FEI Cargo Ltd: A Top-tier Logistics Solution Provider of India

Logistics plays a pivotal role in the supply chain and production of businesses that sell goods. It also helps the business provide quality customer satisfaction that eventually results in customer retention.
An effective supply chain further helps the company improve its sales, goodwill among customers, and business value. Therefore, it is essential for any company that deals with shipments, warehousing, or product deliveries to hire a reliable logistics service provider.
FEI Cargo Ltd is one of the most sought-after Freight Management Companies in the country. It specializes in an array of logistical aspects like Customs Clearance, Warehousing, Project Cargo, Road Transportation, Air & Sea Transport. Having been in the industry for over three decades, the company has catered to the logistical needs of hundreds of clients for several different industries in India and Abroad.

FEI’s Impressive Service Portfolio

FEI is an internationally acclaimed logistics solution provider that primarily deals with supply chain, customs broking, and freight forwarding. The company also offers assistance in handling heavy, odd-sized cargo with the help of their renowned partners and vendors.
The main focus of the company is to ensure that the client’s consignment is picked up safely from anywhere on the globe and is delivered in good condition on time. Its vast global network and unmatched industry experience help the client meet their logistics requirements. Here are some of the unique services offered by the company:
Strategic Warehousing: By offering strategic warehousing facilities across the globe, FEI ensures efficient Customs Clearance, Warehousing, and Distribution of import/export shipments.
Flexible & Customizable Purchasing: The company’s flexible and customizable purchasing practice helps it meet the unique needs of each client. Once the client’s requirements are clear, the company organizes supply chain management services, storage services, inventory, pick-up/ drop-off services, and packing operations accordingly.
Logistics Coordination- Over the years, FEI has rendered logistics coordination services to numerous corporations for their small-scale, large-scale, turnkey, and time-critical projects.

Abhijeet Nair Chief Executive Officer
Abhijeet Nair | Chief Executive Officer | FEI Cargo Ltd.

FEI’s Inception & Success Story

FEI was established by Mr. Pratap Nair nearly 32 years ago. He had gotten into the industry by chance. However, he eventually got fascinated by the workings of the industry. His budding interest in the field helped him successfully complete the initial job assignments that came his way. After almost a decade of working for various reputed logistics companies, Pratap was inspired to start something of his own.
The successes of AFL and Panalpina, the companies that he worked for during this period, sparked his entrepreneurial streak. He was keen on creating something similar yet different. He aspired to build a company based on a unique business philosophy, one that would give the professional aspect of it a personal touch. And so, he came up with FEI Cargo Ltd.

“It all started as a dream”.

Every business has to endure certain challenges during the initial stages, and FEI was no exception. During those days, the market was dominated by family-owned companies. Also, this was during the pre-liberalization period, when clearances were only granted to the few that had connections with customs officials. Clearance was heavily influenced by license raj and the process of the same was complicated and lengthy.
In addition, Mr. Pratap had just come out of a high-paying job. He had to dedicate long hours at work and make plenty of sacrifices on the personal front. During such difficult times, only God and his wife supported him wholeheartedly, giving him the strength to stay determined.
However, Mr. Abhijeet Pratap Nair, son of Mr. Pratap and CEO of FEI Cargo, chooses to see the silver lining. He says, “These challenges also provided opportunities for newcomers like me since customers wanted trustworthy vendors who could provide reliable service and we were able to address that need,”
Today, FEI is regarded as one of the most reliable logistics solution providers even internationally. “One of our German partners recently introduced us to a German Company operating out of the US stating ‘Believe me; you will have fun working with our friends from FEI. They work as precise and accurate as we Germans think about ourselves if not even more detail-oriented.’ This, I believe, was my aim and goal whilst starting and I believe we are on our way there.” Says Pratap.

Ms. Sheen - FEI Cargo Ltd.
Ms. Sheen – FEI Cargo Ltd.


The Brand’s Customer-Centric Approach

It is all the more difficult for companies to convince clients to trust and rely on them in the service industry. FEI has, however, managed to build long-term associations with numerous clients and partners across the globe.
The company is known for its ethical approach and timely payments in the international logistics fraternity. Unlike other companies that compromise on the quality of services for discounted rates, FEI ensures that the customer gets more than what they expect. The goal is to win their trust and establish long-term associations based on mutual benefit.
Even in these trying times, FEI is working round the clock to provide comfort and assurance to its customers. To ensure this, the company offers-

  • Accurate Information
  • Reliable Execution
  • Timely Deliveries
“You are sometimes ensuring a life-saving drug/equipment is delivered in Mumbai from New York or a fashion accessory is provided on the runways of Milan or the raw material is brought in to ensure the factory production does not stop. Customers make us a party to his happiness for a job well done.”
FEI Cargo Ltd.
FEI Cargo Ltd.

