Mr. Bipin Kumar: Creating Horizons of Opportunities to Redefine and Alleviate India’s Digital Marketing Industry


Mr. Bipin Kumar | Pertinax Solutions

Digital marketing has evolved to become one of the most sought-after domains for businesses to revolutionize their digital presence. Over the last decade, digital marketing has diversified into numerous crucial sub-domains, all of which need to be synchronized with proper strategies for achieving optimal results. Online presence is not mere presence through a website; instead, digital marketing has alleviated the standards by introducing concepts like SEO optimization, niche social media marketing, and conversion rate optimization, to name a few. Hence, businesses today need the adept and astute support of a cohesive digital marketing partner that can change their marketing game to a whole new level!
The brand in today’s limelight is a maven of the digital marketing industry that has a remarkable portfolio of services with a proven track record of excellence. With more than 500+ brands built, 2000+ projects delivered, and 2500+ clients catered to, Pertinax has empowered the business landscape with innovative digital marketing solutions in India.
Pertinax, a 2011-founded Delhi-based start-up, is an internet-marketing software development company with international security standards. The team of seasoned professionals specializes in software development, sales and marketing, advertisement, promotion, and support to help businesses reach out to their potential audience with utmost efficiency. Boasting an amazing track record of successful collaborations, a diverse clientele portfolio, a high rate of retention, and impressive customer loyalty, Pertinax has been facilitating B2B digital marketing solutions in auto mode without any technical barriers. The team has a proven track record of fulfilling all commitments made to customers beyond their expectations. In recent times, Pertinax has also inaugurated a new office in Pune, Maharashtra, in 2023.
Mr. Bipin Kumar, Founder and CEO at Pertinax Solutions Private Limited, joined us for a virtual interaction wherein he discussed in detail the facets of his entrepreneurial journey. The luminary highlighted the turbulence he faced along the journey and also discussed what strategies he implemented to overcome it. Furthermore, he also gave us insights into the organizational culture he has built within Pertinax and what stands behind the continual success of the company. Consolidating all the valuable lessons we derived from Mr. Bipin Kumar’s inspiring journey, we have come up with this fascinating read under the title “Business Leader of the Year 2023”.

The Beginning ChaptersMr. Bipin Kumar | Pertinax Solutions

As it is always said, entrepreneurialism is a progressive road only for those who believe in the courage of their conviction. During his MBA days, he was assiduous about starting his business venture and manifested a desire to empower people by providing them with opportunities. Entrepreneurialism was his passion, but pursuing passion comes with unprecedented hardships too. Mr. Bipin Kumar started his firm at the age of 24 with few resources and knowledge. During the initial six months of starting Pertinax, business was quite slow, and the company didn’t receive many leads from customers. After six months, business started coming in, and Pertinax poured in its ardent efforts to deliver quality services to its clients.
Moreover, team building and holding on to the workforce were also significant challenges during the first few years. Being a start-up, the attrition rate of employees was prominent as people drifted in search of better opportunities. Mr. Bipin Kumar always emphasized building a team that aligns with the company’s vision. He diligently worked on fostering a work environment that valued employees’ hard work and recognized their smallest of small achievements.
“When we started Pertinax in 2011, people weren’t very aware of the potentiality of digital marketing. From 2015 on, we saw a resolute escalation in the demand for digital marketing services. Looking back on this 12-year-long journey, Pertinax is grateful to have employees who have been associated with us for more than a decade. Our success is a pure outcome of their consistency and perseverance in bringing the best to the table. The faith our employees have exhibited in the company’s vision is extremely valuable to me,” says the founder and CEO, Mr. Bipin Kumar.

Mr. Bipin Kumar’s Work Ethos

Work ethics are the guiding morals of an entrepreneur’s path. These values give them the resilience to stay committed to the purpose for which they’ve chosen to make a difference. Mr. Bipin Kumar has always stood by the essence of honesty.
“I have always believed in the power of honest actions. When you’re committed to your purpose with absolute honesty, success will follow naturally. You have to work with a positive mindset, no matter what the circumstances are. Your spirit becomes a source of motivation for your workforce. Entrepreneurs who lead by example inspire their teams to do the same, fostering a productive and motivated workforce.
As far as challenges and setbacks are considered, they’re indispensable aspects of anyone’s journey to excellence. They will help you evaluate the places where your strategies didn’t go as planned and what could be done to rectify them next time. That’s how to naturally learn to outperform; there are absolutely no shortcuts to it!”

Mr. Bipin Kumar | Pertinax Solutions

Employees are the Extended Family

At Pertinax, Mr. Bipin Kumar has weaved a compassionate and incredibly supportive culture where his employees feel like an extended family. He invests efforts and time in understanding employees’ needs and challenges and always provides them with swift guidance.
Mr. Bipin Kumar welcomes their ideas with an open mind and empowers his employees to experiment with their capabilities and bring something innovative to the company’s growth. He also pays laser-sharp attention to recognizing and rewarding their hard work, thereby allowing employees to develop both personally and professionally. Indeed, under his compassionate and quality leadership standards, Pertinax has not only achieved remarkable success but has also become a tight-knit family with him at the helm, steering everyone towards prosperity and fulfillment.

