Get List of ten richest women of the world who are self-made

ten richest women

Get List of ten richest women of the world who are self-made

  • Who doesn’t love wealth? Since the dawn of civilization, money is the prime motivation and necessity of every individual. History has shown that money and wealth have been concentrated mostly in male hands, due to cultural and religious reasons. There are plentiful reasons, since, in earlier times, heads of state were primarily males, with the odd exceptions here and there.
  • In the pre-industrial age, there was a highly unequal distribution of wealth. In virtually all societies like ancient India, China, Egypt, Rome, etc., the king and the nobility were wealthy and mostly male. But, the catch is that they mostly inherited wealth from their predecessors. The merchant classes and the majority of the proletariat were primarily poor and impoverished.
  • With the inception of the Industrial Revolution, the old feudal structure got dismantled, and wealth started trickling down to the entire population. In the modern era, the transfer of wealth started from males and females, due to better education and change of attitudes. The old system of inheritance of wealth since generations has also been replaced gradually by the method of business, commerce, and the rise of professional and middle classes. Today, we have plenty of success stories of confident women who have billionaires due to their efforts and persistence, without any connections and influence. Now, let us list the top ten most affluent self-made women globally.

1) Guiliana Benetton

  • Who hasn’t heard of the most famous brand Benetton? Guiliana Benetton, one of Benetton’s founders, started sewing sweaters along with her brothers in the 1950’s. Starting from scratch, she started the firm Benetton Group in Italy in 1965. Today, the company functions in more than 120 nations and has more than five thousand stores. Currently, she is worth 2.7 billion USD.

2) Wie Yajun

  • Wie Yajun is an inspiring story from China. A navigation engineer by profession, she commenced her career as an engineer in 1984, she switched to journalism and started following real estate at the China Shirong News Agency. After quitting journalism, she and her husband commenced their real estate company, Longford Properties, in 1997. The company expanded rapidly and acquired revenues of 7.8 billion USD in 2014. She is only 51 and currently worth a massive 2.8 billion USD.

3) Oprah Winfrey.

  • Perhaps, the most exceptional example of confident women in history and truly an example of rags to riches, Oprah Winfrey, was brought up in a broken home in Mississippi in the 1970s in the United States. Her career commenced as a TV news anchor in Baltimore and then shifted to Chicago in 1984 for hosting the show, which was to become a mega show known as the ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show.’ She commenced Harpo Studios in 1985, and it increased. Today, she is worth a staggering USD 2.7 billion.

4) Jin Sook Chang

  • When Jin Sook Chang and her husband moved from South Korea to the USA in 1984, she was penniless. She opened her first store, “Fashion 21” in 1984 in Los Angeles. The retail store soon started expanding and changed its name to “Forever 21”. Currently, the retail giant has more than six hundred stores globally and has more than 4.4 billion USD. Jin Sook Chang’s total worth is 3.1 billion USD.

5) Doris Fisher

  • Doris and Donald Fisher opened the first “The Gap “store in 1969, in San Fransisco. There was a rapid expansion of the company that took place, and Doris changed the name to the “Gap” store. Today, Gap has around 15 billion USD in sales, with approximately four thousand stores and around one hundred and fifty thousand employees globally. Doris Fisher has a wealth of 3.2 billion USD presently.

6) Elizabeth Holmes

  • Elizabeth Holmes is another legend in the field of entrepreneurship. She was only 19 when she created Theranos, a blood-testing company, to provide needle-free and pain-free testing. The costs and headaches for patients are greatly reduced. Currently, the firm Theranos is providing more than two hundred and forty tests to the consumer. These tests are used for various diseases like medical issues arising from cancer and high cholesterol. Holmes is the youngest billionaire on the planet, having a net worth of 4.5 billion USD. Last year, Therano’s valuation was 10 billion USD.

7) Pollyanna Chu

  • Pollyanna Chu is a leading financial tycoon who grew up in Hong Kong and attended college in the United States. She and her husband returned to Hong Kong. She created the Kingston Financial Group in 1993. Kingston Financial Group rose very quickly and gained the top position in the field of IPO’s and mergers. Currently, her total worth is a remarkable 4.9 billion USD.

8) Chan Lawa

  • Chan Lawa is a truly inspirational story. She relinquished school due to the Japanese invasion. She initially started her furniture repair business and then switched to a real estate business in 1988. The company’s name is Fu Wah International, which is into constructing and operating malls, apartments, office buildings, luxury hotels in Australia, China, and New Zealand. Chan Lawa has a worth of 5.2 billion USD, as of today.

9) Diane Hendricks

  • Diane Hendricks is the noted founder of the company, dealing in building materials ABC Supply. The company was started in 1982, which had an initial motive was joining the business of wholesale rooftop distribution. The firm is selling a wide range of building materials across the whole of the United States. It has 6.5 billion USD in sales and is present in more than six hundred cities in the United States.

10)  Zhou Qunfei

  • Topping the list is the Chinese business queen Zhou Qunfei. She is the founder of the manufacturing giant Lens Technology. The journey started in 1993 when she began her competing lens workshop. Her business got a boost when she introduced touchscreen in all the phones on Motorola’s orders. Lens Technology is enhanced rapidly and has a market cap of 7 billion USD. She has a net worth of 6 billion USD.

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