Buildzee’s determination to redefine the website building process

Buildzee is an indigenous website-builder known for developing professional websites unveiling resourceful features even without the use of coding. Its exclusive integration feature offers a range of website-building tools and SEO tools for allowing your domain and website to rule over the internet.
The brand’s fabulous and professional templates help users to get their website ready within an hour. The brand additionally offers free SSL protection to all sort of websites created within the platform they offer. With a tagline of “Redefining the New Cool”, it is constantly following its aim of offering safe, simple, and stunning websites promptly.
  • Challenges Faced by Buildzee at its Initial Phase of Business

    At first, it was quite difficult to make Indian people aware of the software used for building the customized websites. Use of HTML to develop a website is being taught since childhood days. Pandemic has raised the importance of digital presence for all the businesses to a great extent.
    People are still anxious about the costly and monotonous process of website-building and to hire a technical person to manage coded website repetitively or an agency. To cater such needs, Buildzee has brought an inventive technology for creating and managing a website effortlessly just without a single line of code. Created by two founders, namely- Dhruv Vasani and Akshat Jaiswal, the brand strictly is of opinion that the purpose of technology does not solve when a user needs technical expertise to operate a particular basic software.

  • How Buildzee is Acquiring Consumer’s Trust and Its Services are Unique?

Buildzee earns the trust of its customers distinctively by offering them a magnificent opportunity to build and customize website on their own. Allocating the powers in hands of the crowd (the end users, such as you and me) is the key for gaining such confidence. No more techie issues for website-building will tease further and consumers can dependably handle the website by themselves.
Buildzee is not in favor of eliminating the technical experts but is in favour of helping out users who are unable to pay high costs for building a website or lacking any technical expertise to handle the coding chucks. Its target is also to prevent consumer exploitation merely for the lack of technical knowledge. This technology is not only going to empower consumers but also will encourage transparency in the website creation.
The brand offers special assistance for agencies and freelancers working in the web development arena. They may suitably use this platform to receive foundation and use a template for their clients, and then simply create rest of the infrastructure on it. Complex and much customised requirements can be embedded in the platform using necessary code integration. This process seems quite fast and inexpensive.
  • Buildzee’s In-built Strategy to Identify Potential Customers

Buildzee embraces a viewpoint that each person deserves to have a website at current digital age. It may be for personal or business reasons. Few people build a website just to demonstrate a personal portfolio or to highlight hobbies and artworks, or blogging. Whereas, start-ups and small businesses considers a website as an inescapable necessity.
Buildzee categorizes the Indian market to contribute around 10% of the target in the sales chart. In the forthcoming months, the brand is willing to fetch nearly 90% of its clients and revenue from the US and EU markets due to major price competitiveness. Buildzee trusts the overseas market, because unlike India, these markets have a higher spending capacity, inelastic to pricing while adopting new technology and their endless enthusiasm to embrace new technological solutions and products.
  • Buildzee’s Active Marketing Programs for its Brand Promotion

Buildzee relies on the digital marketing and B2B marketing for now. The brand has already made its presence in American and European markets by keeping touch with the software marketplaces revealing their products on their platforms. With a generous aim of signing such deals with two of the biggest software market places of the world, Buildzee is willing to grab the overseas audience for its software.
  • How Buildzee’s Astonishing Website Solutions Got Customer’s Appreciation

It was never easy for the Buildzee to compete in this industry. But, it’s sharp focus on two core values- “no-code platform” and “matchless pricing” has helped it to emerge in the competitive market. Its competitive pricing policy creates an abundant difference in the market. Being a SaaS platform as a fundamental of the business, it is strategically positioned to give tough competition to GoDaddy and Zoho, who have wide-ranging hidden fees and high cost of building websites. With the price hike in Wix India’s offerings, officially becomes the cheapest available website builder in the entire market.
Most website builders use WordPress integration which is again pretty complicated to use. Its price is unbeatable in the international market. Thus, being reliable and effective in different ways, the brand is receiving great appreciation for its suitability by several users in India and abroad as well.
  • Upcoming Plans of Business Expansion and Prospects

The brand mainly aims to develop dynamic software products for the multitudes. While creating such software products, usability, and productivity factor is always kept in mind exclusively for small businesses and mechanization. Apart from this, drag and drop app builder, a drag and drop game builder, and drag and drop software platform are few prospects the brand is looking for to expand in the coming years.
Buildzee is of view point that power of providing business function software and services are solely in hands of selective big giants. The brand strongly aims to decentralize the same. The brand is planning to bring a big NO CODE REVOLUTION in the website-building industry and eliminating the obligation to hire technical experts for high charges.

You don’t even need to know what H in the HTML stands for. If you understand logic and workflows, then there are enough no code platforms available in the market for a broad range of services Akshat Jaiswal

We sincerely believe that the No-Code technology will dominate the software market in the coming years as the technology matures Dhruv Vasani

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