Mr. Bipin Kumar | Pertinax Solutions

Breaking the Chains of the COVID-19 Pandemic

When the world’s economy was severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, we witnessed many tycoon players in the business ecosystem laying off their employees to cut costs. However, Pertinax stood with its employees like a stone, didn’t lay off any of them, and offered them complete remuneration. Even during the pandemic, the company was actively hiring people to expand its offices to different locations.
Mr. Bipin Kumar says that for Pertinax, the employees are invaluable assets, and the company has dedicated itself to their holistic empowerment. He knew that the pandemic’s cumbersome situations would sooner or later come to an end and businesses would revive with full enthusiasm. Hence, Pertinax showed calmness and handled the drastic pandemic crisis mindfully by supporting each other just like a family.
Discussing things further, we also got to know that Pertinax actively participated in helping people during the COVID-19 pandemic as a matter of conventional morality. The company extended its helping arms to numerous people, some of whom weren’t able to afford the basic amenities during the lockdown. The team collectively participated in providing the needy with resources for sanitation and distributed basic Mr. Bipin Kumar and Pertinax’s unwavering commitment to helping people throughout the COVID-19 pandemic is nothing short of commendable and showcases their true compassion towards society.

An Overview of Pertinax’s USPs

“Where perfection and positivity blend with experience to serve the best!”

  • At Pertinax Solutions, the team designs marketing campaigns only after a thorough understanding of the client’s target market. The campaigns are based on a four-stage workflow that includes planning, designing, developing and launching. This is the company’s proven strategy over the years, which has always brought maximum success for all its clients. Whether it’s an SEO campaign, SMS campaign, or e-mail campaign, plans are executed only after carrying out extensive market research, website analysis, consumer analysis, and content analysis.
  • In terms of cost-effectiveness, Pertinax offers tailor-made and exclusive services at an attractive price, and all the deliverables are designed with unparalleled strategies. All the clients get a detailed performance report, which helps them decide the next step of their e-marketing campaign.
  • Pertinax sets the bar high with its cost-effective bulk SMS campaign options, which no other bulk SMS marketing company promises to do. With Pertinax, the client simply registers, and the rest of the work is taken care of with proficiency, all while maintaining the promised quality of deliverables. Pertinax has positioned itself as the most efficient bulk SMS API provider in India because the team leverages tools like APIs, sender IDs, and delivery reports.
  • At Pertinax, one can also find avant-garde social media marketing and website design services. The SEO and SMO experts work right from the ground up to make the client’s brand rank at the top of the internet platform.
  • Pertinax is also offering a stipulated digital marketing internship for students across all disciplines where they are exposed to hands-on industry knowledge. This notion was started with a vision to provide employment opportunities to students and make them ready for the future.

Customer Satisfaction

“Building long-term relationships with clients is one of Pertinax’s evident goals that also drives its work strategy. Maximum customer satisfaction is the company’s ultimate goal. Our success story shines through in the customer-focused services that we have been rendering for many years with a robust ethical approach.
To attain perfection, Pertinax garners knowledge of brewing technologies to constantly refurbish the service portfolio. The amount we charge for our services is fairly minimal in terms of campaign success rates. This is not what we are putting out there, but this is what every customer feels after working with us.”

Commendable Milestones

Mr. Bipin Kumar started a new brand named Munera Traders that offers excellent corporate gifting options. The inception of Munera Traders was laid in 2011 as an integral part of Pertinax’s business diversification strategies.

Enlightening Words from the Founder’s DeskMr. Bipin Kumar | Pertinax Solutions

With that, we wrapped up the conversation with Mr. Bipin Kumar, and Prime Insights is obliged to the luminary for extending us the opportunity to feature his authentic and raw entrepreneurial stint before our global readership panel. It was a mandate for us to request that the dignitary quote some imperative and traditional entrepreneurial lessons for all aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to venture into the landscape. Here is what he quotes:
“India is witnessing an extraordinary wave of entrepreneurship, and it is a matter of immense pride that the younger generation is ready to face the turbulent yet empowering path of entrepreneurship.

They’re motivated to find a purpose and solve problems on a broader scale, thereby strengthening our country’s economy. But one should also be prepared for the obstacles and setbacks that are associated with this journey. You’ll find yourself mired between instances of self-doubt and giving things up.
However, as I mentioned above, your honesty and hard work will take you to the clouds! You should be constantly evaluating yourself, executing streamlined decision-making processes, and thinking of ways to make things better with tests and trials. You should be aware of how many resources you have. Sometimes, even with strong capabilities, businesses fail because of a lack of investment capital. Hence, you should have a projected amount of funds to start and scale your businesses during the initial years.”

A Sincere Note of Thankfulness

First of all “Thanks to God for blessing ,Courage & showing the right path in the journey. “At the end, I would like to thank my entire family—my mother, father, brother, wife, daughter, friends and Thanks to all Teacher’s — for their immense support and faith in me. With their blessings, I have reached where I am today. In my professional sphere, I would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to my Pertinax family and business associates who have believed in us for all these years. We will stand true to your aspirations and will leave no stone unturned in cementing your e-marketing game.”

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