BD Software Distribution Pvt. Ltd: An Illustrious IT Security Solutions Distributor of India

BD Software Distribution Pvt. Ltd.

The Indian IT sector is amid a great industrial metamorphosis. New and more advanced technologies are emerging in the sector each day, many of which have completely transformed the prevailing paradigms in IT. The unprecedented advancements, however, have brought with them advanced security threats, owing to the sophistication in the methods used by cyber-criminals.
Acknowledging this rise in safety threats, BD Software Distribution Pvt. Ltd, a well-known brand in the IT security sphere, has come forth in distributing numerous industry-leading consumer, SMB, and enterprise-level security solutions for the Indian market. The brand was conceived in 2016, and in its 5 years of existence, it has acquired 8 lakh + users for its products across the country. It has also garnered the trust of 500+ channel partners across India and is growing them steadily.
From brand versatility to service comprehensiveness, there are various elements that’ve shaped BD Software Distribution’s success. This article will provide a deeper look at such elements, so that it may inspire young entrepreneurs to imbibe the same in their business.

An Overview of the Brand

BD Software Distribution Pvt. Ltd was conceived in June 2016 by Zakir Hussain Rangwala, with the sole purpose of providing CONTINUOUS EXCELLENCE of Quality in Security, Safety, and Support, and thus, helping maintain Cyber Peace. Zakir’s years of experience in the field were also a motivation to start a cyber security distribution company, as India was transitioning to the digital era and there was a need for good cyber security products and solutions.
BD Software Distribution represents some of the best brands in the category of security solutions it distributes. It offers customers an array of services, right from endpoint security to EDR, Data Leak Prevention, Employee Productivity monitoring to MDM (Mobile Device Management), SOC, VAPT & IT Audit Services, and also OCR Solutions. The company’s customers find it easy to deal with one endpoint for their security solution requirements. It has been representing eminent brands like Bitdefender in India for many years. Bitdefender is regarded as one of the biggest brands in the cyber security world, and a huge number of customers in India today are using it. The company ensures that it offers quality after-sales support to all of them. In addition, BD Software Distribution represents End Point Protector (Cososys) & Zecurion, which offers DLP (Data Leakage Prevention) and Employee Monitoring Solutions. It also represents ABBYY (OCR) in India. A few other well-known brands are also connected with the company, which it represents across the country.

The Brand’s Emphasis on Trust-Building

For the team at BD Software Distribution, the customer is their partner in success. The customer has been long involved in their journey and without them, the brand wouldn’t have been where it is today. Their trust in the brand and their support are what keeps the team going.
BD Software Distribution acknowledges the importance of customers’ trust and thus, places a great emphasis on fostering it. This is ensured through a multitude of ways. Firstly, the company’s range of solutions, their experience in the field, and their technical expertise and services set them apart from other brands. At the same time, their solutions are reasonably priced and provide immense value to the customers. The company’s partners, too, are happy working with it, as they make good profits and maintain satisfied customers. The customers are happy that they’re getting a quality product backed by professional service. Above all, the company’s honesty and transparency engender a strong sense of faith from customers. This encourages them to do business with them over and over again.

Overcoming Market Challenges

Like any other eminent brand, BD Software Distribution too had to overcome several daunting challenges in its journey to success. In the last 5 years, every year, the brand lost 3 months of business owing to unexpected crises. In 2017, it was afflicted by demonetization, while in 2018, by GST. In 2020 & 21, of course, the pandemic wreaked havoc on most businesses. However, despite all the hindrances, the brand has managed to extensively grow the user base for its products to 8 lakh + users across India. It has also managed to garner the trust of 500+ channel partners across the country. All this was possible thanks to the brand’s efforts on value-creation, which’ve remained steadfast despite the externalities.

BD Software Distribution’s Marketing Initiatives

BD Software Distribution engages in a plethora of marketing initiatives to strategically promote its brand. Some of them have been listed below:

  • Doing social media campaigns.
  • Participating in roadshows and trade fairs.
  • Actively organizing webinars to give information on the solutions, to generate leads regularly.
  • Rewarding partners more, instead of simply awarding them.
  • Providing regular schemes for partners and incentive programs for their sales/engineer’s team, to motivate better performance.

The company’s numerous marketing initiatives have helped it gain multidimensional exposure. They’ve also inspired other brands to follow suit and incorporate different angles in their marketing approach.

Zakir’s Thoughts on The Entrepreneurial Journey

Zakir sums up his entire entrepreneurship journey with the company in one word: “Thrilling”. According to him, being an entrepreneur in India is in itself a goal to be achieved. He has had the privilege to lead a team of motivated people towards his intended goal. Additionally, the support from his customers and partners has been immense. There have been numerous challenges that he and his team have faced during their last 6 years of business. All of them, however, have eventually served as a stepping stone to success. With regards to the “sleepless nights”, Zakir says that he too has had his fair share of them, like any other entrepreneur. He was buzzing with excitement for the next morning when he could go fighting to achieve his goals.

Plans For The Future

Being on a steady growth trajectory, BD Software Distribution has ambitious plans for growth in the near future. Its ultimate goal is to establish its presence across all of India, which will take considerable time and effort.
This year, the company is planning to launch SOC Services, VAPT & IT Audits. There’s a lot of scope for these services today and the company is striving to deliver the best of them to customers. The company also has plans to explore markets in neighboring countries, which it’ll proceed with after establishing a PAN India Presence.

A Message To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Being a seasoned entrepreneur with years of experience, Zakir has acquired some timeless wisdom that he’d like to share with our readers. Here’s his message to them: “Keep the focus always. Be honest and transparent to yourself and with your customers. Be motivated. Set daily goals and achieve them one at a time. Listen to every advice but finally, do what you feel is right.”


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