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CyberSRC® is an umbrella brand that provides a vast array of Cyber & Digital Security Products & Services. The entity is empanelled by CERT-IN (Computer Emergency Response Team of India) under MIETY as a security auditing agency. With offices in India and the United Kingdom, the organization is certified in ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. The company was founded in January 2018 and provides a comprehensive suite of proprietary External Threat Intelligence solutions, such as Phishing & Rouge application detections, Social Media monitoring, Dark Web monitoring, brand abuse monitoring services, and the capability to detect web defacements and take down support services. In addition, it offers various consultancy, advisory, and implementation support services relating to Cyber Risk. With over 50 years of combined experience, the CyberSRC team has created novel Threat intelligence and Vulnerability Management solutions with the support of a highly diverse and enthusiastic staff. It is coupled with a unique V-CISO & V-DPO Services offerings that support pay-per-use model. In its limited 5-year history, CyberSRC Consultancy has accumulated a clientele that includes some of the world’s most famous MNCs with over 150 clients from various sectors including Banking, NBFC, IT/ITes/ Internet Companies, E-commerce, Manufacturing, Govt, Army and Enforcement agencies etc. The firm is predicted to soon become India’s premier cybersecurity consulting and solution provider organization.

Personal and Professional Life Balance

Mr. Vikram Taneja (CEO)explains, “There is a perpetual balancing act between personal and professional life. During a time of increased personal stress, we must all persist. We are all in the same boat, wouldn’t you say? I intend to provide myself and the CyberSRC family (workers) with sufficient breathing room by fostering a culture that promotes a healthy work-life balance through rules such as compensatory time off, flexible daily entry/exit timings, hybrid culture, and the least amount of disruption in off-office hours, among others. Therefore, he strives to balance his personal and work life for himself and his professional family (employees).
Mr. Vikram says that competition exists at every level. The organization has prioritized leadership, growth, and innovation above the competition. How is today superior to yesterday? How can it develop a product or process that provides more value to its most valued customers?

The Challenges Facing CEO

Mr. Vikram has always been intrigued by people who have achieved great success while starting their lives in anonymity. His journey from a normal corporate employee to the ambitious entrepreneur who launched a startup and expanded it into a professional organization is comparable to that of countless others. Today, the company maintains a successful organization with over five years of professional experience in cybersecurity, a feat for a startup. It has been played not just according to standard game rules but also according to rules established for this game. The brand is one of the few research-based organizations, with an indigenous Threat Intelligence Platform (SRC-TI) and Vulnerability Management platform. It works on numerous other game-changing aspects, including security solutions for Metaverse, web3, 5G, Robotics, IOT/OT systems, and other digital ecosystems.
Mr. Vikram has transitioned from entrepreneur to CEO, and it is incredible to be on such a roller coaster journey. From where it started five years ago to where it is today in such a difficult environment, overcoming problems such as employees’ and customers’ everyday mistrust of abilities, the company has done a tremendous lot. Over ninety per cent of the company’s employees and customers have stayed loyal throughout the years.

CyberSRC® Clients

The organization provides unmatched service to its consumers. Its customer consists of companies with between five and twenty thousand people. Even the biggest organizations in India lag behind the brand’s grasp of procedure and policy, which is suitable for small to large businesses. As the company recognizes that SMBs and startups have limited financial resources, its pricing strategy is very flexible and fluctuates dependent on client size. Despite this, many firms have a very high requirement for Cyber Security despite limited resources. The company has created unique and hybrid models, such as V-CISO, V-DPO, and Security as a Service, to deliver pay-per-use security while satisfying the ongoing needs of such organizations.

Following Market Trends

The market mainly depends on customer input. Mr. Vikram is the company’s top salesman most of the time since he believes that when the business is in the lead, it can better attend to the demands of its customers. The specifications are then converted into a solution or product.
The company’s sales and pre-sales personnel are highly skilled in customizing solutions to meet each customer’s demands. It believes that the company’s culture must swiftly and aggressively adapt to the present environment.


Since the company’s inception, research has been its primary priority. The organization has encouraged employees to commit at least 10% of their monthly time to research and development. The company is a research-driven Cyber Security firm that has produced various products, including Threat Intelligence Solutions, Vulnerability Management Solutions, Honeypots as Services, and unique offerings of Virtual CISO, Virtual DPO, and Security as a service model. It reflects the brand’s commitment to innovation and researches the most current Cyber Threats and issues.

Employee Contentment

In the society where the firm operates, not everyone has the same needs and preferences for food, clothing, and shelter as previous generations. It has attained a new level of social stability, esteem, and autonomy. It has had an interesting impact on company management. Due to changes in social dynamics, businesses adhering to obsolete beliefs will no longer be profitable. Keeping employees’ content does not need a compensation boost but rather a focus on the company’s overall requirements and a rise in employee engagement and decision-making capacity.


Mr. Vikram said, “If the quest for knowledge is your passion, then everyone is your Guru.” He seeks to learn from all executives, both inside and outside the Cyber Security area of the organization. He endeavours to read several books about business, education, motivation, and aspiration. He was recently inspired by Elon Musk, his exploits, and his story of tenacity and perseverance. Even though he has failed several times, he continues his quest and is a legend in the world of business.

The Future Initiative

The organization is growing both horizontally and vertically. It has been focusing on developing both its customer base and its skills. The brand is centered on standardization and process enablement so that our associates can produce higher-quality work. It is committed to becoming one of India’s leading 10 Cyber Security companies.

CyberSRC Achievements and Milestones

In its first three years of existence, the company was one of the youngest to be designated as a CERT-in empanelled security auditor (under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology). It is an India-based MSME/Startup with 100% made-in-India components offering an indigenous External Threat Intelligence Platform (SRC-TI), which is in the scaling phase and has been implemented at a handful of customer locations, including one of the major banks. The company’s top-line sales increased by 150% in the prior year. The company invests in technology and personnel development to boost its growth rates.

Message for the Readers

Entrepreneurs now have more opportunities than ever due to shifts in market dynamics and improvements in the business environment. Thank you to the Indian government for giving entrepreneurs these opportunities. Nevertheless, according to Mr. Vikram, some executives with a conventional business mindset put a greater emphasis on brand names and prominent logos than on the value provided by each provider. He feels that this mindset must shift and that the government must provide equal opportunities. Entities, including businesses in the private sector. In addition, he anticipates that this knowledge will be distributed, allowing Indian businesses to flourish without the need for foreign finance (outside India).

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