Divami Design Labs: Achieving New Standards of Work Excellence Via Integral & Employee-Centric Practices

Divami Design Labs

While thinking of a notable organization, we often envisage a work culture that’s subject to some unswerving systems & values. In modern times, this expectation is even more pronounced with a growing prevalence of conscious practices that emphasize the holistic wellbeing of employees.
The arduous adoption of the aforesaid practices, in their most conspicuous form, has been witnessed among some stellar brands in the Indian startup space. Through their idealistic policies, they’ve ushered a massive upliftment in the collective performance & welfare standards for the workforce across their industry.
Divami Design Labs Pvt. Ltd. is one such integral organization that has set an exemplary barometer for employee wellness through its conscious practices. Since its inception in 2008, Divami has relentlessly advanced its work culture, successfully executing 150+ Projects and catering to 2.5 million End Users in 13 Countries across 6 Continents.

The Core Tenets of Divami

Divami’s success thus far has culminated from a consistent and strong adherence to certain core tenets. According to the CEO, Naveen Puttagunta, the following ideas must be upheld by the workforce to maintain the company credo:

Doing the right thing at all times: The employees are expected to maintain a level of integrity in their work.

Taking Ownership: They must take complete responsibility and exercise power in their work.

Keeping Commitments: They must be wholly dedicated to their tasks and any deadlines therein.

Striving For Perfection: Maintaining a hunger for work mastery is important.

Respect Colleagues and Customers: They need to be internally as well as externally cordial.

Work with a Positive and Get-Done Attitude: The predominant mindset should be imbued with optimism & decisiveness.


Divami’s Holistic Work Environment

In addition to the unswerving values, Divami’s work culture is massively bolstered by its holistic work environment. It mainly emphasizes three key aspects with this: employee wellbeing, productivity, and growth.
All new hires are given a clear understanding of their roles. With a robust buddy program, the company tries to help them adapt to the culture from day one. The company moreover advocates transparency in the workplace and encourages all employees to voice their opinions and ideas.

The CEO and Director personally groom the employees and take time-to-time sessions on helping them achieve their aspirations beyond just career, be it advisory on health & safety, financial planning, etc.

Employees are encouraged to speak their kind, interact with each other. The company has employee engagement events every Friday, to ensure that they have fun and know their colleagues on a deeper level.

Divami’s management makes immense efforts to make the workplace comfortable with no cubicles to promote collaborative working. They replicate the same in its workflow with a very flat hierarchy and an open-door policy where any employee can walk up to the management for any concerns.

Fostering All-Round Professional Development

So as to facilitate the maximal professional development & career growth of employees, Divami ensures a multitude of robust measures across various fronts of training.
An unequivocal priority is given to the mentoring and coaching of employees. The team managers work in tandem with the employees and focus not only on the metrics & targets but also address the employees’ anchors that may be holding them back from bringing out the best.
The company furthermore encourages all employees to cross-train and learn new technologies to keep up with the trends to promote career growth. It has introduced internal clubs where all employees can join and learn new skills, irrespective of their job profiles.
Divami’s dedicated growth efforts are further complemented by its collaborative management style.

The Management Style at Divami

The company’s management gives due consideration to the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of its staff. In sync with the core values, the team is encouraged to take ownership and deliver impeccably on commitments.
At Divami, every team manager defines the goals of their respective team members and explains how their actions help the team achieve their goals. This process-wise goal approach also allows every team member to understand their responsibilities and align their personal goals with those of the team.
With an open door, employees are free to communicate with leaders to understand how their personal goals are related to those of the organization.

Spurring Achievement Through Recognitions

The collaborative and open-ended environment at Divami works in tandem with its due recognition of employees. The company’s CEO, Naveen Puttagunta, highlights that recognizing employee achievements helps increase productivity and raises the employees’ morale in challenging situations at work.
Every achievement, big or small, is appreciated and employees are rewarded for it so as to give them the positive reinforcement to keep up such work. Be it good customer feedback, going above and beyond the job description, or exceeding any metrics, all such achievements are recognized in their due importance.
Divami furthermore conducts events and functions to suitably reward the employees for recognizing their efforts and achievements from time to time. Every month, it awards the star performers and people who go overboard in helping their teammates or clients. The company also has annual awards to honor its achievements.

Divami’s Tenacious Growth Mindset

Since its inception in 2008, Divami has maintained an indefatigable growth mindset which has been conspicuously evident in its success trajectory. In the past 13 years, the brand has achieved umpteen illustrious milestones which have bolstered its national & international presence.
The foremost highlight of the brand is it is recognized as the leading UX/UI Design and Development Service Provider. Since 2019, Clutch. co has ranked it amongst the top global players.
Amidst the pandemic, the company opened its US office and won a couple of awards that identified it as the best in the niche. In 2022, it holds some aggressive expansion plans on multiple integral fronts.
The company furthermore aims to scale itself in staff strength as well as the top line. Ultimately, it aims to achieve unprecedented heights in the UX/UI domain whilst setting a whole new paradigm for the design experience.






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