ChatGPT connects Sam Altman with PM Narendra Modi to meet today:

The creator of ChatGPT Sam Altman announced amidst all AI-related risks that the advanced GPT 5 model is not in training. He also said if the AI chatbot can come in Hindi and talk about its prospects, as per The Hindustan Times. He was scheduled to meet Modi on Thursday 8th May 2023.

OpenAI’s CEO Sam kicked off his India visit last Wednesday, where is also scheduled to meet PM Modi. Altman praised India for its enthusiastic support of and wide acceptance of ChatGPT. While being in an interview with the Economic Times, Altman said that our country has truly embraced it with a lot of early adoption and enthusiasm from users. He also had a meeting with India’s G20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant last Wednesday on this.

Sam noted that there is still a lot of work to be done before the launch when he stated in the interview that OpenAI is not currently training the GPT 5 model. This occurs only days after several prominent IT gurus, including him, openly discussed the threat of extinction posed by AI. There he also emphasized the need to reduce ChatGPT’s hallucinations and said they are working to give users more control so that they don’t feel it is anyway biased. Altman reveals his biggest fear about AI and says that what he loses the most sleep over is the hypothetical ideas that they have already done something relay bad by the launch of ChatGPT. There can be associated complications and critical factors. He explained the chances of existential risk and urged for a government or industry-led regulation infrastructure.

Ahead of the meeting with Modi, the OpenAI chief said that it is super impressive what India has done in terms of national technology and assets. The focus of the government should be on figuring out how to apply this technology to other services. It is hoped that the use of Language-Learning Models (LLMs) to make can be incorporated to make government services better. Earlier when Altman met with India’s G20 Sherpa Amitabh, the latter said that it was wonderful meeting with OpenAI‘s brilliant young Founder and CEO Altman and congratulated him on his success with OpenAI. He also spoke on the promise of generative artificial intelligence and the rising nations that can use it to raise the standard of living for their people. In the ET interview, he voiced his confidence that the G20, which is led by India, can make a substantial contribution to the global conversation about the regulation of AI.

Additionally, another shared information is that, on being asked, Altman said on whether making this ChatGPT multi-lingual, he said that GPT-4 is pretty good with the top 100 languages and will keep moving forward. Since few individuals speak the native languages, it becomes challenging to get them. Soon, the system will excel at these tasks on a basic level. He has also advocated for nationally funded AI efforts so that one day our country can have its large language model. Currently, Sam is on a six-nation tour this week that includes the UAE, India, Israel, Jordan, Qatar and South Korea.

Altman has also spoken to the Economic Times about India’s role in the AI revolution, its impact on the local job market and India’s user base for ChatGPT, where the government can make out the best of this emerging technology.


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