Beauty is for everyone, how we can maintain our beauty for a lifelong

How we can maintain our beauty for a lifelong


Age is just a number and staying the same way beautiful is of utmost necessity to show the world that we can only age in number and not by nature.  Using the same cosmetics or healthcare products at any age is not going to make any changes for the better especially when you age. Your skin requires sensitive care with each passing age and some of your products need to be changed as you age. If you want to stay as lively as you looked on your wedding day then chances are that you need a skincare and cosmetic makeover. Women often get stuck in beauty time wrap and try to re-create their young age look. However, they are unaware of certain beauty tips and hacks that can help them achieve so. Let us look at how we can stay the same beautiful at any decade of our lives:

Life during the 20s and 30s

It is a period of utmost skincare and sensitivity when the skin breaks out and is highly acne and blemish-prone. Also, there is a fight to get more radiant skin. So, the chief step to acquire so is to apply regular sunscreen. It protects skin from unwanted natural toxins especially from harmful U.V rays of the sun. Young age women must commit to proper sunscreen and reduce their skin risks to cancer and wrinkles from an early age. Ageing just dipping in right from the 30s so skincare coupled with a balanced diet is a regular issue to be kept in check.

Between the 30s and 40s

This is the period when your skin needs proper cleansing, toning and moisturizing. If there are any unlikely problems then it is best to be under a good dermatologist. Regular cleanup and skin monitoring are necessary. Most pregnant women must also keep a check on their lifestyle and help them with a proper diet which in turn can enhance skin quality and beauty. To look more trendy and modern, one can simply switch to the best cosmetics available on the market. However, using products containing alpha-hydroxyl or beta-hydroxy acids is recommended. These may include a variety of skin polishers and scrubs.


Life post-40s

The skin of every woman needs something at every age. But post 40, wearing a metallic shine over eyes or a simple glimmer lipstick shade can enhance your beauty only when the skin gets what it needs the most. Certain problems that don’t pop up during the early 20s or late 30s, definitely pop up or there are chances to come up after the 40s. Fine lines and wrinkles appear once you hit 40. This problem is due to collagen breakdown-natural fibre’s that form an invisible network of support underneath the skin and keep the skin plump and firm. The skin loses its moist look and becomes fragile. So the best thing to do is switch to skin expert solutions and try natural home-based products that first prevents ageing. The use of retinoids stimulates collagen production under the skin.


After the 50s and more

The skin starts getting damaged if proper care has not been taken till the 30s. At this span of life, the appearance of dead skin cells, toxins and dark patches appear. The elasticity loosens and wrinkles appear prominently. In case of serious ageing, one can opt for dermatologic procedures like Thermage – a radiofrequency treatment or Faxel- a laser treatment to tighten skin and stimulate further collagen production. There are high chances of hormone-related skin problems, including adult acne. Sometimes it may be a gynecological problem due to menopause which also needs to diagnose with much importance. Often acne is confused with rosacea, another skin problem that results in very bad breakouts which require different treatment. 50+ women need extra care to protect skin from damage and reduce the harmful effects of menopause. Products designed to increase collagen production, including antioxidants like idebenone C Vitamin C and copper peptides, must be used.

Thus, to minimize the adversity and skin problems at any age of your life and to stay flawless and young, one must undertake these above steps and mostly follow a balanced diet and a proper healthy lifestyle. A good mind and body is the secret to good skin. Above 50 and 60 skin needs focusing on products with super-moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, wrinkle-fighters like pent peptides and idebenone. Firming creams acts as a streamlined facial contour along sunblock must be continued to use.

How we can maintain our beauty for a lifelong


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