Five must-read books for CEOs for escalating their entrepreneurial skills.

Five must-read books for CEOs

Five must-read books for CEOs for escalating their entrepreneurial skills.

  • Successful CEOs never stop learning. Self-development is almost as essential as hard work in building a winning business. Many of the world CEOs and entrepreneurs effectuate this through workshops, conferences, and even a few continuing education courses. Still, for a busy entrepreneur, being away from the office for a few days can lead to other problems. Therefore, it is no surprise that quite a few top CEOs choose to boost their personal growth by reading a good book.  It is not only a great way to learn and grow, but it provides a way to relax after a long day. 

Books help in building a mindset that leads to success. 

  • A CEO’s command comes from the title and the fact that they are hired into the position. They competed and rose to the top. Balancing work and life on the top rung of the corporate ladder takes skill and guts. A single gust in the form of poor judgment or negative publicity is enough to knock you out. You have to proactively seek out ways to self-improve amid a changing global economy else you can’t hold on to your position and accomplish your responsibility to the employees and customers who depend on you. 
  • A CEO must have an interpersonal savvy, business acumen, and business knowledge which helps to draw followers in and create effective teams. They must not only be well versed with the principles of leadership but must be able to apply what they know. Preferably, a CEO is comfortable with personal responsibility, relationship building, executive presence, and willingness to serve his/her team.
  • Execution is usually a weak area for most. However, books are also a great teacher when it comes to executing business plans. The most potent CEO has integrated personal strength, learned experience, and wisdom in business training and experience. Unless you practice the mantras of management that you’ve read, you cannot gain experience and execution.
  • Imbuing yourself into fresh ideas, concepts, and perceptions could bring a lot to someone’s life.Here are 5 business books recommended for CEOs to read:

“TheCulture Code: The Secretsof Highly Successful Groups”

Author –Daniel Coyle


  • The culture at the workplace represents a crucial aspect of a successful company. Establishing a creative yet fun environment with a purpose and results-oriented will return into engaged and effective employees who will work together to attain the major goals of the organization. This management book demonstrates an appropriate explanation of how to build a team that can be effective and satisfied. A CEO must develop and flourish in a connected and happy group. This book will surely help you learn the tools to make this possible.  

“Back To Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation”

Author –Dan Schawbel

  • Digitization and ultra-modern technology are having an immense impact on every aspect of human lives. This has affected our workplaces too.Perhaps, we think thatwe are better connected as a team, but we aren’t, as we prefer to speak to each other by email. Wethink that we are becoming more productive, but we aren’t, as we spend half of the time updating the online to-do list. This book introduces the impact that technology has at work and how leaders can become less dependent on technology to cultivate a connected team. It is an ultimate guide to improve the isolation of employees at the workplace by using technology for what’s worth it.

“The Making of a Manager: What to do When Everyone Looks to You”

Author –Julia Zhuo

  • CEOs possessing confidence, communication, transparency, and empathy can become great leaders in the future. The prowess to listen and understand your employees and identifying the appropriate ways to make them feel comfortable will take you a long way. It is thus important to ask and give feedback to your team, aiming to improve each day. CEOs must invest in creating a healthy atmosphere within an organization. It results in satisfied employees and makes along-lasting impact on the company. Through this book, Julia Zhuo educates future leaders on how to become a manager that inspires their team and ensures trust between the team to overcome situations and bring better results.As a top executive, you must read this book to reveal insights, advice, and examples to become the manager everyone wishes to have.

“Disrupt-It-Yourself: Eight Ways to Hack a Better Business-Before the Competition Does”

Author –Simone Ahuja

  • This book provides a new perspective of creating a flexible and disruptive culture, where innovation is what matters. What is elementary to disruption is to solve the problems of the future in a different, and tailored way. Companies need to test and experiment and acquire learnings to make things move in the right direction.

“New to Big: How Companies can create like Entrepreneurs, invest like VCs, and Install a permanent operating System for Growth”

Author –David Kidder and Christina Wallace

  • The author of this book presents a philosophy of creating like entrepreneurs and investing like venture capital.Snapping your attention to customer problems and pain points places a corporation ahead of everything. Continuous innovation and reinvention would make a company grow sustainable without being stocked. An extremely important action of achieving this is to research consumers and see what they are doing to anticipate their new or forthcoming needs. Maintaining a customer approach requires you to learn dynamically and forget about the failures.

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