Fad Diets are Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Fact or Myth


Weight loss has a subjective meaning to different individuals. Many believe that weight loss is a cumbersome task while some believe that some sort of special diet can get the job done more quickly. Taking this discussion further, the concept of fad diets being healthy ways to lose weight has garnered attention. But do they live up to the hype, is the question? Well if you’re wondering whether fad diets are healthy ways to lose weight is a fact or myth, then this article will answer your queries the best.

What are fad diets and how do they work?

Fad diets are special diets that work on the process of eliminating certain food items. These diets are non-standard ones that promise significant weight loss in a short period by changing food habits drastically. Specifically, the term fad means popular for a short time without adhering to the standard recommendations. Now as they demand eliminating certain food items, they eventually end up eliminating essential nutrients that our bodies need to maintain their proper functioning.Such diets are generally popularized by celebrities who hyper their fitness with their extreme diet plans and workouts. Some fad diets are rich in probiotics while some of them are almost fat-free.

What are the pros and cons of fad diets?

Fad diets are practical ways to witness impulsive weight loss results. These diets permit those food items that are meant to only use the fats of the body for daily activities. They fancy temporary results to what people desire. Once the diet is stopped, the weight is gained more quickly.

1) Fad diets claim to lose weight and keep it at bay without any ardent changes in the lifestyle. They almost kill the concept of exercising.

2) Next they limit your cravings but cut down a major chunk of balanced nutrition

3) They work on food combinations that are usually derived from unproved dietary facts.

4) Fad diets aren’t sustainable to be carried throughout life. Moreover, they are quite expensive to follow on a day-to-day basis. The cost of pills, supplements, packaged meals, and attending sessions and workshops, all contribute to the aforesaid.

5) Unfortunately these diets often make people unnecessarily conscious about their eating habits and weight. People start to perceive their body type as not beautiful and a constant urge of cutting those inches despite forthcoming health risks conquers the mind. But in actuality, these diets come at a cost of nutritional deficiency or serious health risks.

6) In many cases the muscle and fluid loss that occurs after consuming these diets become irreversible for a longer period. The natural hunger of the body is decimated and they also affect the harmonious relationship between the body and food.

So summarizing all of the above, fad diets are unrealistic ways of losing weight because each body type has a specific fat proportion. There is no such magic diet that can promise rapid weight loss without affecting the body in a bad fashion. So stay away from diets that recommend completely prohibiting carbohydrates, fats, or staple food items. The expensive supplements and doses disrupt the natural metabolism of the body. The predictions made by these diets are an absolute myth.  So there is no need to hook on these fad diets and compromise your self-confidence. These diets aren’t backed up with solid research facts and can easily fool people’s consciences.

“Being healthy must be an inner habit, not a matter of impractical influence”

Having the right balanced diet, exercising regularly, consuming enough water, and quitting processed sugary food items can bring the manifested results over time. Just some basic lifestyle changes can make you feel healthier and more confident. Remember consistency is pivotal and practicality plays its role in achieving a healthy body inside out.


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