data Science.
“It’s the first step towards revolutionizing the education sector later on we also plan to involve some upgraded methodologies in training and live business projects to gain valuable experience in terms of placements & training for our candidates,” says Tejas.

A Message to Budding Entrepreneurs

Being an indefatigable proponent of resilient positivity, Tejas urges young entrepreneurs to stay steadfast while pursuing their dreams. He likens this journey to sailing a ship in a stormy sea. Here’s what he has to say: “Being an entrepreneur in the current times, where the world is changing so fast and things are evolving at an alarming rate, is a brave thing to do. You always need to be on your toes finding solutions to the problems that are unknown, just like a ship in a big blue ocean that has been surrounded by a storm. The only advice you need to know to reach the safe haven – the shores of success, is to steer through the waves, cutting them precisely with guided maneuver and faith. You need unequivocal faith in your skills and your intuition.”







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