Federal Soft Systems: Kishore K, Director & Kishore Kumar Yedam, CEO – Revolutionizing the World of Digital IT Services along with Staffing, Recruitment and Best Technology Driven Cloud Solution.

Federal Soft Systems

The company at a glance

A Software Business Firm that works on Staffing & Recruitment, Digital Transformation, and IT Related Services and they also help businesses to enhance, strengthen and improvise the functioning of corporate lifestyle through the new digital experiences and deliver the best Suited Cloud solutions for digital business Transformation with global customer valuation to maximize business profits with the best technology-driven cloud solutions for various business verticals. Even though In Today’s Fast-Growing World and with Great Competition in Business Market, this company stands alone to deliver the most Enhanced and quality Solutions to our Customer’s in a very Minimal Time. We work on any given assignment and a huge repertoire of competencies with Stable and best strategic consulting, which work as a key factor for increasing the value through people and for the present customers and upcoming competitive Business scenarios.

Presently Federal Soft Systems works on keeping the future scenarios intact in a way such that it manages to provide the best IT solutions and services to Various different businesses to Satisfy their Present and Future Business needs and Digital Requirements. A complete FSS key vertical set sweeps across several solutions for each set of loyal clients and delivers the best one possible at that time. The vast client base of this company comes from clients who trust its potential through its testimonials and fast rate of competencies.

In Today’s constantly changing dynamic marketplace, the company focuses on its competitiveness and commits to supply Various Business Enterprises with required ideas and Creative solutions. Its global base ensuring client trust is possible because of its innovative strategic solution with customized concepts that deliver cost-effective complex problem solutions in no time.

Key Business Heads/ Leaders of FSS:

The people behind this company are Kishore K, (Director) and Kishore Kumar Yedam (CEO). The organization’s future and growth sustain on its Decision Making, Ideas, and capabilities. Currently, the company holds 500 to 1000 employees with its headquarters located at Bentonville, Arkansas. It is mainly specialized in Staffing & Recruitment, Custom Application Development, Digital IT Services, and Marketing Services. Kishore Kumar Yedam has joined FSS with a remarkable 21 yrs of Experience in the IT Industry where he has handled ERP Implementations for multiple Clients across the Globe, Project Management, and Client Engagement. He also has worked in areas such as Cloud Solutions, Business Process Automation and has in-depth knowledge and understanding of Industry business processes. He also holds notable success in managing Global Sales & Delivery of Cloud solutions for SME’s, MSME’s and Large scale businesses, Multi-Vendor and Multi-Million-Dollar projects. Now he will be heading the initiatives of the Federal Soft System for global Expansion of the Company.

The services and solutions

Some of the company’s core services and solutions include:

  • Staffing & Recruitment
  • App Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • IT Technologies
  • Testing Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Custom Application Development
  • ERP
  • BPO and Payroll

The company is efficiently capable to develop applications, undergo digital transformations, work on security and compliance along with cloud computing. In the field of Software Development, Information Technology, Outsourcing of Business processes, Communications, and the internet, Engineering and Hospitability with Transformation Services, Hi-Tech and Ed-Tech, Telecom and Retail Consumer Product Services, this company has excelled at all aspects and deliver the most Secure Solutions to various business Verticals.

The wide client-base

FSS supports a wider range of clients including SME’s, MSME’s, large enterprises, Startups, FMCG, FMCD, hospitals, public sectors, etc.

With the continuous shift in marketing aspects, the company works consistently towards customer retention, new client acquisition and delivers what is most required at hand.

The company is working via support of its four main pillars, and they are:

  • Customer business first.
  • Good Personal and Professional Culture.
  • Flexible approach and Solutions to Customers.
  • Creative Ideas and Innovative solutions.

R&D – an essential growth factor

It is an indeed important and very much required growth factor for any business to maintain the operative business structure as it gives powerful knowledge and insights on Various Business Scenarios. It also improves the efficiency of existing processes and curbs down additional costs. It helps in new product development along with services to sustain in a highly competitive market.

A goal towards future endeavors, working for customer’s content and attitude towards competitiveness.

Federal Soft Systems has set a clear goal and vision to achieve targets that steer the business growth in today’s fast-moving competitive world.  The key aspects of leadership are taken into consideration as it is very important to know what is needed or required or what is going on around in the market to keep pace with new technologies and development for Digital Business transformation. The fellow company directors and experts are working hard on their decision-making to fetch vital, Quality, and productive results. Greater client support enables a strong urge to work towards the organization’s development. The company’s CEO has let its employees work smoothly with leadership and ownership in everything they do so that they feel confident in delivering the assigned work. The benefits of working in a positive environment are dependent on the staff’s capability and their trust.

In this real world, the company fills the gaps present in the digital marketing Sector and bridges them to achieve great success in the market. The team is supportive of any issues. The problem is solved innovatively before the risk arises. The employees coordinate and share their knowledge and experiences with each other to enhances further team building and approach towards working on more upcoming and challenging problems.







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