An unmatchable multi-entertainment platform that started as an artist management agency in 2005, Exceed Entertainment is now a booming media and entertainment company. Exceed Entertainment today works with dedicated teams having expertise in entertainment marketing, consulting, film casting, influencer, digital marketing, and much more. Founded by Afsar Abbas Zaidi- Founder and Enabler of Exceed Entertainment, we have spilled all the secrets about the their journey laced with continuous success, in this article.

Flair of Inspiration

Exceed Entertainment was founded with an initiative to provide comprehensive marketing solutions to brands and helping them unveil their potential. Recognizing the evolving space of marketing, the agency understood the pulse of the customer and how to leverage it in a comprehensive manner. Exceed was well familiar with this space of marketing and was adventurous enough to device their model which worked with celebrities- for them, with them and by them and created unique solutions for celebrities and businesses in commercials as well as media domains. The conversations with some iconic names of Bollywood like Ajay Devgan, Saif Ali Khan, Kajol, and Bipasha Basu converted into business and this fueled the others to join too. Soon they were surrounded by many iconic personalities – working with them exclusively on projects ranging from films, events, weddings, shows, endorsements and much more. The stars enjoyed every moment of this dramatic business with interesting highs and lows. Now Exceed has reached newer height where they have become business partners with some of the celebrities in upcoming and established businesses, besides being pioneers in providing some sense of structure to Bollywood.

Confronting the Bundles of Challenges

For an agency that predominantly works on building amicable relationships, it becomes quite a challenging situation to deliver continuously. They believe in creating depth in existing relationships while building on width with newer relationships. To be able to incorporate the trust factor in clients’ minds is their primary task. Any business firm or individual that is associated with Exceed Entertainment needs to completely entrust themselves to the brand. Leveraging the patience and perseverance of the client, the brand creates another world of magic. Everyday hurdles comprise managing people, consistent revenue generation, and building concrete P&L for business health which are handled with fresh enthusiasm every day.

Redefining the Notion of Trust in the Market

Agency’s distinctive quality of nurturing, holding on to acquaintances, and showcasing results to their artists/talents or even the team members makes them shine out of the crowd. Holding on to their relationships with integrity helps them to establish the trust element with their client base. Just as the agency is committed to immediate revenue generation, they also equally dedicate efforts toward value creation. Concluding, the team at Exceed Entertainment doesn’t follow the agenda of working in silos. The environment doesn’t permit exhibition of skill sets alone but also pushes the team members to hone certain important attributes needed for success and thriving. This creates a work culture where cross-functional teams work in harmony and create an attitude of becoming supportive team players to achieve targets together.

Portfolio of Services Offered

Back in the time when the agency had begun its journey, Bollywood was lagging 50 years behind as compared to Hollywood. But the Indian entertainment industry was in full bloom. Compiling the learnings from top-notch businesses from the West, Exceed Entertainment marched forward with the vision of transforming the way talent management was handled. The path laid by them are always trendsetting and the team works with alacrity to create new avenues and divisions. From setting brands and businesses around celebrities to setting new marketing vertcials akin to social media, influencer and content marketing, Exceed Entertainment has come a long way and nurtured numerous businesses to grow and succeed.
The agency’s name along with its subsidiaries has established the benchmarks in the businesses of Talent Management, Content Creation, and KOL Marketing. They today own some of the most successful and celebrated celebrity brands like HRX, Diva Yoga, House of Pataudi, Nude Bowls, and many more.

Understanding the Rising Evolution in Consumer Trust

From a customer’s point of view, anyone who puts in money expects the services to be fulfilling. This motivates the agency to bring together services par excellence to their customers. Doubts are indispensable but surely a path can be paved for creating a layer of trust and comfort. Effective communication and thorough evaluation of customers’ feedback is a total game-changer. They don’t step back when it comes to facing challenges. Rather the team learns from them and finds ways to implement things seamlessly in the future. They stamp their mark on the heart of customers by promising them to deliver the best and celebrate their success together thereafter with equal zeal. The biggest proof of customer contentment is the repeat rate of customers who wish to work with Exceed Entertainment time and over again.

Upcoming Categories and Plans to Witness

Exceed Entertainment is gearing up to reform itself and adhere to the changing paradigms of the industry. They started diversifying themselves eight years ago with HRX, India’s first home grown fitness brand which is a partnership between Hrithik Roshan and Exceed Entertainment. Post this they have established themselves as a torch-bearer in celebrity brand creation business. Now the new foray is into brand consulting, sports management, content packaging, KOL, and influencer management. They wish to curate end-to-end alliances with platforms, content creators, and businesses to create practical marketing strategies for new age brands. Exceed looks forward to creating a marvelous second generation of leaders who can present a whole new way of doing things and sharpen their acumen to bring in the new wave of media led innovations. Last but not least is the formation of LAP ventures where celebrity-driven brand creation and equity value building are done with artists and celebrities. Doing this will entrench them in the brand creation business as the one and only fully focused end to end services agency which can help brand in spring boarding and scaling commerce

A Little Note of Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs

The man at the helm of affairs at Exceed, Afsar, strongly believes that being a leader is a task of responsibility and it shouldn’t be taken either too lightly or too seriously. The urge to ask questions and seek answers must be in the personality of a leader. A leader must also acknowledge the smarter and better individuals in respective roles and invest in them mindfully. To be able to grace any crisis, but be in the background in case of achievement makes a leader exemplary in every sense. So, all young entrepreneurs must streamline their focus in building a team out of values, ethics, and robust culture. Once these targets are achieved, the legacy of success is carried to new heights.






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