Dalitso: Mr. Manoj Tandon’s Vision To Empower SME’s

In spite of the deregulation in India, many companies in the nation have flourished immensely, giving overseas companies a run for their money. One such growing brand is Dalitso.
A vision of Mr. Manoj Tandon, Dalitso specializes in providing SME owners hands-on consulting, guidance in Business Planning, Financial Planning, Strategy Development, Revenue Generation and Operations including Delivery, HR etc.).
Dalitso is a boutique consulting company based out of Delhi-NCR in India and has clients in the US, Europe, and United Kingdom. The company’s expertise lies in the fields of Technology and Technology driven businesses. Dalitso’s team is led by experienced consultants who have worked in leading global IT and Consulting firms.
  • Dalitso’s consulting approach is renowned for its:
Active Involvement with Clients: Instead of merely doing studies and providing reports to clients, Dalitso is actively involved with them through each step of the process.
Sustainable Growth: Dalitso has a relentless focus towards giving its clients sustainable growth. To ensure this, it provides sales, delivery, HR & process driven execution in a hassle-free, efficient manner.
Data Driven Insight: Combining data driven insights with experience, Dalitso adopts a holistic approach to growth. It helps the SME’s gain a competitive advantage in the market.
Flexible Engagement: Considering the uniqueness of each problem, Dalitso makes sure that it tailors its approach according to the specific demands and challenges of a given situation. This flexible engagement might include activities like employee-training, individual coaching, and personal counselling.
  • Mr. Tandon’s Inspiration Behind Dalitso
After working for nearly 30 years in the corporate world, Mr. Manoj felt the need to contribute to the business world. During these 3 decades, he came across numerous SME owners who were confused and didn’t know how to go about their business. Their business would usually plateau and they wouldn’t have a plan to get their growth back and scale up.
    Having low spending capacity, SME’s generally aren’t capable of hiring an experienced senior person/consultant to help and guide them through the nitty-gritties of the business. Acknowledging this need for expert guidance, Mr. Manoj Tandon decided that he would help SME’s in boosting their business. He only charges minimal fees for the services to ensure seriousness on both sides. He considers his services as his way of giving back to the world of business.
Having a strong commitment towards serving businesses, the only thing that matters to his company is producing substantial end results for clients.
  • Overcoming Challenges As An SME Consulting Startup
When Dalitso was conceived in 2013, the concept of SME Consulting was very new. The newness of the industry caused the company to experience great uncertainty and confusion. Mr. Tandon and team had to work out various nitty-gritties of the process, including the methods deployed, how they’ll actually do the consulting on a daily basis, how they’ll measure the results, etc. Even the SME owners had a hard time understanding how Dalitso could be of service to them.
Over the years, Dalitso secured the trust of several clients in the market and has developed expertise in conceptualizing and implementation of its services.
  • Why Customers Generally Distrust SME Consulting Services
Generally, customers distrust SME Consulting Services as there’s too much of optics happening and too little solid, grounded work that shows results.
While most consultants talk big, few are actually trying to do heads down, intelligent work.
It is quite similar to someone trying to build a beautiful building without a foundation; it will eventually come crumbling down.
Due to the aforementioned inadequacies, the customers’ doubts are often genuine and valid.
  • How Dalitso Has Carved A Niche In SME Consulting
Dalitso believes that the only way to win a customer’s trust and retain it is to do solid work, show tangible results, and have a consistent success record.
          To ensure customer’s success, Dalitso does everything from strategy to operations & hands-on consulting.  Its range of services include Business Planning, Strategy Development, Financial Planning, Helping and guiding in Revenue Generation, Delivery, HR etc.
              What makes Dalitso’s services unique is that they not only consult with the SME’s but they also work with leadership team (on a close operative basis). They help them develop the necessary skills, capability, methods, and processes that are required to succeed. Right from the concept to implementation and success, Dalitso assists the SME’s through every step of the journey.
                  Dalitso gives great importance to making the clients feel a strong connect with the work they do for them. They associate their brand image with this golden virtue.
With minimal optics, a deep involvement in customers’ business, showing consistent results, and supporting them in their failures, Dalitso has managed to establish a strong presence in the industry.
  • Dalitso’s Journey Of Expansion and Growth
Mr. Tandon describes his entrepreneurship journey as one that was “exhilarating”, “fulfilling”, “delightful”, and required “lots of hard work”.
Over the years, the company has gradually increased its pace, experiencing consistent growth. Beside India, the company is now consulting with companies in the US and UK.
On the personal front, Mr. Tandon is planning to dedicate more time to his passion for writing. He plans to spend the coming year writing blogs, articles, and books.
  • Mr. Manoj Tandon’s Advice For Young Entrepreneurs
Statistically speaking, a majority of the startups fail in the first few years of their conception. Having worked with several young entrepreneurs (startup and SME owners), Mr. Tandon has observed some common mistakes that are made by these business owners. He advices young entrepreneurs to “feel uncomfortable”, that only 10% of startups succeed. as it’ll help them become more careful and avoid joining the 90% of startups that fail. To ensure success, he encourages them to do the “right things” in the “right way”.
  • Here are some of the most common reasons he has seen, due to which, startups fail:
  1. Creating A Startup Because Everyone Around Is Doing The Same: Many youngsters nowadays consider “doing startups” to be a game. Not understanding the seriousness of running a startup, they start one simply because others around them are doing so


  1. Weak Business Model: As most of the startups today (especially in the E-Commerce Space) are running in losses, it’s all the more important to have a robust business model. If we buy something at Rs. 100 and sell at Rs. 80 and use the investor funds to bridge the gap, it will eventually fall flat. Loss leading philosophy can work but only if it is well thought out, is reasonable to execute and turns around to profits within a reasonable time frame and at a reasonable scale.


        There are some companies and investors which have gone from launch, to seed, to Series A, B etc., and are still not making money. Every next line of investors puts in money at a higher valuation hoping to get an exit at an even higher valuation. If the basic business model and execution is not sound, this “investor-climbing” will not sustain for a long time.


          A weak business model is a sure-shot way to fail as an upcoming startup.


  1. Are You Really Solving A Long Term Problem Of Your Market and Customers?:
    This question reveals multiple issues/problems that might lie with a startup. Is it really solving a long term problem of the market/customers? Or Simply solving imaginary, temporary issues which are not much of a need/pain for the customer?


Questions For People Wanting To Begin A Startup

To help people assess the potential of their startup idea, Mr. Tandon presents a set of questions to aspiring entrepreneurs. These questions will help the readers really understand whether they’re serious about the startup, how sound their business model is, and whether the problem being solved is a real, long-term need of the market.



Here’s the set of questions:


While doing a startup,

  1. Would you like to work 
  • For 16 hours a day
  • Have no earnings for at least 1 year
  • Get no holidays
  • and be okay with nobody recognizing you.


   2. If the answer to the above questions is “yes”, then is it because:

  • You think that you’ll eventually succeed because:
  • Many around you are succeeding
  • You dream of days when you will be driving a swanky car and living in a palatial home.


OR Is it because:

    iii. You’re seriously passionate about something and want to see the idea coming to fruition? Also, you wish to benefit the users (Business or Consumers).

If your choice from Question 2) is i) and/or ii, then please reconsider your decision. If you’re chasing the money, you’re adopting a short-sighted approach towards wealth creation. Lasting fortunes are only built by entrepreneurs who excel in problem-solving.




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