CertPro Pvt. Ltd: Carving a Niche in the Compliance Automation Audit Space

Mr. Hitesh Mittal- ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR 2022


Auditing is not just an important tool to justify the numbers of your business, it is vital for assessing and examining a company’s organizational processes, financial statements, and the scale of business. Auditing is a helping hand for organizations to keep their financial statements up to date and devoid of any errors in the numbers, as is also ensuring compliance to international standards and frameworks. In a true sense, CertPro is defining perfection in the auditing industry by implementing its authentic work processes and acknowledging the ongoing realms. They are the global solution providers of top-notch solutions for clients’ consulting and certification needs. They are the pro players in monitoring those modern needs of auditing in a streamlined manner. The company’s services are known to bring operational improvement by leveraging resources and time.

To talk more about the company and inspire our readers to the next level, we have a special dignitary with us, Mr. Hitesh Mittal – Director and Principal Auditor at CertPro. The leader is managing the Infosec audit team and is a certified CISA, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, GDPR and HIPPA Assessor. Moreover, he has more than eight years of experience in the field of auditing. Our editorial team enjoyed the informative session with Mr. Hitesh and has woven his story into words for our readers to relish the same magnificence.

A Brief About the Company

Mr. Hitesh Mittal: The Company was founded in the year 2012 as a partnership firm by Mr. Santosh Kumar Mittal and Mr. KR Vijay Kumar. Both dignitaries have immense knowledge of the auditing industry. In 2019, the company was remodeled into a private company under the banner of HRV CertPro Private Limited and the leadership went into my and Mr. Rajesh Vijay Kumar’s hands. To be as brief as possible, our company is the curator of cutting-edge and lucrative strategic solutions that help businesses stand true to their potential. We offer services related to management systems, consulting, certifications, and auditing. CertPro has always been passionate about technology. We have always focused on working with a tech-driven approach. The company has partnered with compliance automation firms to provide time-efficient services. Our services also include-

  • Product Certification
  • Food Safety Practices
  • QHSE.

Balancing the Chords of Personal and Professional Fronts

Mr. Hitesh Mittal: Being an entrepreneur maintaining both the professional and personal fronts is quite a challenge, isn’t it? But I always make sure to take time out for my personal life. For that, I wake up early in the morning and play football every day. I also like to play chess whenever I have the time. That helps to keep me energetic for the day.

The X- Factors

Mr. Hitesh Mittal: Our Company has an exceptional portfolio of Information Security Services. Our team members are from both management and IT backgrounds, dedicating themselves to Information Security. The experience we hold with software and IT organizations is our USP. The utmost priority is given to guaranteeing the security of diverse information in an organization. The services start from assessing, to auditing and then extend to procuring and implementing. We cater to all strata of products under the notions of CE with end-to-end assistance in constructing a Technical File, Making Doc, and authenticating Test Reports. Our food safety officers and auditors come from various genres of the food industry. Whether it’s food manufacturing, packaging, or distribution to outlets, we have got it under one roof for all perspectives of HACCP, PRPs, and ORPSs for both process documentation and implementation.

We also have a team of skilled QHSE professionals and auditors from engineering and mechanical streams with practical experience in leading teams for the manufacturing sectors. During the entire process of the certification journey, CertPro intricately goes through the client’s business processes. We identify the shortcomings and suggest the immediate incorporations to be made. It also prepares the client for external audits. Our core values of efficiency, inventiveness, teamwork, reliability, self-improvement, and economic efficiency are embedded in our company’s working ideology. With these morals, we can address the needs of the people who’re associated with us. That is what distinguishes us from the prevailing competition.

Born to Lead the Curve

Mr. Hitesh Mittal- I have always admired my father because he has done so much for the company in terms of research and understanding how to elevate the norms of the consulting industry. All of this groundwork was in action when technology wasn’t as widely acknowledged and widespread as it is today. Apart from that, for professional motivation, I look up to my senior auditors. The senior auditors are on the way to changing the mindsets of many certification and accreditation bodies. For people who look up to me, I would like to say that, just try to run things on track with hard work in progress. Make sure to have some personal time and maintain your overall fitness.

Thoughts on CEO’s Participation in the Corporate Ecosystem

Mr. Hitesh Mittal: The CEOs of today’s corporate world have so much to offer and an ‘okay’ sort of attitude is not going to work. The mindset has to change somewhere and we as an organization have been able to bring that. I think many proficient CEOs are running venture capitalist firms and many of them are investing in new entrepreneurs. So for me, the CEOs of gigantic companies are already doing so much to help new talent shine through. We are a young team looking forward to becoming capable enough of investing time and efforts for younger entrepreneurs too.

Building the Ladder of Future Prosperity

Mr. Hitesh Mittal- For the company, we are looking forward to expanding our horizons in the North American Market. Last year, we ventured into the African Continent where we set up an entity in Ghana as well as an entity in Oman, the Gulf. For 2023, we wish to enter the USA market as well. That’s an immaculate goal for us which we will soon turn into reality. We hope to have in-house auditing resources for various other frameworks to serve compliance automation firms. The European Market is also our target and we wish to create a mark there as well. We promise to strive as a people and purpose-centric firm while upholding its principles along the way.

A Maestro Work Culture at CertPro

Mr. Hitesh Mittal- We have a two-fold method of ensuring that our employees stay motivated at the workplace. One fold is that we are always pushing them to do better professionally. We motivate them to get various accomplishments and certifications for themselves which is at the company’s cost. We also organize various training sessions for their benefit. Now the second fold is we maintain a balanced work-life culture at CertPro. Collective outings every month to maybe play sports, go out to catch up or celebrate auspicious occasions. This engages our employees with each other the best.

Milestones and Achievements

Mr. Hitesh Mittal: As I mentioned above, we have established an entity in Oman, the Gulf region, which is a very big milestone for us. We also established another one in Ghana, Africa. Now we also cater to many more and improved standards from the auditing standpoint and currently working with compliance automation firms. We are proud to say that CertPro has successfully completed projects of all sizes across both national and international geographies for a vast array of industries under IMS. We make complex projects easy to comprehend by understanding the client’s way of working and providing only those solutions which align with the long-term growth model of the clients. We have done 3000+ projects with more than 70 consultants retained with us. The success rate is a whopping 100% as well.

Giving Back to the Society

Mr. Hitesh Mittal: There is one program that I actively participate in. I engage with the autistic society in India. For people who have autistic disabilities, learning problems, and mental health issues we donate to specific NGOs working for them like The Autism Board of India.

The Real Enthusiasm of Persistence

Mr. Hitesh Mittal: Many CEOs are always pressurized with stereotypes set by society to achieve success in a certain way. For those who give up their dreams because of some or the other stereotypes, I would suggest giving things some time to fall into the right place. Not every journey is easy. There will be situations when things will go under the shadow. But at the end of the day, never stop believing in yourself and let that vision of yours stay ignited. You will surely reach your goal.

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