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Tuaman Engineering Limited | Dr. Pinaki Dutta Gupta


The Indian economy consistently keeps reaching new heights. Several factors, such as the complicated procurement cycle, the growing need for digital/physical infrastructure, the way energy works, new technologies, and market dynamics, are likely to give the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction, industry many more opportunities in the years to come. EPC is India’s second-largest economic sector. It is a fast-paced industry where Tuaman Engineering Limited (TEL) is a promising platform. The company’s slogan is “Build the Nation.” Since Dr. Pinaki Dutta Gupta started the company in 2005, it has grown excitingly. The company is headquartered in Kolkata, and it operates all over India.

Company Introduction

Tuaman Engineering Limited is a one-stop shop for expert solutions from start to finish. It has strengths in Engineering, Supply Chain Management, and Installation of Civil & Structural, Electrical, Instrumentation, and Mechanical facilities of different criticality and magnitude. It has always emphasized Sectoral and Business Diversification. The company has a strong presence in industries such as Railway & Metro, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power & Energy, Building Infrastructure, Ferrous & Non-Ferrous, etc. with a complete 360-degree offering in project delivery.

Dr. Pinaki Dutta Gupta, Whole Time Director

With a diverse experience of more than 30 years, Dr. Pinaki Dutta Gupta is an industry leader in managing businesses and organizations. His deep knowledge encompasses various sectors, geography, and modalities. Dr. Dutta Gupta’s wide experience in delivering critical projects to leading players like Reliance Petrochemicals, TATA Steel, Lafarge Cement, NALCO, NTPC, Indian Oil, etc. acts as the prime mover of the organization. Under the leadership of Dr. Dutta Gupta Tuaman Engineering Limited’s Annual Turnover registered a CAGR of 78% between FY 14-15 and FY 19-20, growing from an INR 34 crores in FY 14-15 to INR 602 crores in FY 19-20. Through the adept strategy and decision-making capabilities of the Director, TEL was able to expand its business into multiple sectors over the last decade. With Dr. Dutta Gupta’s visionary thinking, Tuaman Engineering Limited is all set for the next level of organizational transformation.

The Business Journey

In 2009, team Tuaman has commissioned the first EPC project, a 60,000 MTPA Speciality Carbon Black manufacturing facility. Since then sectorial spread and diversification have always been a matter of pride. The Company entered Hydrocarbon and Nuclear Energy Segment for multidisciplinary jobs in 2013, the Ferrous and Non-Ferrous segment in 2014, Railways in 2015, the Substation business in 2017, the Fertilizer segment in 2020, Steel EPC and Metro railway in 2021 and Aluminium Segment in 2022.
The company has been constantly associated with projects those have national importance and positive value creation. From being engaged in building the first-ever coke oven battery with indigenous technology to being a part of the Government of India’s ambitious Ethanol 20 program through the construction of a Biomass, 2G, and 3G ethanol plant, TEL perceives business as one, that fosters nation-building. Tuaman Engineering Limited is the first Indian private company to get direct orders from the Indian Railway for periodic overhauling of rolling stocks including the complete operation and maintenance of their Vadlapudi workshop (ISO 3834-2:2005 compliant). Starting the journey from MSME stature the Tuaman is now a recognized brand in EPC/LSTK portfolio, targeting the next level of excellence.

Business Offerings:

Tuaman Engineering Limited has a complete engineering, procurement, and construction portfolio.
Engineering: The company’s expertise covers basic and detailed engineering for process, Civil and Structural, Piping and Plant, Static and rotary Equipment, Tankages, Electrical, Instrumentation, Control, and Automation. It has competence in feasibility studies, design verification, analysis, facilitating technological tie-ups, and development.

Procurement: The company provides 360-degree supply chain management solutions for projects in varied sectors including complete logistics management.

Construction: Multidisciplinary Construction of projects is the key pillar of our offering. It involves a plethora of service offerings in all engineering disciplines.

