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Gourmer Services Pvt. Ltd.

Gourmer Services, founded by Mr. Rajeev Dhir and Mrs. Neetu Dhir, is a pioneering catering company that has redefined the culinary landscape. Stemming from a rich heritage and inspired by the duo’s journey from the catering industry to establishing a flourishing business, Gourmer Services serves over 25,000 meals on a daily basis to its clients. The company’s target audience is individuals who lead busy lives as executives, students, workers, and professionals.
Handing over the legacy to their beloved daughter, Ms. Sanchita Dhir is now shaping the trajectory of the company’s growth with her dynamic and creative persona. As the Executive Director and CEO of Gourmer Services, Ms. Sanchita Dhir holds over seven years of experience in the film industry and later joined her parents to build Gourmer Services. To maintain the highest standards of quality, she herself has tailored all the menus and concepts around the core principles of mindful eating and sustainability. Based on these principles, dining experiences serve delicacies prepared with nourishing and sustainable ingredients.
During an interactive interview with Ms. Sanchita Dhir, we asked her interesting questions with the intention of exploring the chapters of her entrepreneurial journey and learning about her company’s features as well. Crisply, we have weaved all the insights in this narrative under the enticing edition, “10 Most Innovative Leaders Reforming Business in 2024.” We hope that our readers will draw meaningful lessons from her transition to entrepreneurship.

Question 1: Can you please shed some light on the story that motivated you to start the company?

The roots of Gourmer Services trace back to my parents’ entrepreneurial spirit. Witnessing their resilience and hard work, I embarked on my own journey. From pursuing my passion for dance to venturing into fashion and film, the transition to the food and beverage industry was a revelation. Inspired by family values and an unwavering love for work, I returned to Gurgaon, where my parents’ catering business was growing. Combining my diverse experiences, I decided to focus on building something significant in the catering line.

Question 2: What are your mantras for striking a balance between your personal and professional fronts?

The delicate balance between personal and professional life is maintained through effective time management and a deep-rooted passion for my work. From pursuing fashion and film and working with giants like Netflix, Viacom 18, Paris Fashion Week, MX Player, etc., the journey has taught me the importance of carving out moments for both personal growth and business success. Setting clear boundaries, prioritising tasks, managing time and learning to say no are some things you learn everyday.

Question 3: What struggles have you faced during the course of your entrepreneurial stint?

As someone leading a business, my experience shares familiar faces of entrepreneurship, marked by various challenges and victories. Navigating through the ever-changing landscape of both the dynamic film industry and the food and beverage sector, that too right in between the COVID-19 pandemic, helped me realize the importance of resilience while following your interests. It showcased the necessity of adapting to uncertainties, which further fueled my determination to succeed. This journey has been a rich tapestry of learning, requiring a delicate balance between two distinct yet interconnected realms. Indeed, it has been an enriching experience altogether and I anticipate the future with enthusiasm, I can’t wait to unfold the experiences and opportunities that lie ahead.

Question 4: How have you managed to adapt your business model to changing market trends? Has research and development played an imperative role in it?

Staying at the forefront requires constant adaptation. Regular market research, engagement with industry trends, and fostering a culture of innovation within our work culture allow us to adapt to and meet the ever-changing trends in the culinary landscape. Another important role has been played by research and development in our growth. Exploring new flavours, culinary techniques, and sustainable practices through dedicated R&D initiatives has ensured that our offerings remain innovative, satisfying the dynamic tastes of our clientele.
Our specialized services for any institution are focused on providing clean food, we believe in making everything in house from spices, bakery products, indian sweets, etc. The shifting requirements of diverse geographies include designing menus with nutritious meals that range from all types of international to Indian cuisines. Our scoping team is assigned to diligently analyze each customer’s requirements to provide specialized support for each need.

Question 5: What are your thoughts on the type of competition CEOs are facing in today’s competitive business ecosystem?

In the competitive business landscape, I believe in maintaining a proactive stance. There is no room for complacency, and the commitment to innovation and excellence sets the tone for success in the ever-evolving industry. CEOs and business leaders play a pivotal role in shaping industries, fostering innovation, and contributing to economic growth. Active participation in the entrepreneurial world is not just a responsibility but a commitment to driving positive change.

Question 6: How do you ensure that your employees stay content in their professional lives?

Ensuring employee contentment is paramount. A positive work environment, opportunities for growth, and recognition of contributions create a motivated and content workforce. Our 350+ employees are the backbone of Gourmer Services, and their satisfaction is instrumental to our success.

Question 7: Who has been your immense source of motivation to keep pursuing your passion despite how challenging the situations might become?

My parents and my sister, who navigated their way to success in business, remain my ultimate role models. From their humble beginnings, their journey inspires me daily. To those who look up to me, I convey the importance of resilience, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence as the driving forces behind meaningful success.

Question 8: What are some valuable pieces of advice you would like to share with entrepreneurs doubting their abilities because of stereotypes?

Break free from stereotypes. My journey from dance to fashion to films, and finally to the food and beverage industry, illustrates the power of embracing uniqueness. The entrepreneurial path is about challenging norms and creating one’s own narrative. Make your own destiny. In the loom of life, the power to shape your narrative rests in the hands of those who dare to dream and diligently work towards their vision.

Question 9: What are the future plans associated with the company?

Gourmer Services envisions an exciting future, including expanding culinary offerings, entering new markets, and solidifying our position as a global leader in redefining gastronomic experiences. Contributing positively to society is ingrained in our values, and we will also be working diligently on them in the coming years. Our CSR initiatives focus on sustainability, supporting local communities, and fostering culinary education to empower the next generation of chefs.

Question 10: Kindly tell us about the milestones and achievements the company has garnered.

Our journey is a perpetual quest for milestones, for today’s triumphs pave the path for tomorrow’s challenges. In our pursuit, we recognize that leadership is a dynamic space—what defines greatness today may evolve tomorrow. Therefore, our commitment lies not in reaching a final destination but in embracing an enduring journey of growth, innovation, and continuous pursuit of excellence.

Question 11: We would appreciate it if you could share a few words for the Prime Insights readers.

To Prime Insights readers, I extend a heartfelt encouragement to embrace change, support innovation, and savor life’s flavors. Success lies in the synergy of passion, perseverance, and a dash of creativity. Cheers to a journey filled with delectable experiences!

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