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iEnergizer IT Services Pvt. Ltd.

Digital Content Solutions helps businesses transform static content into versatile digital information for monetization. On the other hand, technology-driven business process solutions blend people, processes, and new technologies in proportion to increase profits and improve business performance.
iEnergizer is a global provider of an array of tech-driven solutions that help businesses deliver services tailored specifically for their customers. Knowing that the future lies in the quilt of technology, iEnergizer strengthens the digital journey of businesses through a comprehensive suite of customer management and custom content development services. These services have a proven track record of fostering increased profits through cost-effective and transformational solutions.
Founded in the year 2000, iEnergizer holds prominent expertise in developing and transforming customer data that serves the entire customer lifecycle. The team takes sheer pride in bringing unparalleled expertise through an adept team of 17,000+ professionals across 9 delivery centers worldwide. The focus is primarily laid on creating unforgettable customer experiences, which is why iEnergizer’s staff and customer retention rates are among the highest in the industry.
For the trailblazing edition “Best Companies to Work for 2024,” the editorial team at Prime Insights Magazine invited Mr. Adarsh Kumar, Co-founder, and COO at iEnergizer IT Services Private Limited, to share his inspiring entrepreneurial tale as well as detailed insights from the company’s work culture and corporate values.

A Brief Introduction to the Luminary

Mr. Adarsh Kumar, the Co-founder and COO of iEnergizer, is a creative problem solver at its core. He holds astute knowledge about finance, technology, and business, which he has been continually demonstrating over the past 20 years of his professional career. He has proven his sheer ability to multitask in stressful environments, lowering costs and driving growth. He has significantly contributed to iEnergizer’s profitability through effective strategic management decisions and business development strategies. The dignitary has also been felicitated with prestigious recognitions like the APAC Insider Award 2021 and Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 by the World HRD Congress, amongst others.

Where Progression Means Growing with Each Other

At iEnergizer, success is driven by a combination of teamwork, dedication to the company’s mission, and a commitment to its core values. The work environment is characterized by a dynamic and inclusive atmosphere that fosters growth, innovation, open communication, and teamwork. Everyone is provided equal freedom to embrace opportunities and put their ideas forward. Supporting the professional development of the employees, iEnergizer runs a dedicated initiative named SEED (School for Employee Education and Development). SEED is designed to provide employees with comprehensive and effective professional development programs that cater to their areas of interest. These programs are structured by industry experts and come with continuous learning opportunities.

Relentless Attitude Toward Challenges

iEnergizer believes in empowering teams through various initiatives, including events, workshops, and collaborative industry projects. These activities aim to enhance corporate relationships and communication among members. Even if the team faces any kind of failure, they are encouraged to perceive these failures as opportunities for learning. Rather than pondering over the circumstances, the team actively starts to perform the root cause analysis with a problem-solving mindset.

Employees are The Real Assets

At iEnergizer, there is a robust system in place to recognize and reward the sincere efforts of the employees through performance-based recognition, appreciation programs, incentives, hikes, and career enhancement opportunities. Employees must maintain a healthy work-life balance. Supporting the same, iEnergizer ensures that its employees enjoy flexible work schedules and have the time to look after their wellness. Various social outings and events are organized throughout the year to promote team bonding, relaxation, and celebrating collective achievements.

Admirable Milestones

iEnergizer sees its success in maintaining unshakeable alliances with clients, some of which are nearly two decades old. One of their proudest achievements is maintaining the highest employee retention rate in the industry, which gives us a true picture of the company’s supportive work culture and the trust employees have in it. iEnergizer takes immense pride in nurturing talent, and 85% of its top employees are growing within the organization. Additionally, below are some of the recent awards and industry recognition the company has received in the past.
The “Operational Excellence and Quality in the BPO Industry” award at the 10th Edition of the National Awards will be hosted in 2023. Moreover, the company also got certified by “Great Place to Work” with a fantastic trust index score in 2022. These millstones serve as badges of excellence, emphasizing iEnergizer’s focus on creating a conducive work environment and going the extra mile for clients.

Some Impactful Words

It was nothing less than an extraordinary privilege to interact with Mr. Adarsh Kumar and get to know his company’s legacy. With iEnergizer’s story, it is evident that when an organization invests in its people, it gets cohesive support in the streamlined direction of taking the organization toward growth. Towards the culmination of the conversation, we asked Mr. Adarsh Kumar to share a few pieces of advice with our readers that would propel them to keep thriving. Here is what he conveys:
“The 23-year journey of iEnergizer, which began with 22 members, has grown into an elaborate family. The company has added many gems to its treasure trove of success, and I would like to dedicate these triumphs to all employees, partners, and customers. iEnergizer has always aimed to create a culture of collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity, and this notion will keep growing in the coming years as well. We are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming chapters of our journey to take iEnergizer to even greater heights.
We promise to stay at the forefront of pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and providing unparalleled value to our clients, employees, and stakeholders. For any organization, its workforce is an inestimable asset that needs to be nurtured carefully. It is only because of their cohesive efforts that any organization can cherish the taste of success. Hence, the inevitability of enhancing employee experiences becomes more and more prominent.”

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