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The digital marketing industry thrives on innovation. With the constant emergence of new platforms, strategies, and consumer behaviours, agencies must stay ahead of the curve to deliver impactful results for their clients. Success hinges on the ability to adapt, embrace fresh ideas, and craft targeted campaigns that resonate with audiences across diverse online channels.
BeatRoute, a creative force in entertainment marketing, was founded by Priyanka Ravindran (Founder & CEO). BeatRoute is a Chennai-based marketing agency carving its niche in the dynamic world of entertainment marketing. Their focus lies in promoting a wide range of projects, including films, web series, OTT shows, TV shows, serials, concerts, and live events. Their expertise spans the entire marketing spectrum, from developing strategic positioning to crafting engaging promotional videos and executing influencer campaigns. They take pride in offering a comprehensive 360-degree approach, ensuring every aspect of a project’s marketing strategy is meticulously considered and executed.
As per their name, BeatRoute takes a unique approach to marketing. BeatRoute’s commitment to creativity and adaptability positions them as a frontrunner in the ever-evolving marketing landscape. They understand the importance of staying informed about the latest trends and technologies to remain competitive. Their mission is to foster brand growth and amplify client visibility through innovative and results-driven marketing strategies.
In our prestigious “TOP 10 DIGITAL AGENCIES TO LOOK OUT FOR 2024” edition, we’re thrilled to present an exclusive conversation with Priyanka Ravindran, the visionary leader behind BeatRoute’s success. Join us as we delve into her insights, explore the secrets to building a reliable and innovative marketing agency, and glean valuable life lessons to help you excel in this dynamic field.

Prime Insights: Can you share the inception story of the company?

We started in 2016 with one team member, one room, and one thing that was too large for the room—our zeal to create. Aspiring to be a part of the creative industry, we started by doing exactly that. Our goal was to be the last-mile connectivity that bridged the gap between great products and the right target group.

Prime Insights: How do you maintain a healthy balance between your personal and professional lives?

I am a workaholic who loves family time; it’s a conundrum. Hence, I found a great system where I onboarded my husband to work alongside me at BeatRoute. I also bring my daughter, who is now 1 year old, to the office, and she enjoys interacting with everyone at our workplace. It’s unconventional, but this is how I try to find balance.

Prime Insights: As a CEO, how does your story of struggle compare to others?

Being a CEO, especially a female CEO, comes with many struggles. Yet, whenever I see a woman who finishes her chores, travels 40 kilometers to work, and returns home to an unsupportive husband, I am reminded of the immense challenges many women face. It grounds me and makes me realize that my struggles are trivial in comparison to what others go through. Apart from this, I’ve also encountered issues with gender domination and mansplaining, but those are challenges that I face head-on and have helped me pave the way to where I am today.

Prime Insights: What types of clients do you serve, and are there any notable mentions?

We have a large roster of clients ranging from production houses like Madras Talkies, Ondraga Entertainment, 2D Entertainment, Paramvah Studios, and KJR Studios to OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and television channels like Star Vijay. Additionally, we work with national brands like Country Delight Shriram Finance, and more.

Prime Insights: How do you stay ahead of changing market trends?

Honestly, I love to read about anything and everything related to marketing and promotional campaigns in the entertainment space. It’s amazing how creative the industry is becoming worldwide. These ever-changing trends inspire us and encourage us to be better every day.

Prime Insights: Do you think CEOs today face significant competition, or is there a more relaxed attitude towards it?

Competition is beneficial and drives self-improvement. In a country like India, where industries and opportunities are abundant, there is something for everybody. As long as an agency provides value and does great work, it will continue to excel. This has always been our viewpoint, and no amount of competition will change this.

Prime Insights: How necessary do you feel it is to keep your employees content? How do you ensure it?

It’s important to keep them content because they make it all happen. We’ve always aimed for a homely atmosphere since this is where they spend 75% of their day. Since our team is mostly made up of bachelors, we go the extra mile to provide them with home-cooked lunches, regular movie outings, team trips, and games to lighten the mood.

Prime Insights: Who are your role models, and what message do you have for those who look up to you?

I don’t look up to one particular person; it’s the ideas that inspire me. So we can say I seek inspiration from the people behind these ideas. My advice to those who look up to me is: “Go the extra mile; if you can do something better, do it.”

Prime Insights: What message do you want to give to those CEOs who give up on their dreams because of some stereotypes?

If someone is giving up on entrepreneurship, I’m sure it’s not an easy decision. They likely have valid reasons and know what’s best for them. All they have to do is trust their instincts. If their instincts are telling them to pivot, then so be it. Once entrepreneurship is in your DNA, it’s hard to stay away from it. So, whatever the setback is, I’m sure it’s an ellipsis, not a full stop in your story.

Prime Insights: What future initiatives and strategies does the company have in store?

We approach each day with a ‘How to Make Today Different’ attitude. Our goal is continuous improvement. This mindset brought us here and will guide us forward. The future holds unknown possibilities, and with our larger-than-life zeal, you know where our route will take us.

Sudhir Viyas D. | Head of Marketing, Films

Prime Insights: What significant accomplishments and milestones does the company take pride in?

We are truly grateful for the three gold and one bronze awards we received at the Exchange4Media Marketing Awards 2023—South, the Marketing 2.0 Outstanding Leadership Award in 2022, and being featured in The CEO Magazine under the vertical “25 Iconic Business Women in 2022.” Apart from these merited awards, the milestones we are most proud of include working with Vijay TV, a channel I grew up watching; collaborating with Director Mani Ratnam sir repeatedly on all of his projects—a person I am a big fan of; and partnering with Amazon Prime Video, a company I once aspired to be an employee of. These accomplishments and milestones act as a reflection of our passion and dedication, continually inspiring us to reach new heights.

Prime Insights: What efforts is the company making to contribute positively to society through corporate social responsibility (CSR)?

As a woman leader, I see the lack of women in the industry and in leadership roles. I want to see a change in that aspect, and hence I contribute to the education of girl children in rural Tamil Nadu on an annual basis. At the end of the day, seeing these children perform exceptionally well in academics and extracurricular activities brings me immense happiness.

Prime Insights: Finally, is there a message you’d like to convey to the readers of Prime Insights?

Take risks, but ensure that they are calculated. We each live different narratives, so it’s important to understand the risks we can handle. Choose risks that help, not harm, you. Also, prioritize work-life balance and mental health. Lastly, if you can do something, do it well.

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