Divami Design Labs Pvt Ltd: A Power-Brand That’s Changing The Face of India’s UX/UI Design Scene

Every business aspires to enhance its overall performance and increase profits. With the ever-increasing number of competitors in today’s market, however, it’s becoming difficult to do so. A company, especially an app-based one, has to do a lot more than just the basics to catch the consumer’s attention. It has to devise new and innovative ways to boost customer engagement and drive traffic to its products.
One of the most effective ways of boosting engagement is implementing UX/UI Design in applications. An attractive UX/UI Design helps a company draw in more customers and makes them use their application more often. It also enhances the user experience, improves customer satisfaction, and increases the conversion rate of an app’s services.
Divami Design Labs Pvt Ltd is a leading UX/UI Design agency that’s helping clients harness the power of user-oriented interfaces. A brainchild of Mr. Naveen Puttagunta, the company specializes in an array of customer-specific UX UI Design solutions, such as UI Development Services, User Research, UX Strategy, etc. Divami Design Labs has successfully served hundreds of clients in its 12 years of existence. It has also won numerous accolades and awards for its breakthrough innovations in the field.

Divami Design Labs: Enabling Clients To Create Impactful User Experiences

Established in 2008, Divami is a UX UI design agency that helps businesses create meaningful user interactions. Founder & CEO of Divami Design Labs Pvt Ltd, Mr. Naveen Puttagunta stated, “We visualize ourselves as the leading partner to SaaS and Enterprise companies by collaborating with them not only on the design aspect but also by converting these designs into pixel-perfect screens for mobile, web, smart TV, and wearable applications.”
Here’s a list of the services offered by the brand:
  • UX Strategy: Includes UX Strategy Consulting and Business Discovery Services. With a good UX strategy in place, emerging businesses make better UX decisions for their entrepreneurial projects.
  • UX & UI Design: Features customized services like UI & Visual Design, User Research, UX & Interaction Design, Usability Testing, etc. These services are custom-tailored to suit the unique needs of the clients.
  • Mobile & Web App Development: Includes top-notch front engineering and platform development work from professionals.  They help clients develop Responsive Web and Mobile Apps.

Divami’s Inspiring Success Journey

Divami was established in 2008, during the global recession. While many lost their jobs and succumbed to the financial loss, a group of ambitious UX UI designers and front-end developers came together to bridge the gap in the design industry.
Since the core team had a combined experience of more than 30 years, they decided to start a boutique design and development firm that would operate on a user-focused approach. They named this firm ‘Divami’. Their major focus was to help businesses reach their maximum potential.
Even though Divami had a novel idea, the company had to face numerous challenges in the beginning. “The challenges of today are very much different than what they were 12 years ago. When we started the company, the concept of UX UI was not exceedingly popular, unlike today. Very few entrepreneurs understood what it was and the values it can bring for their business. So, it was always an uphill battle to gain a name in the nascent industry. Furthermore, the talent pool was thin so finding resources was challenging too.” stated Mr. Naveen.  
Despite the disheartening circumstances, the company overcame all obstacles with sheer determination and resilience. It gradually grew in size and revenue and expanded its range of services as well. Fast forward to 2021, Divami is a 50+ family that has worked on more than 150 projects, from startups to enterprise design transformations. It is one of the pre-eminent UX/UI Design Brands in India and also has an international presence.

What Distinguishes Divami From Its Competitors

Divami owes most of its success to its clients’ trust in the brand. Unlike other companies that dabble into various things, Divami is solely devoted to offering customized UX UI Design solutions. The company’s impressive track record of 80% client satisfaction rate and numerous recommendations are testaments to its customer-centric approach.
“Most of our clients refer us to their network. Often, I receive appreciation emails from them congratulating the team on the good job they have done. They are always eager to put a good word about us in review sites and recommendation requests. I would say we are well-connected with our clients over the years.” added Mr. Naveen.

Mr. Naveens’ Motivational Entrepreneurship Journey

Mr. Naveen started his journey as a developer, which gave him insight into important aspects like product lifestyle, intricacies of design, delivery, etc. Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, his knowledge and dedication helped him face any challenge that was thrown his way.
“My entrepreneurial journey has been exciting with a fair share of hardships. But I am proud that as an organization, we have been able to overcome them. Moreover, as an entrepreneur, the relationships I have made with my coworkers, past employees, and customers along the way matter the most.” he said.
According to Mr. Naveen, his proudest and most noteworthy achievement is the fact that his old clients keep coming back to him for new projects. He feels that his customers’ trust in the brand is the most invaluable asset – it far supersedes any monetary success.

Mr. Naveens’ Message to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Having been in the industry for a little over a decade, Mr. Naveen has gained a thorough understanding of the workings of the entrepreneurial world. He has some great insights that he’d like to share with aspiring entrepreneurs: “Well, for an entrepreneur, the journey is never easy. There is always something better or bigger happening out there. So, rather than running the rat race, constantly try to improve upon what is already existing. I believe, it is not always about the business or the money, but more about the relations we build with the clients, the teams, and others. I would say, walk towards your goal but never forget to smell the roses along the way.”

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