Dr. Sengupta: Showing different Consultation and Training dimensions at DRSGA


Dr. Sengupta & Associates

Dr. Sengupta & Associates (DRSGA) has been a leading company since 2000 for providing world-class training and consulting services to technical, healthcare, management and other industries. Apart from these services, the company also offers customers industrial photography, corporate videos, and web solutions. DRSGA started rendering training and consulting services for various electronic manufacturing technology and ISO 9001 certification requirements. With continuous efforts and market research, the company expanded its service portfolio with system standard consulting services for SA 8000, ISO 14001, SEDEX, OHSAS 18001, ISO 17025, ISO 13485, and ISO 15189, among others. Dr. R. Sengupta efficiently anticipated the potential of healthcare certification consultancy by observing the market and started Dr. Sengupta & Associates in 2015. Today, it is excelling in the consultation and training service sectors.

Small Steps that made DRSGA a market leader

Dr. R. Sengupta was working with the Indian government in 1996. The same year, he was impressed with the German Consultant’s office in Germany. The office remained engraved in his mind for years. In 1999, he conceptualized SOHO (small office, home office) during his US trip to become an independent and leading consultant in the industry. It took Dr. Sengupta 11 years to finally bring his concepts to life. In 2000, he took benefits of a voluntary retirement scheme during his work tenure with the Indian government and eventually retired early. As a result, Dr. Sengupta & Associates was formed by Dr. R. Sengupta in the same year, 2000.

CEO’s Balanced and Inspiring Life

Dr. Sengupta is an internationally reputed consultant and trainer. Being the company’s CEO, he has faced challenges in managing his professional and personal life after working for years in the Indian Government sector. He worked on his work-life balance for years to meet his professional and personal commitments. Though he has managed his personal and professional life, he feels that his time allocation for his personal life still needs to improve.

The Journey Towards Success

It is only sometimes the purposes and services that make a company popular or preferred among customers in today’s competitive markets. Similarly, Dr. Sengupta & Associates has had its share of challenges to become an industry leader and attain success while having competitors in the market. The founder, Dr. Sengupta, has faced problems hiring team members, training employees, coping with technological changes, handling unforeseen interventions, and evolving customer demands.

DRSGA Clients

The company has many consultations, training and other services for customers from construction, education, manufacturing, hospitals, service, laboratory and other industries. Dr. Sengupta & Associates is acclaimed for its Certification consulting services for NABL, ISO 45001, NABH, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and other system standards. The company has served around 1100 customers with its reliable consulting and training services.

Working with the Changes

While establishing and expanding the company, Dr. Sengupta realized that changes are important for life. Therefore, he anticipates what market changes may occur while keeping track of them. It is how he anticipated the demand for healthcare certification consultancy and started Dr. Sengupta & Associates in 2015. With his market anticipation and analysis skills, Dr. Sengupta has over 200 medical and hospital labs registered for NABL/NABH certification.

The company invests heavily in its research and development to introduce new products and innovative methodologies to deliver better services. It is what distinguishes the company in the industry. Since 2015, Dr. Sengupta has introduced Family Organization Concept in the company, where his employees are treated as stakeholders. Although he is the company’s CEO, he goes beyond his role to keep track of his employees and their satisfaction level with the assigned tasks and the company.

Dr. Sengupta expects his associates and employees to work wholeheartedly and render their support in growing the company. He also openly communicates with his employees to support them in their adverse situations and personal crisis.

Awards Dr. Sengupta Received

Dr. Sengupta received ISCA Young Scientist Award in Engineering Sciences in 1983. He has also been awarded Defense Electronic Manufacturing Association (DEMA) Appreciation Award in Pune. Besides, he has received DEMA twice for his contribution to QMS and Electronic Assembly.

The Future is Planned!

Dr. Sengupta & Associates aims to strengthen and diversify its consultancy services to achieve international/national Certification. The company will soon introduce lean management solutions for healthcare and manufacturing companies so that they can become cost-effective and reliable businesses. In addition, the company will initiate certified training and online programs while introducing consultancy wings to new areas.

The DRSGA CSR Policy

Dr. Sengupta has designed his company’s CSR policy to support NGOs for heart surgery, vision restoration, and more. The company also contributes to Anna dan projects that ISCON runs. Dr. Sengupta wants to create a foundation for offering skill development support to young people. He believes that the younger generation is India’s future. Hence, they should manage their employees in the Indian economy.

CEO Journey and Message

Dr. Sengupta believes that all CEOs Lead their teams from the Front. He also thinks a CEO’s role is to handle many business activities while facing market competition and ensuring sustainable business growth. To stay updated and foresighted, Dr. Sengupta adopts new technology to keep his company floating in the market.

He says, “In today’s modern business environment, where disruption has altered and is continuing to alter how things are done daily, entrepreneurship involves many core traits and skills crucial for business success. As a result, CEOs must concentrate on comprehending and promptly meeting the customers’ expectations.”

Dr. Sengupta addresses three rules that will help other CEOs never give up on their dreams or stand back if they have:

  1. Always assess where and under what conditions you have failed, and then consider corrective action.
  2. Create your long- and short-term plans alongside a timetable and continually assess them.
  3. Instead of giving up, recognize that failures are a part of life and that you should learn from them. Finally, remember that every morning offers you a blank slate to redraw your ideal persona.

Message For The Readers

Dr. Sengupta applies his advice for CEOs to the readers as well. He says that one must continuously try and assess their actions to bring change in their life and business. However, he says that women should be financially independent in the same field as men.

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