Himanta Sarma remarks: Assam will beat the GDP of Punjab in the upcoming 3 years:

Chief Minister, Himanta Sarma of Assam stated that the GDP of Assam will beat Punjab in the next 3 years, as published today in the NDTV (ndtv.com/india-news). The Debt-to-GD ratio is being maintained at 23% and is sure to exceed the GDP of Punjab in the next three financial years. The news is reported by Ratnadip Choudhury and edited by Amit Rajpurohit. According to Mr Sarma, the number of unemployed has come down to 12 lakhs from 22.

Himanta Biswa Sarma has also strongly said that about 1K people arrested on the charges of child marriage are yet to be bailed. In the state assembly meeting held yesterday, the Chief Minister gave his statement that “the state governments will eliminate child marriage from the state”. The court is yet firm on the matter and hence those under conviction are yet to be released. They are held and lodged in temporary jails. The child marriage crackdown began on 3rd February with over 3000 people allegedly linked to child marriages also heavily detained so far across the state. The state cabinet has taken respective action and approved a proposal to charge people who were found married to girls below 14, as per the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 (POSCO).

The Assam CM was addressing the House during the ongoing Budget session of the Assam Legislative Assembly, where he spoke about several issues related and some non-related to Assam’s GDP. He explains how the state is maintaining its solid economic growth and surpassing other backward criteria related to religious matters and criminal offences. The Pratidin TIME has published that ‘The RBI has asked to take a loan amount of INR 22,000 crore but the state said that it can manage it with just INR 19,000 crore.’

While still in the meeting, Sarma also added that Punjab’s GDP which is around INR 6,80,000 crore will be surpassed by Assam currently running at INR 4,93,000 crore in the coming years. With this, the rate of unemployment has been curbed and employment is being given on a massive scale to even underprivileged sections.

He also mentioned that Assam has an environment now where jobs are given purely on merit with proper transparency and there is no biasness from any side. No extra money is being charged by unfair means for any kind of job. Sometimes, as Mr Sarma further mentions that he also has to bear the criticism of choosing merit over other factors such as not allowing party men to recommend a single candidate for jobs.

The Chief Minister said that the state government led by BJP will complete its 2-year term in May 2023 and the government of Assam will also fulfil its commitment of providing one lakh jobs to the unemployed sections. He also stated in the cabinet meeting that around 60% of the beneficiaries of PM Awas Yojana in Assam are Muslims, showing no domination over the matter of creed domination, as per The Economic Times. In terms of GDP as per Indian ranking, Assam stands at 17% while Punjab is at 16%. The state has taken over Chhattisgarh and is now after Punjab.

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