Elon Musk: the most innovative, successful and debated man of the tech world

Elon musk is a worldwide known name from youngsters to people of all ages. Not only a successful tech entrepreneur but also a visionary engineer with the leadership of two giant tech companies: Tesla and SpaceX.

For quite a while now, the world has been experiencing a critical time post the pandemic. However, in such tough phases of life, this man has managed to become the second richest person in the world with a net worth of $160 billion. The continuous surge in Tesla shares has given Musk new growth opportunities. Born as a south-African, he now stands as one of the leading, most climate-conscious, corporate figures in the industry of business through the intellect.

At the promising age of 12, musk began his successful journey as an entrepreneur when he was able to sell a code of his own created video game for $500-Blastar. After enrolling in Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, he, completed his education and soon after graduating in economics went to study at Stanford. He dropped out from there and at the age of just 24, he went to chase his entrepreneurial skills and co-founded his first company –Zip2 later sold to Compaq Computer for $307 million. It was an IT company that provided licensed online maps and business directories to local newspapers.

After this, Musk launched X.com as an online financial service and e-mail payment firm. This further merged with Confinity to form PayPal in 2000. He became its chairman soon and acquired a huge shareholder value of around $180 million. One of his ambitious business ventures is SpaceX which has been chasing its way into a sustainable future.  Founded in 2002, it aimed to make affordable rockets and launched its first model Falcon 1 in 2006 it also developed the Dragon spacecraft that transmitted provisions to International Space Station. He also has been awarded special contracts from NASA.

Then he took an inevitable lucrative leap by involving his insight into several innovative companies with a real focus on technology and bringing science fiction to life. He kept on making successful jumps from Tesla cars to Solar City panels and brain-computer interface chips. All of them proved successful in reducing the chances of degenerative diseases. In 2004, joining Tesla engineers Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard was his best decision. Two years later, the first electric car Tesla was made and launched: “Tesla Roadster”. Tesla’s IPO rose to $226 million in the next four years.

The Model S sedan of Tesla got much appreciation due to its design and performance. Tesla intended to make and convince other carmakers to open-source its patents to everybody. A gigantic industrial spot in Nevada got opened with a name Gigafactory that worked primarily on battery manufacturing. Currently, Musk owns around 34 million shares and has successfully signed agreements directing to ensure that shareholders and customers plan to stay around the company in the long run.

Musk is an example of a dream leader whose works, ideas and innovations inspire people all around the globe to work on this path he dreams new each day and realizes how to channel the value of the dreams of others. All his innovations combined designs, business and technology. As per the survey of new global industry professionals, Musk has been ranked as an international figure. Elon is also the chief executive of tech firms Neuralink and The Boring Company.  His story is a personality with high potential, identification and evaluation of investment opportunities making him a visionary person. Despite a lot of challenges in his personal and professional life, he took these challenges as an interest. His ability to deal through business, navigate and do corporate development has explored his intellect into brighter directions with time. Not only has this but Musk also happened to be a part of OpenAI-a research platform with AI-based study without harming human existence.

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