How clean water comes under unescapable necessities of Human

necessities of clean water

How clean water comes under unescapable necessities of Human

  • Can you imagine your existence without food and water? Possibly not. You can live without food for some days but without water, it is impossible to survive even a single day. Water is an important asset and we can’t even imagine our life without. We all know that water is the main source of existence on Earth.
  • Our life is dependent on water. We can say that “Water is a lifeline” for all the creatures existing on this planet. About one-tenth of the world’s population is lacking from clean water and only 3% of water is drinkable in the earth. Clean water means good health and as you know water is the first and foremost medicine. So, drinking pure and clean water is important.
  • Water is a fundamental human need. There is a requirement of 20 to 50 liters, at least, of clean and safe water per day by human beings for drinking, cooking, and simply keeping themselves clean. Naturally occurring surface water usually is not sterile. Even the pure mountain streams frequently contain some microorganisms which can cause gastric distress. Water is mostly considered safe unless it is near a source of pollution. The occurrence of dangerous chemicals in unpolluted water is rare, but still, it occurs. In 2018, 2.1 billion people were still living without safe drinking water in their homes worldwide and more than 892 million people did not have the choice but to defecate outside.
  • Polluted water isn’t just dirty—it’s deadly. About 1.8 million people are dying every year of diarrheal diseases like cholera. There are millions of others who are seriously sickened by a host of water-related ailments—many of which are easily preventable. In the case of developed nations, who are bestowed with everything from technology to luxury, getting clean water at home is as ‘natural’ as breathing fresh air. Most people from advanced countries may not particularly pay attention to the availability of clean water, but this is not the case with people in the rest of the world. There are a lot of nations still left in the world that do not have access to clean water sources or water that is fit for human consumption.        
  • Universal access to clean water is one of the basic human rights and an essential step towards improving living standards worldwide. Even the United Nations has considered this aspect. The communities which are deficient in clean water availability are economically poor and their residents trapped in an ongoing cycle of poverty.
  • Education suffers when sick children miss school. The opportunities to excel economically are routinely lost to the impacts of rampant illness and the time-consuming processes of acquiring water in places where it is not readily available. It is the children and women who mostly bear the brunt of these burdens. 
  • The utility of wateressentially liesin hydration and for food production—but sanitation is an equally important, and complementary, use of water. Improper sanitation services not only breeds disease, it can rob people of their basic human dignity.
  • In this article, we have highlighted major reasons why everyone needs access to clean drinking water and safely managed sanitation, right at home.       
  1. Provides Nourishment

  • Water is life. Those in administration and power should understand this quickly so that this law of water being available to everyone can be implemented. Water is the primary source of nutrition. The body of human beings is made of 60% water, and this is a clear enough indication of the importance of water. Humans need to be adequately hydrated for the proper functioning of their physiological systems. Apart from this, water helps maintain organ health and allows the blood to maintain the consistency it requires to flow freely and transport oxygen and nutrients to every cell of the body.    
  1. The Prevention of Diseases

  • Most people don’t know that if they are unable to drink safe and clean water, it gives rise to various kinds of diseases. Fatal medical conditions like cholera, typhoid, and hepatitis A all occur because of the consumption and or the presence of contaminated water. Imagine the risks that people are subject to when the only thing they can drink is water that comes from sewage and contaminated sites like industries. Clean water is an essential element not only to remain safe from disease but also to maintain good health.          
  1. Helps in Getting Rid of Toxins

  • One of the benefits of having clean, fresh and safe water is that it helps in getting the body rid of all types of toxins, whether they are created due to bodily reactions, obtained from outside sources or the ones that occur because of the consumption of contaminated water.   
  1. Needed for Agriculture and Food Production

  • The production of food includes clean water as an essential ingredient. Producing crops and grains with contaminated water will lead to the bacteria and disease spreading to those who consume the fresh produce. Thus, the water used in agriculture must also come from safe and clean resources. 
  1. Improved Sanitation Facilities

  • Sanitation purposes also require clean water. There is a probability that if clothes are washed, or the body is washed with contaminated water, this too will increase diseases. The same is the case for cooking, cleaning, and other similar tasks that are an integral part of our lives. Clean water is necessary for good health.     
  • It is quite clear now that providing access to clean water is a stepping-stone to human development. People gaining access to clean water are better able to practice good hygiene and sanitation. Children maintain good health and are more likely to attend school. All the worries related to water-related diseases and lack of access to clean water can be put aside by the parents. Instead, they can water crops and livestock and diversify their incomes. Communities no longer struggle for rights to a waterhole.   

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