How to recharge your mind and body when you feel drained

Being busy and stressed out seems kind of normal these days. It makes someone feel the pride to be engaged in some kind of activities that hold him into it. Between working all day, there is a little time left for eating and relaxation. So, at times it is normal to feel exhausted, worn out and sick. It can also leave you less happy and less productive. Therefore, one must take some steps to recharge their battery and rejuvenate their mind and body. Here are some easiest ways to do so:

Recharge yourself physically

  • Recharge yourself through exercise. Although, sitting in front of a TV after a long day of work can be tempting but instead of relaxing idly, one should get up and start doing physical activities like cycling and walking to feel energized for hours.
  • Having a good diet has tremendous positive effects on your energy levels. A mix of complex carbohydrates with proteins and healthy fat is highly recommended by experts to make yourself nutritive.
  • A warm bath can be highly relaxing especially when Epsom bath salt is added. It contains chemicals to remove toxins and enhance your muscle function by reducing inflammation due to stress.
  • The use of exfoliating scrubs can recharge the body by improving blood circulation. Scrubbing with natural substances like oats or salt onto wet skin improves circulation, reduces stress levels and boosts energy.
  • Aromatherapy using scents like lavender is believed to be an extremely relaxing method. They are essential oils that can be massaged directly onto the body by combining with some other oils. It diffuses well and relieves physical stress.
  • Getting adequate sleep or rest is the ultimate body recharger. A recommended span of 7-9 hours of sleep for adults between 26-64 is essential. Lack of rest can become a major work risk factor.

Recharge your mind

  • Make a list of things that are your personal favourite and spend time doing them at least for a short period during the day. This will soothe the mind and make it feel refreshed.
  • Accomplish things that give you fun because being happy makes you mentally healthy. This can be a weekend trip or a small party at home.
  • Meditation or praying has a long-lasting effect on mental health. People can find purpose in their lives by doing so.
  • Take a break from the monotony and stay away from people who bring you down. This is because such a situation can downgrade your energy levels. Hold onto something till that thing gives you energy.
  • Take a break from technology because often the perfect life technology has created can mess up with our normal living. It can drain out our emotional balance by drawing too many complications from around.
  • Avoid multitasking because it is the easiest way to get stressed. It also makes you prone to mistakes and causes a lack of focus. Thus, the track of the things to be accomplished keeps lagging.
  • Spend time with close friends and family as the happiness in togetherness can never beat any other kind of amusement.

Cling to little habits of relaxation

  • Begin your day by holding a nice herbal tonic such as green tea in your hands. The chemicals present in it reduce the body’s activity to stress responses. Even the fact of watching its colour is a great mental relief.
  • Have fun by munching onto your favourite chocolates in between work. Cocoa boosts brain health and also satisfies minds as a delicious sweet tooth.
  • Take a 5-minute break to peel, slice and bite into a juicy fruit of your choice. It reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Chomp some chewing gums or crunch onto your favourite snacks to provide lasting satisfaction to your monotony.
  • Help yourself with some stretching activities frequently between work hours to make yourself feel more of a human than a machine.
  • It also has effects on the autonomic nervous system (ANS) thus, reducing your reactivity to flight or fight response.
  • Turn on some light music, keep your mind working on it. Stressors may look a little different when you work with music around and you feel ready to face the challenges again.

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