Executives Network | Mr. Alok Kumar Savita’s Goal to Revolutionize India’s Human Resources Sector

Human Resources is an area which holds immense potential for corporate growth, but at the same time, is prone to issues like mismanagement, lack of organization, etc. To truly revolutionize India’s corporate scenario, one must first seek to optimize the Human Resources sector.
Acknowledging this need for efficient Human Resources management, Mr. Alok Kumar Savita founded Executives Network in 2006. Mr. Alok, being an astute professional with a keen understanding of manpower needs, aims to fill the demands of an array of industries by providing Placement Consultancy, Manpower Recruitment, Human Resource Management, etc.
Over the years, Mr. Alok’s brand, Executives Network, has effectively served hundreds of clients from various parts of the nation. Furthermore, it has zoomed way ahead of all competition owing to its distinct working methodology, which results in a short turnaround time to deal with the toughest talent acquisitions.


How Mr. Alok Kumar Conceived The Idea of the Brand

Executives Network has an inspiring conception story that revolves around women empowerment. After completing their MBA in 2005, Mr. Alok and his classmates were offered jobs by various MNCs. While all of his classmates took up the jobs, Mr. Alok couldn’t do the same because of his mother’s illness. Since she was suffering from a serious health ailment at the time, he decided to decline the offers in order to stay with her and ensure his full support.
To further add to the difficulty, Mr. Alok lived in Lucknow back then, which was small city with little in the way of HR opportunities. In view of such hindrances, he decided to do something which was operable from home. He began offering recruitment services to small software companies. Soon afterwards, he bagged big projects of clients from Life Insurance, FMCG & Software companies. By and by, Mr. Alok’s client base further expanded and today, he’s at a station where he feels successful in all life areas. He’s happy, calm, fulfilled and most importantly, satisfied that he could support his mother till her last breath. He also has a great family life with a supportive wife and 2 children. Moreover, he’s won several accolades for his brand including recognition among Top 20 BFSI Consultants and Top 30 Consultants in India.


Executives Network’s Noteworthy Achievements and Milestones


The brand has acquired numerous recognitions and accolades over the years. Some of them have been listed below:

  • Featured among Best 5000 MSME Companies of the country.
  • Recognized as one of the Top 30 Consultants in India.
  • Recognized as one of the Top 20 BFSI Consultants in India.
  • Acclaimed as one of the Top 10 Reliable Consultants in the country.


Keeping Pace With Ever-Changing Market Trends

Unlike most entrepreneurs, Mr. Alok doesn’t believe in keeping a constant tab on fluctuating market trends. Instead, he focuses on the practice of unwavering principles, morals, and ethics and ultimate goal.
He has an unconditional acceptance of the results he gets, which according to him, is a powerful way to progress without fear of failure.


How Mr. Alok Kumar Caters to the Needs of Employees

Mr. Alok believes in copying the successful work system in developed countries. The employers in these nations give utmost importance to the wellbeing of their workforce. They know that ensuring the happiness and fulfilment of their employees will ultimately benefit their own organization.
Although India isn’t a developed nation, Mr. Alok feels that his employee-centric work system would spark a wave of change in the country. It’d spur other employers to better treat the workforce and address their diverse needs/challenges.


Striking Work-Life Balance Amid a Busy Schedule

Being a technical recruiter with knowledge of software programming, Mr. Kumar views himself as a human robot with preloaded rules and regulations. Bouts of sadness or uncertainty are akin to a virus attack for him; they must be eradicated or else they’ll ruin his career. He counters the ‘virus attacks’ by reading good books, such as inspirational or religious ones. Furthermore, his entire schedule is ‘programmed’ in that it consists of a standard daily routine. He starts off his mornings with prayers and by expressing gratitude to God. Then, he performs heavy exercise and Yoga to energize his body. While he’s occupied with work most of the day, he makes it a point to find time for his family and coach/counsel his friends and acquaintances whenever they need him.


Mr. Alok Kumar’s Thoughts on Today’s CEOs

According to Mr. Alok, CEOs are visionaries that work hard to convert dreams into reality. They’re neither exactly in the entrepreneurial space nor in the corporate space.
He also believes that each CEO has different vision and a different set of priorities. While some are more focused on the process, others are focused on results; some are focused on both. Even if they compete for the same results, their process would be beyond competition since every CEO has his own working methodology.
Furthermore, Mr. Alok encourages today’s CEOs to never give up on their dreams, regardless of the prevailing stereotypes. He provides the examples of great leaders like Nelson Mandela, Dhirubhai Ambani, and Mahatma Gandhi who realized their dream despite being deterred by numerous obstacles.

The Source of Inspiration That Fuels Mr. Kumar

Mr. Kumar says that he has many idols that’ve helped him imbibe several qualities. He holds a vision of himself in the future having the traits of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Dhirubhai Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, Mother Teresa, and Mahatma Gandhi.
For anyone who looks up to him, he encourages them to keep an eye on his future version. It’ll be the amalgamation of various leaders from the past and present.


Vision for the Coming Years

One day, during a daydream, an intuitive voice told Mr. Alok that his company would have 100 Cr Turnovers in the next five years, and also his company would be an active participant in various developmental campaigns to make India a “Develop Country” between 2020-30.
While Mr. Alok doesn’t know for sure whether the forecast would come true, but he does have tremendous faith in God and miracles so he has taken it as direction to move ahead and doing hard work and intensive R & D for delivering top-notch services in his field. He trusts the universe to deliver the best possible outcome for such endeavours.


The CEO’s Appeal to the Citizens of the Country

Being a devout patriot, Mr. Kumar encourages the 130 CR population of the nation to actively work towards the development of the nation to make India as “Develop Country” by 20-30 as our patriot did and accomplished the success of 1947 in leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. In a Ideal develop country, Crime, poverty , unemployment use to be at minimum level, education, employment, healthcare system, peace, adoption of non violence, feeling of common brotherhood in all citizen & women empowerment, safety and welfare activity , “Swach Bharat” use to be at optimum level, according to him, this can only be attained when an individual starts working on himself and the surroundings around him. Firstly, people should increase their knowledge by developing the habit of constant learning and strive to share the right information and spread it through various info outlets like social media, emails, messages, etc. This will be a foundational step in increasing the awareness to make nation as “develop country” by 20-30. Next, the citizens should strictly follow the fundamental duties outlined by the Indian Constitution and actively work for social welfare, women’s welfare and development, etc. Everyone should should do hard work and seek for good employment opportunities as well as corporate should also do R&D to increase maximum employment opportunity to serve the nation and every one must be engaged in creative endeavours and innovative projects.
Mr. Kumar believes that If all the citizens were to do their due diligence and take the above-mentioned measures, our country would soon become a developed nation and problems like poverty, pollution, unemployment, increasing crime rates, etc., would disappear automatically.


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