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Edvoy Educational Services

Edvoy, with its access to a range of modern tools, has simplified the dynamics of the study-abroad process so you can spend more time focusing on growing yourself. Your study dreams are safe in our hands.

It all started with Mr. Sadiq Basha, the founder and CEO of Edvoy, who left Chennai with the aspiration of pursuing his Masters in London. As a young adult, he was full of enthusiasm to make his dreams a reality. This was a time when internet research wasn’t easily accessible, so to arrange all the necessary procedures for his admission, he relied on an agent for help.
But things took a roller coaster ride for him when Mr. Sadiq Basha was sent to a university in Wales, London, that was nearly 340 kilometers from the promised destination. While he managed a transfer to Greenwich University, he found out that he wasn’t the only student being deceived by agents. It was then that he decided to act upon this concerning issue. While pursuing his studies, he was already guiding other aspiring students to find universities that were a perfect fit as per their expectations. He found this so fulfilling that in 2006, he founded his first company to help more students, “Enter IEC Abroad.” In 2020, IEC went digital with Edvoy, where students from anywhere could now get access to educational expertise. Today, all these years of long efforts have resulted in helping over 85,000+ students pursue their study-abroad dreams.
Edvoy has evolved into a one-stop digital platform to support overseas applicants in their study abroad journey. This entrepreneurial story has so many values hidden inside it that we couldn’t stop ourselves from sharing it under our enticing edition, “The Best Companies to Work for 2024.”
In a freewheeling conversation with Mr. Sadiq Basha (CEO and Founder) and Mr. Syed Shabir (CTO and Co-Founder), the editorial team at Prime Insights Magazine gathered numerous insights about Edvoy’s journey so far and the qualities of its work environment.

Question 1: To begin with, could you please give us a glimpse of your company’s work environment?

At Edvoy, we’ve crafted an environment that’s not just about hustle happening every passing moment; it’s about a daily dose of laughter, a splash of creativity, and a pinch of good vibes. Imagine an office where brainstorming sessions feel more like comedy shows and team meetings occasionally involve sharing the latest epic fails—yes, we celebrate the glorious art of trying and failing! In a nutshell, working at Edvoy is more than just fulfilling the responsibilities of a job; it’s about joining a fun-filled journey where humor, innovation, and teamwork collide to create an environment that’s as exciting as it is rewarding. Because when you enjoy what you do, success becomes not just a destination but a fantastic journey filled with laughter and accomplishment.
Talking about our work values, our management style is best described as a delightful blend of structured support and brotherhood. We believe in fostering an environment where leadership is approachable, decisions are made by collecting everyone’s ideas, and swift communication is encouraged.
Giving a crystal clear picture of our conducive work environment is the “Best Tech Award” that was awarded to us by the prestigious institution Triumph of Talent Awards. Our Co-founder and CTO, Mr. Syed Shabir, was also honoured with the “Hall of Fame Awards” by the same; Triumph of Talent Awards.

Question 2: How does the organization support its employees’ professional development and career growth?

At Edvoy, we have successfully turned professional development into a quest for knowledge and creativity. Whether it’s through workshops, webinars, or access to knowledge-imparting resources, we ensure our team stays ahead of the curve in terms of knowledge. Our empowerment programs are designed to give the team the skills and confidence to take charge of their respective career journeys.
I would also like to highlight that Edvoy also offers a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) for all employees to use as a guiding partner in their professional development pursuits.
Under the LMS system, Edvoy provides its employees with training and other industry-related courses, which they can access at their convenience. The system also provides the employees with detailed feedback on their upskilling journeys, thereby pushing their potential to new heights. For the new employees joining Edvoy, they can seek the guidance of a mentor with the LMS system as well.

Question 3: How does the team perceive and act upon failures?

Edvoy always views failures as steppingstones on the path to success. We embrace the philosophy of “fail fast, learn faster.” When setbacks occur, we encourage a detailed analysis of what went wrong and why. This approach ensures that lessons are learned promptly, allowing us to iterate and improve rapidly.

Question 4: How are employees recognized for their efforts?

Our principles guide us to value the hard work of our employees with the utmost sincerity. It is an obligation for us to celebrate the magic that happens when individuals put in their best efforts. When recognition is given, employees are motivated to learn new trends and contribute more towards the organization’s growth. We love giving kudos where kudos are due. Our internal communication channels regularly feature spotlight shoutouts, highlighting individual achievements, big and small. It’s a chance for the whole team to applaud and appreciate the stellar work of their colleagues.
Edvoy promotes a majority of its deserving employees from within the company, showing how much we value their presence and contribution. In addition to that, our employees take pride in sticking around with us. This speaks a lot about the positive work atmosphere and opportunities for career development at Edvoy.

Question 5: What does it take for someone to be successful here?

To be successful at this company, individuals typically need a combination of technical skills, adaptability, strong interpersonal skills, and a commitment to the company’s values and goals. The ability to collaborate with team members, think critically, and continuously learn and innovate is highly valued.
Edvoy honors a wide range of employee achievements that contribute to the company’s overall success and growth. This encompasses, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Recognizing workers who bring their unique ideas forward to improve processes, goods, or services.
  • Recognizing individuals that make a positive contribution to Edvoy’s worldwide presence, whether via cross-cultural collaboration or successful projects in various countries.
  • Recognizing employees who take the initiative to empower themselves and their coworkers, therefore cultivating a culture of continual learning and growth.
  • Recognizing those that prioritize transparency and integrity in their work, hence contributing to a trustworthy and ethical workplace.
  • Emphasizing collaborative efforts and collaboration that correspond with Edvoy’s philosophy of unity and communal achievement.

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