Cedar Decor Pvt. Ltd: Marking its Honorable Presence in the Listing of “Best Companies to Work for 2024”


Cedar Decor Pvt. Ltd.

“The first impression is the last impression.”

Inspired by this principal rule of the interior design industry, Cedar Decor (Durian Laminates) started its state-of-the-art factory for the manufacturing of decorative high-pressure laminates on February 1, 2006. They have come a long way since then, with eight production lines spread across three manufacturing units.
At Cedar Decor, the team is committed to providing clients with high-quality decorative laminates that add value and a unique touch to their homes, offices, and projects. The laminates are not only visually appealing but also durable, versatile, and affordable, making them ideal for a variety of applications. With backward integration into a captive formaldehyde plant, this process ensures that Cedar Decor’s resins are made with the best-quality ingredients that stand the test of time.
Cedar Decor takes pride in its environmentally responsible manufacturing practices. The company uses materials and fuel that meet the highest standards of sustainability. With a goal to exceed clients’ expectations and ensure complete satisfaction with its products and services, Cedar Decor is committed to redefining the laminate manufacturing industry.
Prime Insights interacted with Mr. Vishal Dokania, the Director at Cedar Decor Private Limited, to gain knowledge about the lesser-known nuggets from his journey of building Cedar Decor over the years. The conversation gave us a clear picture of his values, unyielding commitment, and entrepreneurial ideology. We particularly explored the qualities of his company’s work culture and corporate environment. Compiling all those exchanges of words, it is a moment of pride for us to feature the brand story of Cedar Decor Private Limited under one of our most anticipated editions, “Best Companies to Work for 2024.”.

Question-1) To begin with, we would first like you to tell us about the work environment at Cedar Decor.

Our workplace is a blend of productivity, innovation, and a sense of unity. The atmosphere is quite vibrant, where dedication to achieving goals and enjoyment meet. The employees enjoy their professional responsibilities and collaborate to learn and grow. Recognizing their efforts is a cornerstone of our work culture; hence, we conduct engaging activities that push their creativity and potential further. We also bestow on them tailored professional development opportunities that nurture their interests. We have also maintained an open, transparent culture that thrives on constructive feedback. So, I would say our workplace is where employees’ contributions are not just valued; they’re celebrated with the utmost happiness.

Question 2) How are employee achievements recognized by the company?

At our company, every milestone, big or small, is celebrated. As said earlier, we honour achievements, and for this, we host acknowledgments, including dedicated attendance awards, structured recognition programs, personal commendations from leaders to teams, written accolades, and special increments.

Question-3) How does the organization support its employees’ professional development and career growth?

Cedar Decor believes in empowering our team members through the light of knowledge. Keeping this ideology at the core, we frequently offer designed career pathways, personalized training modules, and individual growth roadmaps. This also helps us to offer a more supportive environment where ambitions are taken care of.

Question-4) Could you please shed some light on the company’s overall management style?

Our management style is a synchronization of support and guidance. It’s rooted in coaching, collaboration, and a visionary outlook. Across various departments, you will find a democratic environment where every voice is heard and valued. The highest authorities offer swift mentorship and support when needed, all while encouraging innovation. At every turn, our management is dedicated to witnessing every individual thrive and contribute meaningfully.

Question-5) How does your business react to and move past setbacks?

In our context, setbacks are not viewed as failures but rather as lucrative opportunities for progress. We adopt a proactive and encouraging attitude when we encounter failures. We offer a supportive probationary term with thorough training and evaluations, making sure each team member has the resources to turn obstacles into opportunities.

Question-6) How is the work-life balance here?

The importance of maintaining a clear line of balance between the professional and personal fronts is at the core here. For this, we offer flexible work schedules that accommodate individual needs, leave policies, comprehensive benefits, including family medical coverage, and support systems during challenging times.

Question-7) Does the company host social outings or events for employees?

Absolutely! Cedar Decor hosts a variety of engaging events and outings for our employees. From annual family get-togethers to sports tournaments, team lunches, and day outings, these events are curated to create an environment where corporate brotherhood flourishes, friendships deepen, and a sense of belonging is cultivated amongst the team members.

Question-8) Please highlight some of the milestones the company has garnered over the years.

The team at Cedar Decor has successfully diversified the company’s nationwide reach by setting up new manufacturing facilities and branches across strategic locations. We are acknowledged as one of the fastest-growing companies in our industry, boasting a dedicated workforce of over 1200 talented individuals. In terms of technology as well, we are leading the curve by setting benchmarks for excellence and quality. An example of this is our successful penetration of global markets. Lastly, all the strategic partnerships and alliances we have forged have alleviated our position within the industry, propelling us towards sustainable growth.

Question-9) What are the goals that the company is excited to achieve in the coming years?

In response to increasing market demands and a commitment to delivering top-notch laminating solutions, Cedar Decor, a leading player in the laminate manufacturing industry, is thrilled to announce a significant expansion of its production capacity with two new production lines. This strategic move comes as a result of careful analysis, market trends, and a dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our customers. The company’s nationwide presence will also be expanded by serving to a larger customer base and establishing a wider service network in domestic and overseas. We will substantially focus on innovative product development, introducing cutting-edge products that meet market demands. The team will be aiming to strengthen Cedar Decor’s relationships with channel partners by providing enhanced support and resources. Our plans aim to create a sustainable and growth-oriented ecosystem for our esteemed clients and stakeholders.







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