HI-TECH Engineering Solutions (India) and SVAAS Inframax Solutions Private Limited: Crafting Versatile Engineering Solutions for Multi-Dimensional Infrastructure Projects


HI-TECH Engineering Solutions (India) and SVAAS Inframax Solutions Private Limited

Engineering projects, irrespective of their scale, division, or size, require extensive planning and laser-sharp execution strategies in numerous aspects. Whether it is structuring the idea of the project, building the architectural periphery, improving the performance of the infrastructure, or taking proactive preventive and protective measures for its longevity, the complexity of these projects needs to be handled with detailed industry knowledge.

Curating and integrating high-octane engineering solutions for multi-dimensional infrastructure projects, our country has the support of the indomitable duo of HI-TECH Engineering Solutions (India) and SVAAS Inframax Solutions Private Limited. Both companies are the sole subsidiaries of the HI-TECH Group, and their combined aim is to deliver the highest levels of customer service and value in the construction industry.

Synchronizing the chords of these two eminent organizations is a resilient, passionate, and immensely inspiring woman entrepreneur who dared to challenge the challenges since her early childhood days and emerged as a beacon of empowerment. Prime Insights feels obliged to collaborate with Ms. Srividhya, Director at HI-TECH Engineering Solutions (India) and SVAAS Inframax Solutions Private Limited, and present before our readership panel her journey of entrepreneurialism in revolutionizing the construction industry. Not only did she expand her organizations across Pan-India, but she also escalated their presence on a global pedestal. As illuminating as her words are, the rich knowledge and experience she has continue to serve as the guiding energy for our upcoming generations.

Compiling these two exceptional tales of excellence, we have brought before our readership panel the brand stories of HI-TECH Engineering Solutions (India) and SVAAS Inframax Solutions Private Limited under the sought-after edition of “Most Innovative Company of the Year 2023”. Through this read, we ensure that the entrepreneurial journey of Ms. Srividhya will push our readers to stay committed to their ambitions and carve out the best of their passion

HI-TECH Engineering Solutions (India)

With an array of diverse solutions, HI-TECH Engineering Solutions is a group of enthusiastic technocrats and seasoned industry experts involved in Engineering Services, Construction, Reinforcement Splicing Solutions & Seismic Preventive Product Solutions. Their cutting-edge services perfectly align with global standards and cater to various commercial, industrial, residential, and government sectors.

HI-TECH’s professional consulting and engineering services are widely recognized by many dignitary technical groups and committees across the world. HI-TECH Engineering Solutions (India) consistently delivers innovative, value-for-money engineering solutions to its clients. The engineering, drafting, and administration teams hold decades of combined experience and ardent technical skills so that every project is completed to the highest possible standards. The engineers at HI-TECH Engineering Solutions (India) have established an outstanding reputation for maintaining stringent quality control procedures. Exemplifying the values of integrity, coordination, and authenticity, the company ensures that its clients’ expectations are exceeded.

To make homes the ideal place where harmony and fulfilment come under one roof, HI-TECH Engineering Solutions (India) also offers comprehensive design services. Whether it is handling different projects of Complexities, the company stands committed to these responsibilities. Furthermore, their Design Optimization approach combines high-end furniture elements with intelligent creative solutions, thus giving clients absolute value for their money.

“By having a single point of responsibility for design and construction, we deliver projects with speed and controlled cost, tailored to clients’ specific needs and goals. Our in-house design center is a platform to translate clients’ needs into functional creative solutions through better aesthetics, breakthrough materials, and innovative details.

