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Author: Tridiv Das
Founder | Creative Factor Group


Welcome my son

Welcome to the machine

What did you dream?

It’s alright, we told you what to dream.

These stanzas are from the song by Pink Floyd, The Machine. It criticises the shift in the human’ mindset and their obsession with machines. While the idea of machines was to reduce human effort, it eventually became a competition for relevance. I cannot say if it was Milton Friedman’s doctrine or human greed – but ultimately, human beings share the same evaluation parameters as machines.

Every organization, directly and indirectly, wants to measure human productivity and efficiency as if humans are just another machine. Even humans have begun to see themselves as machines- replaceable.

We have developed several dashboards and strategies to measure and evaluate human productivity as we do with machines, but there is no comparison in reality. For example, humans have built supercars and hypercars, but in no version of reality can a human outrun them unless they are fictional superheroes. If this comparison seems absurd, how can we quantify being “human” into parameters made for machines?

A human-centric workplace has very little to do with hybrid- WFH models. It has more to with the mindset that treats humans like machines. Replacing old appliances with new ones looks like a good strategy, but when we apply the same approach with humans, we destroy the fundamental nature of human society. A business must exist for the community and certainly not against it.

In a nutshell, human beings are radically different from machines because you cannot give a motivational speech to a device and prepare it for war. Machines follow a predefined logic; humans don’t. We are psychological beings, driven by internal emotional sense and intent.

Why don’t we consider replacing some evaluation parameters that allow a human-centric workplace to thrive? For a moment, please think of the possibilities if we replace some of the Popular HR terms “Productivity to Purpose”, “Efficiency to Energy”, Performance to Passion”, “Code of Conduct to Culture”, “Manager with Mentor”, “Employee with Tribe.” Imagine the possibilities if we made work less mechanical and more purpose-driven?

We can look at a new kind of leadership, where we evaluate how leaders enrich the lives of the people around them instead of driving people nuts for financial success. Many leaders keep their work and family lives separate, and most don’t see the connection. The human side is limited to personal and family matters and views people at work as objects. What if they began to find joy in shaping someone’s career, be kind, and focus on removing the obstacles in people’s lives so that they operate with more confidence and find happiness at work. What kind of customer satisfaction do you think will such an organisation create?


The environment we want to create in our organisation for our employees and clients is the philosophy of “re-humanising” the workplace.

At Creative Factor, we enable businesses to make the best of the opportunities and thrive in the world of uncertainty and flux. We believe that the progress of our world largely depends upon the evolution in our workplaces. Every organisation, large or small, public or private, is an enabler and bears the responsibility of guiding our society. We enable the people who run and work in these organisations through our business consulting and communication practices.

Our ideology and practices are not limited to our client’s business. The same virtue guides us in everything we do. At Creative Factor, you’ll find that the new joiner and old-timer share the same passion and commitment to work.


Here’s what my colleagues have to say.



Creative Factor
Saurav Das, Articulator, Since March 2021 | Creative Factor



Saurav Das, Articulator, Since March 2021

” Life is all about making new memories and experiences worth remembering. When you work at Creative Factor, every day is a new adventure, every brief opportunity to excel and every occasion- moments worth looking back to. CF introduced me to a company culture that truly believes in helping me excel at work and at life. In my short time here I have learnt a lot and hold memories to cherish for a lifetime”






Arpit Sindhwani, Client Advisor, Since April 2019 | Creative Factor
Arpit Sindhwani, Client Advisor, Since April 2019                                               Creative Factor 


Arpit Sindhwani, Client Advisor, Since April 2019

“CF+ has always felt like a home away from home. I have seen many highs and lows in the organization but I persevered through it all because of the bonds we forged and the guidance I got from my seniors. At CF+, work doesn’t feel tedious. Our directors are always there every step of the way to mentor us and catch us if we fall. This has helped me gain confidence and expertise in everything I do.






Creative Factor
Poushali Captivator, Since September 2021 Creative Factor



Poushali Captivator, Since September 2021

“A place where your mentor stirs you up to colour your hair, where your colleagues become your second family and where you are pushed and guided to chase your passion. Creative Factor has taught me that it is always important to love yourself because that’s what gets reflected in your work.”







Ankit Yadav. Captivator, Since March 2021

Words fail when I try to describe my working experience at this absolute gem of an organisation “Creative Factor”. The utmost religious attention to detail is evident from the unique guidance from the mentors/directors, giving me a platform to showcase my talents and expertise. CF+, you really know how to make your employee feel like a superstar!



When people talk about their “office” they often describe it as a place that is daunting which leads to aversion. At the same time, people spend a large chunk of their life in offices.  At CF+ we want to change the way people perceive their workplace.  To us, the office is a personalized space that has been designed specifically to keep up with our requirements. It’s a space to
hang out, debate ideas, meet clients, watch movies, play sports, and more. It’s a place where we can be our true selves without any judgement or biases.

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