Elysium Academy: Bridging the Gap to Becoming an IT Training Leader, Empowering the Next Generation

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Elysium Academy

Elysium Academy Private Limited stands as a prominent international computer training institute established in 2009 under the leadership of Mr Sundaresh Kamaraj, who serves as the managing director. Specializing in a wide array of IT and software networking courses, Elysium Academy offers certifications for renowned entities such as Cisco, CompTIA, and Microsoft, alongside programs covering emerging fields like machine learning, big data, Artificial Intelligence, and cloud computing. Their curriculum encompasses an extensive range of subjects including Python, PHP, Android, Java, C++, IOS, Oracle, data science, Linux, embedded systems, and cloud computing.
In addition to its comprehensive course offerings, Elysium Academy distinguishes itself through strategic partnerships with leading technology companies, thereby enhancing the value of student resumes and bolstering their employability. With franchises strategically located in major cities across south India, including Chennai, Coimbatore, Tirunelveli, Tirupathi, Viruthunagar, and Prembalore, Elysium Academy is well-positioned to cater to the educational needs of aspiring IT professionals nationwide.
In our prestigious “Company in Focus 2024” edition, we bring you an exclusive interview with Sundaresh Kamaraj. Gain his insights and life lessons on building a successful business in the competitive IT training industry. Stay tuned to learn about his entrepreneurial journey and discover the secrets behind Elysium Academy’s rise to prominence.

Exclusive Interview with Sundaresh Kamaraj:

Prime Insights: Please mention the compelling thought that inspired you to start a business venture of your own and how your journey into entrepreneurship started?

Sundaresh Kamaraj: The spark that ignited my entrepreneurial drive was the desire to bridge the gap between potential and opportunity. I envisioned a world where education wasn’t just about acquiring knowledge but about empowering individuals to become lifelong learners and innovative thinkers. This vision led to the founding of Elysium in 1999. Our journey has been one of continuous exploration and refinement, allowing us to transform into a leading solutions firm while nurturing future generations with cutting-edge, globally relevant technical education. The recognition we’ve received only strengthens our commitment to fulfilling our mission and making this vision a reality.

Prime Insights: Highlight the challenges you faced during the commencement of your journey, and how did you face them? What have you learned from those challenges?

Sundaresh Kamaraj: In the early days of Elysium Academy, we faced several hurdles:

  • Crafting a Comprehensive and Engaging Curriculum: Developing a curriculum that was both comprehensive and adaptable demanded meticulous planning and endless fine-tuning.
  • Finding Passionate Instructors: Recruiting teachers who shared our vision was crucial. We addressed this by investing in their training to keep their skills sharp in a fast-changing educational world.
  • Building Trust with Parents and Students: Achieved through transparency, perseverance, and creating a strong support system.

These challenges only strengthened our resolve. We learned to adapt, persevere, and prioritize student success. Elysium Academy is a testament to how overcoming obstacles can lead to growth. Now, we’re equipped with invaluable insights and a fortified spirit, ready to embrace future challenges head-on.

Prime Insights: Kindly brief us on the inception story of the company.

Sundaresh Kamaraj: Elysium Academy Private Limited has its roots steeped in a passion for enriching minds through education. I, along with my fellow educators, saw a need to bridge the gap between traditional methods and innovative practices. Our goal was to create a stimulating environment that fosters intellectual curiosity and empowers students. From the start, we envisioned a place with cutting-edge resources and exceptional faculty to guide students towards academic excellence. Elysium continues to evolve, meeting the needs of a changing world and inspiring future leaders.

Prime Insights: Unveil your dearest aspect of being an entrepreneur.

Sundaresh Kamaraj: Entrepreneurship is a journey filled with profound joy, relentless challenges, and ultimate rewards. I find immense satisfaction in carving my own path and mastering business wisdom. The cherished elements of this journey inspire me daily. My reflections aim to guide and motivate aspiring and established entrepreneurs alike. Embrace this essential journey and discover your own cherished aspects of being a business trailblazer.

Prime Insights: What are the situations you fear the most as an entrepreneur? How do you cope with the anxiety and feelings of distress during hard times?