SVAAS Inframax Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The company is an acknowledged engineering partner where clients can find the best-suitable preventive and protective solutions for their multi-dimensional Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical engineering projects. The company also facilitates demands for Industrial Chemicals, Adhesives, Infrastructure Maintenance Services, and Health and safety (EHS Consulting and training), amongst others.
SVASS Inframax Private Limited, a certified SSI unit and qualified with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and OHSAS 45001:2018, has expanded its horizons in more than 25 international countries like the USA, Singapore, Malaysia, China, the Philippines, New Zealand, Norway, Indonesia, South Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Chile, Sweden, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Morocco, Sudan, Australia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, Thailand, and Bangladesh, to name a few.
The company’s offerings encompass over 500 patented products in the Repair And Maintenance of Aging Assets and the Protection And Improvement of New Assets in the mechanical, electrical, civil, and project engineering domains. These tech-backed solutions have the full potential to optimize plant productivity and efficiency without any interruptions from downtime or breakdowns. The team adheres to resolute quality inspection, installation, and maintenance, thus providing excellent service to our clients at any location.

The Lady at the Helm: An Enigmatic Personification of Empowerment

Ms. Srividhya was born and brought up in Chennai by a middle-class Tamil Brahmin family, where the members had a very stereotypical outline of how to live a life. Breaking the barriers post-education was something only a few had ever done. Her upbringing was made in an environment where discipline, growth, a forward-thinking mindset, and ground-rooted approaches were always at the core.
During her academic years, she was inclined towards building something of her own, and she saw the potential in the real estate industry. During those times, the real industry was slowly booming, and people started exploring flats that were economically viable and promised the profound safety of their family members. Ms. Srividhya took this opportunity and started working on designing templates for elevations of low, medium, and high-rise structures and plans of individual flats, considering all VASTU features to secure people’s belief systems. Her ideas created an optimistic turbulence in Chennai’s construction industry, and people started supporting her remarkable ideas.

“The idea of start-ups was essentially non-existent when the company was first launched in the 1990s. Me, unlike others in this industry, was completely self-made and had to build everything from scratch. Although the first business did not yield fruit commercially, I didn’t let my mind get discouraged and continued to pursue my goals with determination.”
A civil engineer by education and profession, Ms. Srividhya accepted varied challenges to establish herself in the male-dominated industry. With her consistent efforts, she inaugurated her first professional company, HI-TECH Group, in 1998 in Chennai. Ms. Srividhya also shared that it was quite difficult to convert the archaic mindset of people and make them optimistic about working under a female, especially in field work. It was in 2001 when Ms. Srividhya got recognized with the award of “Successful Women Entrepreneur of The Year” from IOB, Women Entrepreneur Branch, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
Later, when she moved to Delhi, she was determined to launch a similar concept, first in New Delhi and then in Delhi-NCR locations. Having visited many of the construction projects, she wished to create a unique solution to the rising steel waste crisis across all construction sites. The steel-wastage problem impacted a major portion of construction costs and hence caused delays in completing the work. Thus, HI-TECH Journey began again in 2006 in New Delhi, covering all major turn-key contractors in India as their premium clients.
Due to the company’s recognition by numerous associations and organizations, such as the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the Structural Engineering Forum, the Builders Association, IITs, and other government bodies like METRO RAIL, NHAI, CPWD, NTPC/NHPC, AAI etc, all of these organizations categorically approved its products as accredited vendors for all their premium projects. With several branch offices and stockyards, the HI-TECH group is currently able to provide great coverage throughout India and South Asia.

An Intriguing Message for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Prime Insights expresses serene gratitude to Ms. Srividhya for sharing chapters of her entrepreneurial journey, and we anticipate seeing her efforts have sparkling impacts on the lives of people. To conclude the read, we asked the dignitary lady to share a few words of intellect for our readers. Here is what she quotes:

“Starting a company is a riveting roller coaster of emotions with tremendous highs and, at times, difficult lows, but one thing that always helps me through the ups and downs is to connect with some of the greatest minds to create your own entry rather than knocking on doors for opportunities. Below are just a few of my favourite quotes:

The BEAUTIFUL thing about Today is that We get the choice to make it better than Yesterday !!!

The best way to predict the future is to create it, says Peter Drucker.
Winners never quit and quitters never win !!! If We see Life as a Learning Experience, We can turn any Negative to Positives !!!

Optimism isn’t a belief that things will get better automatically ; It’s a conviction that We can make things better !!!

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