ICAN BPO Solutions: Setting new benchmarks for work excellence and its employees

ICAN BPO Solutions

Traditional outsourcing providers have long thrived in managing massive corporate dashboards, where a push in performance is typically sufficient. Contrarily, the SME sector, which accounts for 40 percent of India’s export and 45 percent of industrial output, is underserved and sometimes unserved in external business management help, ROI, and resource allocation. Imagine the figures they can attain with a 360-degree-external aid.
To help SMEs succeed, ICAN BPO focuses on the North American and Indian retail, Fintech, Insurance, and healthcare areas. ICAN’s specialty is customer acquisition and performance-based pricing. It offers clients a full range of CRM services. ICAN effectively combines its consumer behavior forecasting algorithms, high-end technology, and a better de-risked execution strategy to offer its clients an ensured ROI. As a result, its ICARE strategy combines various solutions, including Consumer Lending (IFIN), Finance & Accounting (IFAP), and Technology Consulting (IAPPS).

Returning Success to Society

ICAN is a customer-centric and society-focused organization with 1000+ employees, 750+ who work for clients in an outsourced model. The company has repeatedly taken steps to impact lives outside of the workplace. Through many business activities, the company intends to help underprivileged and differently-abled children, much as it has provided external and internal clients. ICAN’s generosity extends beyond financial aid to include actual presence with the children at least every quarter, demonstrating its solid ethical views and moral norms.
“We see this as a means of giving back to society what it has given us-nourishment. These activities are linked to corporate ideals, which drive company operations- after all, socially conscious and engaged firms are more likely to endure, and ICAN is proof of that,” Nitin says. Along with ICAN’s growth, the firm is committed to expanding its CSR efforts.

A People’s Firm

ICAN BPO believes that employees are its greatest asset with established hiring and recruitment standards. The firm has created the desired work atmosphere where employees grow personally, emotionally, and professionally. The corporation boasts the highest employee retention percentage in the service sector, owing primarily to ICAN’s clear people-centric corporate practices.

“Employees who felt cared for and understood will always go the additional mile for you. We have several measures to ensure this, which sets us apart, “  -Adarsh Shetty,

SVP Talent Acquisition and Business Development of ICAN BPO, explains its success element. In addition to this, ICAN discovers the potential of its employees and judges them on their creative thinking, never give up attitude, peer engagement, and go-getting approach.
Career advancement is a priority at IJPs, as ICAN firmly believes in developing and cultivating people with the necessary potential from within. While ICAN does have some external hiring, it retains most of its employees on staff to incubate best-practice culture and maintain the correct balance.
Professional development begins at the time of hire. Employees at all levels are given opportunities to learn and improve their abilities through external and internal training programs. Inter-departmental events are part of the ER’s continual attempts to get teams to cooperate outside of the workplace.

A Safe Work Zone for Women

The latest example of a significant cab aggregator became a nightmare for late-night female employees. To protect its women employees from such irritating circumstances, ICAN has implemented a strict transport system that permits authorized drivers and specially-arranged guards to carry ladies home securely. Securing the work zone is made possible by the state-of-the-art workplace and the specialized woman’s cell.

Milestones and Awards of ICAN

  1. 2016’s 30 Most Powerful Young Entrepreneurs
  2. Forbes India’s Companies in Focus of 2021
  3. Outsourcing Asia’s Most Talented Leaders
  4. Providers of the Most Competitive BPO Management Services
  5. Revenue increased from year to year.
  6. Several honors and distinctions have
  7. been received throughout the years in recognition of the company’s development and success.
  8. Silicon India’s Entrepreneurs of the Year Award for 2015
  9. The 50 Best Places to Work in 2018
  10. Without any PE, debt, or VC, the company has been bootstrapped since 2009.
  11. Fun at work AWARD for the dream companies to work with 2022 by WORLD HRD Congress.

ICAN’s Exceptional Benefits

Many ICAN’s efforts encourage employees to achieve perfect work-life synchronization, such as skip-level meetings, Employee Health Matrix, and strategic surveys. The organization uses a 360-degree assessment technique to evaluate and reward personnel. As part of its daily routine, the company organizes stress-relieving activities for its employees while concerns are promptly addressed. The open corporation is also praised for its compensation and performance incentive programs that exceed industry standards.

Roadmap of ICAN

ICAN BPO Solution was founded in 2009 with the goal of providing comprehensive services to SMEs in the Indian and North American markets. The company’s ICARE strategy walks customers through the whole customer acquisition, engagement and retention process. Its low-risk execution method includes unique consumer behaviour forecasting algorithms and significant technological integration to boost clients’ ROI.
ICAN is confident that firms that are adept at obtaining, retaining, and servicing the appropriate consumers will thrive in the future. ICAN helps its global clients enhance their company performance by managing customer connections, improving them, and providing value to them.
Its services are built to reach consumers and promote service or product usage. Experience and specialized measuring methods enable clients to see the ROI. Insurance, Telecom, Fintech, and Health Care continue to develop as we are a pioneer in the SME industry.


ICAN was conceptualized and co-founded by Jagdish Iyer, Nitin Chacko, Vinod Rao, and Adarsh Shetty. They all have unique backgrounds.

Jagdish Iyer has 25+ years of expertise in different executive and senior management roles. He is an entrepreneur who builds enterprises. He co-founded Adventity in 2003 and developed it for 4000+ employees in 5 years; that was sold to Sutherland Global Services in 2009.

Nitin Chacko has over 21+ years of experience and worked with SITEL, Infosys, Adventity, and Wipro. He has managed high-end tech support, back-office, and customer care desks for Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, Cisco, and Dell. He has established and managed large-scale ITES enterprises. He studied Electronics Engineering at Pune University in Maharashtra, India.

Vinod Rao has over two decades of operational management expertise in the ITES business. He oversees daily operations, client interactions, and quality. He worked 6 years with the company- Adventity BPO in operational management roles.

Adarsh Shetty has 19+ years of expertise in the Financial and ITES industries, and formerly worked for Intelenet’s Training Team. He has previously worked in Marketing and Sales, Training, and Strategic Planning. He graduated from the Mumbai Educational Trust’s Pharmacy Institute with a Bachelor of Pharmacy. Nottingham University awarded him an M.B.A.






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