Major attributes are as below:

  • Civil and Structural: Foundations and Piling, Roads and Drainage arrangements, Fabrication of various steel structures, Transportation and Lifting Assessment, Geotechnical Assessment, Constructability Assessment, etc.
  • Mechanical: Equipment sizing, Static, and Rotary equipment, Storage Tanks with a fixed roof or internal floating roof, Silos, Unit & Offsite Piping (CS, LTCS, SS, AS, etc. including IBR) Heat exchangers, Furnaces, Distillation columns. Stacks, Ducting, Pressure Vessels, Hot and cold Insulation. etc.
  • Electrical & Instrumentation: Design, installation, testing, and commissioning of various equipment, Transformers, switchgear, substation, over and underground cabling works, impulse tubing, Field instruments, etc.
  • Wagon Overhauling: TEL offers complete overhauling (Routine as well as Periodic) solutions of freight rolling stocks and tailor-made design conversions contracts.

Work and life for Dr. Dutta Gupta

Dr. Gupta thinks having a well-balanced life is a journey of self-discovery and success! He says that creating balance involves both external and internal life. Mind, health, and heart are examples of internal factors. External factors include family, social activities, work, etc. He divides the family into two parts: the personal family and the professional family. He does this by ensuring that the people who work for him feel like they can do a good job and still put their personal lives first. Dr. Dutta Gupta insists on taking a systematic approach to understand the well-being of his employees, giving them healthy options and a flexible work environment. It is part of his role with the company to reach its ultimate goals.

Dr. Dutta Gupta has recently been awarded the title of “Exemplary Leader’ by Times Ascent.

Challenges Faced

Dr. Dutta has taken Tuaman Engineering Limited from a small platform to a stable position. On this journey, he learned a lot about how to run a business and took on the responsibility of managing the team and helping it reach its goals. He said, “If there are no challenges in life, there is nothing to learn.” So, his leadership cycle includes many challenges, such as giving the team complex solutions, managing responsibilities, motivating team members, communicating well, giving the right kind of guidance, encouraging independence, accepting and acting on feedback, etc. Dr. Dutta Gupta is a determined and decisive leader who is building dynamic teams to help the business grow resilient in the future.

The Inspiration

Mr. Dutta Gupta is an inspiring leader because he is passionate, sure of himself, decisive, emotionally intelligent, and strategic. He also has strong values and lives by them to the fullest. He believes what he says he does and will never give in to outside pressure, no matter how hard the road gets. This quote from Jack Welch inspired Mr. Gupta:
“Before you are a leader, success is about growing yourself. When you become a leader, your success depends on how well you help others grow.”
The way to become a great leader for Dr. Dutta is to follow his passion with honesty, have compassion for other people and listen to their needs, break down complicated situations into small pieces and put them in order of importance, and most importantly provide solutions-centric guidance to the stakeholders.

Dr. Dutta Gupta’s Vision

The plan for Tuaman is based on getting business that gives it a larger top line, a strong bottom line, and a good return on investment. The company wants to keep the momentum of the business and sectorial diversification and move more towards projects that require critical technological expertise.
Dr. Dutta Gupta’s future mantra at TEL is to focus on Design Outcomes, which include accurate engineering data and lower capital expenditure to meet construction targets while using less pollution and energy and making TEL a safe and preferred place for employees to work. Tuaman Engineering Limited is a rising star in the Indian EPC industry with great agility that aims to improve productivity, process, & business excellence, and customer delight.


Tuaman Engineering Limited has been well-recognized by the media and the industry. These accolades include prestigious recognition by SAP’s Dare to Dream, SKOCH Order of Merit for Corporate Excellence,
Fastest Growing Company by Economic Times, Jury Special award in ASSOCHAM Energy excellence Meet, and many more. In 2022, the flow continued with the ‘Best EPC Company -2022’ award by Times Ascent and “Best Safety & HR Practices’ and ’Covid-19 Warrior’ in CIDC Vishwakarma Awards.





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