Few Tips and tricks for your company to drive a greener future

tips and tricks to derive a greener future

Few Tips and tricks for your company to drive a greener future

  • The current COVID-19 crisis provides a perfect opportunity for the corporate world to address significant environmental crises such as climate change, green businesses, and promoting green energy more effectively. COVID-19 pandemic has led to a global disruption which has resulted in numerous impacts on the environment and the climate as well.
  • There has been a significant decline in pre-planned travel which has caused many regions to experience a drop in air pollution, a decline in economic activities, and a drop in road transport. This has resulted in temporarily cleaning of skies and decreasing levels of certain air pollutants.  
  • Recent global lockdowns and a rise in work from home culture have encouraged debates around the sustainability of businesses, office, and commercial spaces, especially as we all start to head back to work in the next few months. This is prompting a change in the way we think about work and the way we interact with our environment every day.
  • Globally, many businesses are beginning to take steps, both big and small, towards a greener future. The entire workplace ecosystem is set to change as sustainability becomes a major focus for businesses worldwide. Albeit, this shift towards a greater environmental consciousness is a welcome one, there’s still much more to be done. Hence, there’s no better time than now for implementing new eco-friendly policies at your company. Making small changes at your office can have a substantial impact on the planet in the long term.         
  • Attractive opportunities are lying with corporates for investing in a low-carbon economy and the pitfalls of a business-as-usual high-carbon path. This business plan is not only positive for the environment but also good for people and profitability. It is to be known that familiar ways of operating will not pay dividends to the companies in the long term. However, there is an urgent need for business leaders to transform their mindset and adapt to a newer landscape which will help to align profitability with the planet’s best interests and lessen our dependence on fossil fuels.        
  • Organizations must all prioritize efficiency. Inefficient structures and systems – incomplete electrical grids, aging engines, or badly insulated buildings – are continuously depleting environmental resources. They must invest in systems and technologies that are energy-efficient, resource-efficient, and waste efficient. Companies should invest in developing clean-energy solutions with lesser dependence on fossil fuels, and creating new industries to remove carbon from the air.
  • They should look for avenues to invest in technologies to scale up electric vehicles, to store and transport goods in a low-carbon way, and chemicals and plastics made from recycled products or plants. This also refers to establishing green homes, cities, and infrastructure and investing in smart grids, sustainable agriculture, and energy-efficiency hardware. Corporate leaders who overcome hurdles to offer these low-carbon technologies, goods, and services – and the banks that fund them – will be among the front-runners of Earth’s future.          
  • The purpose of this article is to make you aware of making your company more environmentally sustainable. Hence, below are the steps through which organizations can contribute towards greener future:

Aligning company assets with digital innovations

  • The advent of IoT technology is one of the most exciting ways that businesses can use technology to go green. Essentially, “IoT” refers to a network of equipment outfitted with sensors that send information to a central database. That data is then analyzed and converted to information that people can utilize to track energy consumption across the organization. Novel technologies such as these are providing business owners with insights into equipment performance that they didn’t have a few short years ago, which are opening up possibilities for various businesses to incorporate sustainable practices in creative ways.      

Paper-less is the way forward

  • Whenever possible, eco-conscious organizations are already doing their absolute best to reduce paper use. Nowadays, using email to communicate with employees, clients, and customers is standard protocol. There are diverse options of working available from a communal online storage system such as Google DriveDropbox or OneDrive, through which you’re able to drastically reduce the paper usage in the office by operating through them instead.  

Increase dependence on Renewable sources of energy

  • Organizations should devise ways to increase dependence on renewable sources of energy. One such example is installing solar panels. The price of using eco-friendly technologies like solar panels may seem expensive at first but may end up saving money on energy costs in the long run. Similarly, letting the natural light pour into the workplaces wherever possible. This way you’ll be cutting back your electricity use and saving money on utility bills which are a win-win situation.    

Establish a Green Department in the Company

  • Companies should establish a green team that will work towards developing newer methods of eco-friendly sustainable business. This team should encourage conversations around how each employee can do their bit to become more sustainable and build an eco-conscious team responsible for implementing and sustaining green initiatives for the company. 

Working remotely to reduce Carbon emissions

  • COVID pandemic has already made this step quite workable for many organizations. Thanks to the incredible innovations in digital communication technology it’s now possible for people to telecommute to work with ease.  Online applications allow for remote team collaboration in real-time including face-to-face meetings with clients as well as the employees without being in the same room. This has enabled fewer people and automobiles on the roads and reduced carbon footprints.

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