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Being surrounded by bubbles of advancements, business ventures are always looking for innovative ways to make their targets more approachable. Every service or product needs to have that distinct value proposition to beat the competition. In such a scenario, an excellent way of curating sustainable experiences for the customers is to provide them with services that have a unique value.

Intellectual Property (IP) helps companies to adapt an ideology to outshine their competitors and witness improved outcomes. With that being said, we have lit the spark for today’s vertical dedicated to Dr. Amit Goel, the Founder of Effectual Services. His company Effectual Services is a torchbearer of IP Services in the research and consulting industry. Our Prime Insights team is glad to share the intercepts of his conversation with us. Without keeping our readers much waiting, let’s get the ball rolling and dive right away into today’s article!

Prime Insights: Please tell us about your company and the services offered.

Dr. Amit Goel: Our Company, Effectual Services is strengthening its roots in the IP Management Domain. We are a management research and consulting firm that helps corporate giants to garner intellectual property (patents, trademarks & copyrights) and legal services. All of these tasks are performed with a concoction of technology, research, legal expertise, and analytical strategies, backed with credible data.
We are ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001 certified, which proves our structured and process centric approach to problem solving. Our imperative focus is on making companies aware of the necessity of IP services. Moreover, our team always ensures to work with companies to help them in achieving their objectives and needs. We have worked in specialized fields like alternative energy, biotechnology, chemicals & materials, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, computer science, aerospace, automotive, electronics, etc.
We also collaborate with our clients to design Intellectual Property solutions by understanding their vision, and audience and solving their critical problems. Our Intellectual Property Support Services (IPSS) such as paralegal support, proofreading, docketing, information, disclosure statement, and patent term adjustments, are driven by magnificent IP expertise and knowledge. The company has successfully provided IP support solutions to global players from 22 countries across 5 continents.

Prime Insights: What was the major source of inspiration behind starting your entrepreneurial journey?

Dr. Amit Goel: I have always been curious about the opportunities to add value to prevailing efforts and make lives better. The multifarious nature of technology plus my urge to create things out of the box led me to choose a path that forms the core of innovation ecosystem. Intellectual Property has not been widely explored in the Indian market for years. But as we’re entering the era of rapidly evolving technology, we are now acknowledging the significance of this field. IP is a spearheading domain in other countries. This drew my attention back in my graduation days and I had an ardent faith in the fruitful future prospectus of IP services.

Prime Insights: How do you collect the willpower to stand against all the difficulties?

Dr. Amit Goel: Uncertainties are an integral constituent of entrepreneurship. The past two years have made us realize how unpredictable testing situations can be. The COVID pandemic has brought major positive and negative turns for many countries, businesses, economies, and associated individuals. I believe that resilience is one such thing that can make anything work. Our determination to record immaculate growth is our guiding force for the coming years. We are standing strong with our aim to help businesses regain the lost spark and accelerate the engine of prosperity.

Prime Insights: How does your company create opportunities for the self-development of employees?

Dr. Amit Goel: Our company believes in fostering a workplace that stands strong on the pillars of authentic work culture. An initiative named “Modus Operandi” is practiced at Effectual Services. The motto of this initiative is to fabricate a working environment running on a continuous growth model. To keep things under the umbrella of creativity and interest, we keep extending leadership opportunities to different people in our organization. We keep switching between individuals and entrust them with broader responsibilities to handle. We also offer organizational professional training courses. These courses are hosted by dignitaries having respectable experience in work-life balance, mental capabilities enhancement, and positivity. This creates a bridge of emotional and professional balance that is required to enhance the skills of our employees.

Prime Insights: Kindly tell us about your company’s goals aligned for the future.

Dr. Amit Goel: Currently our organization is working on two strategies namely- the Blue Ocean Strategy, and the Red Ocean Strategy. We are intrigued to focus on giving much attention to Blue Ocean technology. With blue ocean technology in full action, we would be able to empower businesses with intelligence in identifying the following

  • New Patterns
  • Ongoing Trends in Technology
  • Understand Potential Areas of the Market
  • Determine Areas with no Context
  • Create Competitive Channels
  • Implement Mega Trends Capable Enough of Disrupting the Existing Market

All these can be performed by improving service differentiation and cost optimization while keeping the maintenance of high-quality analysis intact. Furthermore, the amalgamation of technology and intellectual property is amassing our interest profoundly. Our team is in the beta phase of comprehending the applicability of technology and IP. Hopefully, we will come up with many advanced transformations in our domain.

Prime Insights: Being a prolific inspiration for our readers, is there any message you would like to mention?

Dr. Amit Goel: Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster ride with hefty topsy-turvy situations at each step. We began as a company with only two people and today we are a family of more than 200 people. In over a decade so far, we have learned much from this journey. Even the smallest of achievements made are nothing less than a momentous occasion for us. What makes us feel happy inside out is that our growth story is a result of the dedication of so many individuals and their determination. Effectual Services continues to shine brighter only because of our employees and team members who’ve made this firm this successful. Our story also recollects the fact that great businesses are possible only when strong-willed, robust mindset and hardworking people who work towards a common cause, come together.






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