Sundaresh Kamaraj: Absolutely, the unknown can be scary. Funding gaps and market shifts—those keep me up at night. But I rely on our guide, “Conquering Entrepreneurial Fears.” This indispensable resource combines expert insights with actionable steps to navigate tumultuous times. It helps me identify challenges and use proven techniques to manage stress. With a plan and the right tools, we can transform uncertainties into opportunities!

Elysium AcademyPrime Insights: What are the values and ethics you follow in your personal as well as professional life?

Sundaresh Kamaraj: Integrity is my north star, both personally and professionally. I stand by a strong set of values and ethics that guide my actions and decisions. Integrity forms the foundation of all my interactions, ensuring honesty and transparency. Respecting and valuing diverse viewpoints fuels empathy and strong relationships. I take full ownership (accountability) of my actions and their outcomes. Always striving for excellence pushes me and my team to achieve high standards. Finally, collaboration is key—together, we achieve more!

Prime Insights: Express your perception of success. Please enlighten us with the habits that you find worth spending time on so that entrepreneurs can benefit from them.

Sundaresh Kamaraj: Success for me isn’t just about financial wins. It’s about growth—both personal and for the company. That’s why I prioritize focused goal-setting, a disciplined routine, and constant learning. These habits keep me productive and balanced, and I believe they’re essential for any entrepreneur’s journey. Whether you’re starting out or aiming higher, these strategies are invaluable.

Prime Insights: What are your motivation strategies? How do you keep yourself and the workforce inspired on a timely basis?

Sundaresh Kamaraj: I fight dips in motivation with daily routines and clear long-term goals. This keeps me and the team fired up. We also focus on creating a positive work environment to boost morale and hit peak performance consistently. It’s all about keeping the passion alive! Don’t wait—ignite your passion and lead your workforce to success!

Prime Insights: While hiring an employee, what kind of traits do you seek in a candidate? How should entrepreneurs make the best of the hiring process?

Sundaresh Kamaraj: When hiring an employee, we seek candidates who are resourceful, adaptable, and demonstrate strong problem-solving skills. We look for a good cultural fit who is not only technically proficient but also communicates effectively and works well in a team. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs can optimize the hiring process by clearly defining the role, using structured interviews, and incorporating skill-based assessments. It’s about potential, not just perfection. We create a positive candidate experience to find the right talent who fits our culture and can grow with us.

Prime Insights: What kind of work culture have you nurtured in your company?

Sundaresh Kamaraj: We’ve built a fun, inclusive culture where creativity and collaboration thrive. Picture a place where creativity meets collaboration, where ideas flow as freely as coffee. We value open communication and respect, so everyone’s voice matters. Flexibility is key; work when it works for you! We champion continuous learning and growth, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to develop. It’s not just a job; it’s a community where we share a passion and vision for the future!

Prime Insights: What milestones and achievements does the company boast of?

Sundaresh Kamaraj: We’re not just about making noise; we create lasting impact! We’re proud to be recognized as an industry leader, having doubled our customer base in just two years. We’ve consistently smashed sales targets and launched innovations that leave competitors behind. We’re also passionate about customer service, and our awards prove it! We’re a company that delivers, and we’re excited for what’s to come!

Prime Insights: Share with us your company’s future prospects.

Sundaresh Kamaraj: We’re excited about the future! We’re partnering with “Futures Unlimited” to map out our growth strategy. They’ll help us identify unique opportunities and market trends. Together, we’ll use data, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit to shape our future, not just predict it. And the future is bright! We’re expanding rapidly, aiming for 100 centers across India and five locations Internationally. We’re bringing our brand to the world!

Prime Insights: Lastly, is there a message you would like to give to The Business Connect readers?

A Message to Readers

In closing, Mr Sundaresh Kamaraj extends his heartfelt gratitude to the readers and urges them to embrace curiosity, push boundaries, and pursue their passions with unwavering determination. As stewards of innovation and progress, he believes that together, we can shape a future filled with endless possibilities and opportunities for growth and success.

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