CEPTES SOFTWARE PRIVATE LIMITED: Helms an Employee Centric and Customer Focused Legacy

Who doesn’t want a serene work culture bestowed with positivity and a breath of professionalism? Everyone wishes the same, isn’t it? Well, CEPTES Software Private Limited has made this dream come true to its senses. The company emphasizes employee satisfaction and well-being whether it’s physical, emotional, or mental. With a magnificent work culture and process of aligning the employees with their passion, the company becomes an exemplary place to work in. Founded by Mr. Priya Ranjan Panigrahy and Mr. Harish Kumar, the decade-old company offers elaborative Salesforce solutions for industries such as real estate, financial, healthcare, etc via cloud-based applications. Let’s dive deep to know more interesting aspects of the culture of CEPTES Software Pvt. Limited.

Immaculately Cooperative Work Environment

Starting with the work environment of CEPTES Software Private Limited, it gives a wholesome breeze of a Gurukul. It’s a place where people live like a family and learn enthusiastically like students. They support each other through thick and thin and applaud the achievements made by every individual respectively.
The company is dedicated to maintaining a healthy and transparent relationship with its employees and partners. The environment is comfortable to the extent that anyone can work with flexible work hours and exchange questions without any appointments or fixed times. Here every team member participates with their stash of knowledge and learns with the company. If any bar of discontent is raised, the firm resolves the issue with ethics and secures the content of employees’ dignity and trust.

A Splash of Support in Employee’s Overall Development

CEPTES always takes the legacy of growth-oriented interface ahead. For this they mentor and counsel; their employees in their respective fields of expertise. They strive to figure out the potential of each one of them and assist them with tasks that polish their skills. The employees are even free to take any Salesforce certification for them to accelerate their professional aura. By holding their hands through the certification process, the firm sets a course with in-depth training and special vouchers to cover the cost of certification exams.
From the foundational perspective, they additionally conduct technical workshops, group discussions, and DemoJam where the employees are given a chance to demonstrate their technical learning and capabilities. They always keep on changing their policies as per the needs of their customers and employees.

Mantras to Achieve Success at CEPTES

For someone to be successful at CEPTES, it demands a variety of mindsets. A customer-focused mindset is needed to work relentlessly to bring an over-the-moon customer experience. On the other hand, an entrepreneurial mindset is required to assist confidence development and reflect audacity. The intensity behind this idea lies in the core which empowers people and makes them feel valued. So all in all, any individual with the resilience to learn and hunt to create something great is an invaluable asset to the company.

Apprehensions for Competent Team Building

The company adheres to the notion of employees being the backbone of its business model. Until their contentment and serenity are guaranteed, the company won’t be able to deliver the best. To lift the motivation of their employees, they regularly organize fun activities because they believe having fun is a magnificent way of improving the emotional quotient and helping better collaborations. Cricket matches, group lunches, short errands, and potlucks are some of them. Furthermore, by conducting various workshops the company tries to educate their employees with hands-on skills. Their workshops, external and internal pieces of training, certification courses, and project guidance, sets a streamlined vision for making their learning roadmap smoother each time. They are also happy to accommodate cross-division and cross-department rotational shifts for their employees because it creates a pathway to increase job flexibility and wholesome output over time.

Graciously Appreciating the Credibility of Employees

When it comes to employee appreciation, CEPTES don’t leave a stone unturned in valuing their efforts. For making the novice talents bloom more, the brand has started posting appreciation posts over their social media handles. The leaders also participate in aforesaid and connect with the employees on a personal level to keep them motivated. Apart from it they also provide appreciation vouchers and other incentives to recognize these strong pillars. With these strong pillars in form of employees, the brand stands on the pedestal of success in the competitive world out there.
With this, they maximize the promotion of entrepreneurial zeal in the organization and create a space where each individual comes up with solutions that contribute to maximizing the company’s growth.

Splendid Strings of Work-Life Balance

CEPTES believes the fact that those who have an entrepreneurial mindset also have the vision to fight out all the odds. These individuals have sound knowledge of balancing their work-life and don’t complain about the same. So the company assures the work-life balance. Their working structure is formulated in such a way that it helps the employees to manage their time efficiently. They have 8 hours of working and a 5 day work week. They work a little less but gain more practical and pivotal knowledge.

Mighty Milestones of the Company

The practical goal of the company is to become an A1 leader of Salesforce service providers across the globe catering to the diverse genre of industries. For them, the milestone is the continuous process to scale their numbers. So they have and plan to onboard 500 talents with them by the near end of 2022. They also have milestones to guide freshers, mediocre-level experienced personalities, and moms returning to work. Apart from it, the company will also be targeting profoundly on achieving an ardent position in the market by innovating new products and services.
The future roadmap is simply to grow their numbers to a gigantic level globally. CEPTES is working ahead to serve multiple customers worldwide from distinct geographies and different verticals. They have the willpower to leave marks of their innovation and success with the people who shake hands with them.






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