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The Best Company to Work for 2024

Codleo Consulting

“Codleo’s vision is to become the preferred technology ally for worldwide enterprises, fostering innovation, and empowering them to flourish in the swiftly changing digital environment.”

Salesforce® consulting services are gaining the attention of businesses that aim to transform their operations using a tailor-made tech stack. These services reinvent sales, marketing, and client service processes. Here is when a Salesforce® partner like Codleo Consulting takes center stage with its expertise in CRM to help businesses turn around their fortunes and stay ahead of the competition. The inception story of Codleo draws its roots from Mr. RS Maan’s vast experience and knowledge in the CRM industry. As per Mr. Maan’s values, he always emphasized that organizations should focus on building an ecosystem that puts customers at the heart of their operations and existence.
Under his magnetic leadership, Codleo has become synonymous with excellence, offering a wide range of services in digital marketing, artificial intelligence, and CRM, amongst others. The company’s expertise allows businesses to harness the power of Salesforce® to streamline their operations, become models of productivity, and optimize their customer relationship management systems.
Furthermore, Codleo’s digital marketing wing takes care of all aspects of a brand’s online presence, including marketing, branding, and automation. With their dynamic strategies and innovative approaches, they propel businesses to the forefront of the digital landscape.
There is so much more to explore about Codleo Consulting’s story, and this is exactly what we have managed to cover in this narrative. Our editorial team had the opportunity to interact with Mr. RS Maan, the Global CRO and Managing Director at Codleo, with a bunch of questions in the queue for him. Prime Insights is privileged to enlighten its readers by featuring Codleo’s story in the enticing edition of “The Best Company to Work for 2024.”

Starting the Story

In its nascent stages, Codleo encountered a series of hurdles. Foremost among these was navigating through a crowded marketplace, competing with a myriad of competitors. The team had to keep vying for attention and market share. Complicating matters further was the intangible nature of tech solutions. As a newcomer, Codleo had to work across all lengths and breadths to prove their potential and earn the faith of their potential clients. Establishing a distinct brand identity amid this sea of options was paramount, requiring strategic positioning and consistent networking to carve out a niche. But Codleo’s team was determined to break all the barriers and hence exhibited exceptional credibility-building efforts.

The Agenda Behind Actions

Codleo Consulting has committed itself to providing real-time holistic solutions rather than ad-hoc problem-solving. With the grit and determination of the core team, Codleo was built by laying brick by brick. What started with only three members on board has now flourished into a beautiful family of over 100 Codleons pouring their expertise into empowering domains like those of education, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, and NGOs. The team has created pathways for the clients to swiftly connect with their customers and bridge the communication gap. In conclusion, the company was formed with the crystal-clear vision of becoming the best IT Software Business Consulting and Solution provider.

Building the Bricks of Trust

“Consumers are trusting brands like Codleo that are authentic, transparent, communicative, and empathetic in their actions. Clients are smart and aware of which brands are batting for them and which are not. A 4.8/5 CSAT score, and repeated business referrals are a testament to the trust factor Codleo has managed to nurture. The team has proven to its clients that Codleo’s business and consulting solutions have the versatility to improve productivity, efficiency, and ROI in their businesses, workflows, and processes. We are known for going the “extra mile” for our clients and providing superior service at affordable prices. We have always ensured that clients are bestowed with open communication through various channels, including phone, email, virtual calls, in-person, and Slack, so that they are always in touch with us during their brand-building journey”, says Mr. RS Maan.

Enthusiastic for the Coming Years

Codleo is targeting to increase its employee strength by providing them with cross-skilling opportunities. The team’s adeptness will be strengthened further by making them more proficient in technologies like Artificial Intelligence. The journey of five years has been a roller coaster of highs and lows. The company has grown significantly in terms of revenue, customer base, and employee strength despite the setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The zeal to keep doing great work and providing excellent solutions as per market demand keeps the team high on motivation.

Valuable Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

As we reached the end of the conversation, we expressed our sincere gratitude to Mr. RS Maan for sharing his company’s journey with us. We also made a humble request to Mr. Maan to share a few pieces of valuable advice for our readership panel and young entrepreneurs reading this draft, to which he replied,

“My message to potential entrepreneurs is simple yet powerful: prioritize your employees right from the outset. Building a company that truly cares for its employees sets the stage for sustainable success. When your team feels valued and motivated, the possibilities are endless. So, nurture your team like a garden, providing the right environment for growth and development. As they flourish, so does your company. Remember, the key to unlocking your company’s full potential lies in empowering those who work tirelessly to make it a reality.
Codleo is in a constant quest to leverage new opportunities to consolidate the growth achieved until now. With new offerings being added to the bouquet of our service portfolio, we are manifesting our desire to collaborate with leaders across the globe. We will also nurture the talented minds of the Codleo family so they can tap their potential deeper, grow, and become successful leaders.”


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