Genesis Risk Mitigation Services (GRMS) Trusted Fraud Management to Make Hiring Process Risk Free

Each successful business concedes its employees and vendors as its strength. They have a vital role in its growth and achievement. Thus, screening comes as an indispensable process to prevent fraud in the workplace. A company may come across various candidates telling their fake employment history to fetch better jobs, better salary packages, and also better positions.
Employment verification in India has become a mandatory process just to verify the credentials of a candidate as mentioned in his resume. The process includes consulting with human resources (HR) department of the previous workplace to precisely conclude the candidate’s work history.
When we throw light at employee fraud management in India, there are only selective firms offering authentic employee verification services. At GRMS, the main outline is to enlighten the companies regarding right hiring principles and help them to seek protection from dishonest employees and certify service excellence.
  • What makes the services of GRMS Unique ?

The main reason for the success of a business is the value it gives to human relationships. It may be the long-term association or new agency-client relationships, but what your stakeholders speak about your company’s culture and brand matters the most. The GRMS follows the tagline “keeping it simple”. It simply possesses a transparent atmosphere and simplified processes and thus its partners working with it always feel at ease.
Being an “ISO 27001:2013 certified risk consultancy, it is regularly audited by the internal team as well as external auditors for the system-oriented processes.
Each report that comes out is well-documented and also can be traced back to cross-verification as well.
  • GRMS matchless customer handling process.

GRMS told that the process is quite simple for them – Do what you promise. Promise only what you can deliver.”  It is one of the generous ways of rendering quality services to clients. We conduct numerous meetings with a motto to understand customer’s areas of discomfort and consequently work hard to work on them and offer services exactly as they want. The solutions are mostly tailor-made as per the demands of consumers and the market. The other feature of GRMS that is appreciated by most clients is the readiness to accept new challenges and the willingness to explore the processes accordingly. The company has adopted a major habit of reading, researching, and reshaping its work ethos on a constant basis to stay updated.
  • How GRMS Identifies Its Customers ?

A great reason behind GRMS’s existence in the market is that they assume their clients not merely as customers but as their equal partner in a united aim for mitigating persisting risks as much as possible. Each new client for business plays a role of great opportunity to establish new relationships and exchange mutual knowledge base and produce new prospects to embellish at a professional level. Thus, both compliments each other’s growth as well.
  • GRMS’s effective marketing initiatives to promote its services

GRMS possess a dedicated sales team with the smallest size but it takes its work only as it’s one of the greatest marketing initiatives. It’s only the niche service and commitments that assures excellence in service. Delivering real-time results for the clients can be assumed as the best marketing initiatives for GRMS. The company always welcomes one of the biggest brands available in the market to work with.
  • Future Business Expansion Plans

At present, its main aim is to be a popular brand pan India. The brand is also trying for global expansion thereby indulging in global business partnerships. The brand is working to seek recommendations and top certifications for risk management services from security and financial Auditors. This in turn is enhancing customer’s trust in its brand and services.
  • Life Teachings from Entrepreneurship Journey and Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The journey of GRMS has been quite exciting and full of challenges. There were many things to learn from and many to relinquish at the same time.  There is great scope for exploring unlimited market opportunities that cannot be waited for more to get into the venture. The brand is planning to be one of the top service providers of India within the next coming years. It is recommended to the coming players at the entrepreneurship platform to be at first genuine, polite, open, and prefer networking a lot.  You cannot interpret at the moment, who is going to bring you the next big lead to have great earnings at your business.

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