FEI’s Motto

“Service, Service, Service!” is the motto of FEI. The company truly believes in giving the customers exactly what, how, and when they want their logistical requirements to be met.
Despite being not owning any vessels, aircraft, or airports, the company still takes full responsibility for the cargo. “We are still responsible to ensure that the cargo that moves, reaches its destination in a certain time frame and if there are any changes in the same, we are the first to know and inform the customer. As a service provider, if the customer trusts you to become their extended logistics arm, you can make your mark in the industry and the heart of the customer,” Says Mr. Kumar Naidu, the Head of Projects at FEI Cargo.
Owing to the company’s exceptional customer service, it has retained 25-30% of its customers over the last 15 years.

FEI Cargo Ltd.
FEI Cargo Ltd.

What Makes FEI Different

Global Networks: http://www.feicargo.com/FEI has partnerships with some of the leading companies in the world. It has a total of 25 offices set up in important ports and industrial cities in the country.
300+ experts: The company has a strong team of over 300 highly qualified experts that are always ready to help clients.
Unmatched Assistance: FEI’s team of experts helps clients with all the necessary Cargo related FAQs and assistance.
Fleet Services: Unlike other forwarding companies, FEI does not depend on outsourced transportation alone. The company owns a fleet of vehicles that reduce transit time and ensure efficiency.
Affordable Rates: FEI sees to it that the client gets the best rates, without compromising on the quality of its services. It values the client’s time, money, and cargo.
Valuable Customer Service: FEI owes its success and recognition to its customers. Over the years, the company has won several awards for its exceptional and valuable customer service.
The one award that makes us so responsible and restless is the “Leaders of Tomorrow” Award in the Logistics and Transport Sector, by Economic Times in 2010. Now we need to prove their prophecy to come true.
“Professional service with a personal touch. If we say it, we will do it. If we can’t do it, nobody else can. Difficult things we do easily and impossible things take some time,” Says Sheen Ajith Thomas, Director and Head of International Division at FEI Cargo.

CSR & Other Initiatives

A truly successful business takes a serious interest in social causes. Being a company that sees beyond profit and losses, FEI ensures that it partakes in altruistic endeavors regularly. The company conducts a plethora of CSR activities through the Shailaja Nair Foundation.
FEI also organized the ICE ( In-house Communication Excellence) Awards that acknowledged the unsung heroes that helped companies create their in-house magazines.
FEI is very active in its trade bodies and various Chambers of Commerce and other industry forums. They have been participating, mentoring, and moderating various webinars.
They have also conducted more than three international conferences in India.

Mr. Pratap’s Personal & Professional Plans

As Mr. Pratap has always had an interest in the various aspects of logistics, he aspires to set up a logistics school for young students. This will help youngsters who want to become future logisticians and want to make a career in the industry, unlike the way he got into this industry, by chance.
On the professional front, Mr. Pratap is looking forward to taking the organization to a global level for which the company will be coming out with a collaborative strategy in the next 8-10 months. He also wants to enhance his management structure and reporting.

FEI Cargo Ltd.
Mr. Pratap Nair | Director & Abhijeet Nair | Chief Executive Officer | FEI Cargo Ltd.

A Message for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur has to overcome many obstacles during his/her career. While it is important to stay focused, often self-doubt and failures make one question their abilities. It is during these times that one seeks advice from fellow, well-established entrepreneurs in the game. Having been in the industry for over four decades now, Mr. Pratap has the following to say, “I remember a quote from one of my heroes and our late President Shri APJ Kalam, ‘A dream is not something you see when you sleep, but something that does not let you sleep’. I believe in dreaming big and I am confident that the young entrepreneurs are going to take India forward. Today the government is doing its bit and the world is appreciating India’s progress and contribution, around the globe. Grasp this opportunity and contribute to the success of our country and the world.”


 FEI Cargo Ltd: A Top-tier Logistics Solution Provider of India FEI Cargo Ltd: A Top-tier Logistics Solution Provider of IndiaFEI Cargo Ltd: A Top-tier Logistics Solution Provider of India FEI Cargo Ltd: A Top-tier Logistics Solution Provider of India


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