When it comes to skincare and hair care, our utmost priority has to be their quality of being packed with natural goodness. In this huge space of the self-care industry, many brands promise profoundly effective, sustainable, cost-efficient, natural products and Deyga is an emerging leader in that niche. Founded in 2018 by the talented women entrepreneur, ArthiRaguram, her brand Deyga Organics has proved that self-care products can be made chemical-free yet stand high on natural parameters. Let’s see what has been the journey of the brand so far!

Inspiration behind Brand’s Inception

The inspiration to start the brand came from Arthi’s suffering. Her passion for athletics made her stay out in the sun for prolonged hours. In her teen days, she was constantly worried about her sensitive skin, and using those nasty chemical-loaded skin care products was a big no-no! She then decided to helm a brand that becomes a savior for people like her who always hunt for natural and handicraft products. Her ideology symbolizes the power of nature to achieve clear and healthy skin.
Brand’s audacity to level up the standards of the beauty industry
Starting a self-care brand becomes quite challenging especially when the beauty market is supremely crowded. One such major challenge to establishing the brand was building the unbreakable trust factor with their clients. Moreover, creating their presence online and attracting the attention of their target audience was also not easy to crack. But with resilience and efforts, the brand along with its dedicated team continued to make sincere efforts for writing its success story.

Perseverance for Establishing Trust

The notion of the brand is all about transparency and devotion to the bliss of nature. The products of Deyga reflect the sunshine of homeliness and the essence of purely natural ingredients. At Design, the products are made with vintage ayurvedic techniques. The entire process of making is what makes them unparalleled. The return rate of their customers speaks truly about their propitious growth.

Determination to Evolve as a Pioneer Brand

As people are more aware of their expectations from the services being offered, the brand understands this drift. For instance, while choosing beauty products, consumers always check out the full ingredient list and give priority to transparency. If the products stand true to their potential and give realistic results, then there is no seeing back.
Treating the customers as great friends is what Deyga emphasizes. Being amiable and trustworthy makes the brand customers’ their first choice without any doubt. The feedback is taken on a respectable note and this brings them the motivation to bring products the best of quality.

Presenting Products with Promising Caliber

Deyga Organics provide beauty care products for everyone irrespective of their age group and gender. There is something for every skin type and age! The essential products of daily life, provided by Deyga are high in quality. The brand also serves on an international level. Skin Care, Bath and Body, oral care, Wellness, and Hair Care are their fields of indomitable expertise.

Applaudable Flow of Clients Connection

The brand is closely connected with its clients across various social media platforms. The flow of client interaction and rate of conversion of potential consumers is marvelous. The flair of positive customer reviews makes it even more surreal for them. The brand along with its consumers has grown as a huge family over the years and social media has been their best buddy.

Company’s Diligent Marketing Strategies and Initiatives

The brand has established itself on the pedestal of success by moving forward with its effective marketing strategies. To engage with their potential customers, they regularly organize sustainability programs to educate people about the importance of sustainability. They often organize a ceremony as well, where they implement initiatives like planting thousands of saplings as an act of reciprocation for the selfless services of Mother Nature. What just makes them iconic is that even their expired products can be used as manure for plants. Deyga Organics always encourages its customers to opt for needful and mindful shopping. Their inclination toward nature and belief in nature’s divine power makes them stand out from all.

Achievements and Awards of Deyga Organics

Achievements are a constant reminder for making meticulous efforts each passing day to come close to glory. Well, the brand has done things similar and etched its name on “Times 40 under 40, for Best Skincare Brand”. Taking the legacy further, they have also won the “The Economic Times Award for Green Entrepreneur and “Times Business Awards 2020 – Brand of the Year 2020”.

Will to Conquer Futuristic Goals

Talking about the brand’s future aspirations, they are brewing many new surprises for their customers. In addition to it, they are also working diligently towards their policies that would ensure a holistic benefit to the environment and customers as well.

Words of Motivation for the Forthcoming Entrepreneurs

Ending with a note of motivation for the entrepreneurs, Deyga Organics shares that staying committed to your work is the golden rule for any brand’s success. There is absolutely no substitute for hard work and enjoying every piece of the aforesaid will make your journey fruitful in the end. Moreover, enjoying your life should also be on your bucket list every day.


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