A Crisp Portfolio of Company and its Services

Walking through the details of the company, Mr. Zakir Hussain Rangwala, CEO of BD Software Distribution Pvt. Ltd. tells that his brand is a value-driven IT software security distributor, offering top-notch industry-leading consumer and enterprise-level solutions, prevailing in the Indian market. BD Software Distribution Pvt. Ltd. is a participant in Bitdefender Solutions on behalf of India. Their platform downpours dedicated protection from malware and cyber threats to diverse educational organizations, businesses, government consumers, and many more. Their technical strength and partner network spread across the country bring out the opportunities for them to lead A1 quality practices in convoluted IT security environments

The Wholesome Pathway to Company’s Inception

With digitalization grasping its hold in today’s time, Cyber-attacks and crimes are inevitable. Distributing software to decimate these possible attacks and taking a leap ahead to safeguard personal information was their main motivation, says Mr. Zakir. BD Software believed in its potential of carrying out the aforesaid and becoming the one-stop solution for all these cyber-related problems. For this, their company distributes solutions to the best of its capabilities. Moreover, their solutions are guaranteed to adhere to the Government, gigantic business firms, educational institutions, and medium business enterprises too.

Unparalleled Mission behind their Initiation

Talking about their mission, Mr. Zakir says that they’re perpetuating strategies to become the ‘China Wall’ in the Indian digital space. They’re on a mission to become an avant-garde leader in the fastest-nurturing Information technology sector. To make the dream of witnessing a safe and indomitable IT field is their near goal. They want to extend their expertise to every business firm and help them choose the correct path, by incorporating colossal practices and rules to attain top-notch safety. He further continues that his firm is also making continuous efforts in providing the much-needed appropriate data security to their customers.

Aglow of Uniqueness about this Venture

Shedding some light on their uniqueness factor, he says that his firm BD Software Solutions has been in the channel and distribution business since 2016. They are profoundly acquainted with the changing aspects of this industry and have polished expertise as well. Their chain of network with the distributors and partners is par excellence.

Enhancing and Expanding the Range of Services

The topsy-turvy behavior of the contemporary corporate world has brought some drastic economic changes, says Mr. Zakir. These changes have compelled brands to develop both long and short-term strategies to stay ahead of the curve. This has made the business pace even more competitive than before. To crack these challenges, the brand has thoroughly analyzed its customer data via research techniques. Leveraging these numbers they expand their distribution channel through promotion, price, placement, and product. The pivotal pillar of support is the loyal base of potential customers.

Capturing Every Moment of Productivity

One quintessential factor of any company’s success is the unabated efforts of the employees. Every employee aspires to have a space to express their creativity without any complexes of fear. BD Software Solutions believes in building an environment to provide a plethora of opportunities to its employees. They always recognize and value their employees’ efforts and celebrate their growth. His firm also stresses providing wellness and well-being-centric programs.

Company’s Crucial Advertising Strategies

Advertising is an important aspect of any business; specifically in this era of digitalization, one can’t stress enough the growing popularity of digital marketing. Digital marketing is the ultimate king to growing any business, says Mr. Zakir. His firm has acknowledged the fruitfulness of the same and has meticulously created robust marketing strategies to connect with the target audience.

Habituating with the Contemporary Technical Evolution

BD Software has grown over the years with the mindset of constant reassessment of every operational aspect of its business. Their solution has been awarded the ‘Outstanding Product Award’ for the year 2021. With this, they have successfully been felicitated with six Advanced+ awards and one Advanced Award in the year’s test. Adding more to the vibrancy of their achievements, the brand has also won the Gold Award for Real-world Protection and a Joint Silver Award for Malware Protection. Moving ahead with their resilient strategic alliance with NETGEAR, the brand is now targeting to make the online experience impeccable for the Home and Business category with their magnificent networking products this year.

Obligations for Achieving Future Endeavors

In these difficult times, it is often a cumbersome task to stay motivated. BD Software recognizes this fact and takes necessary actions to inspire its team. This sigma rule helps them to increase their significance during challenging economic times. To tackle the emotions of fear, failure, and anxiety of not putting in the best effort, the company arranges an informal chat to connect with the employee on a personal level, to address their worries accordingly. This turns the situation serene and allows the employees to work in a space where making mistakes and learning from them becomes synonymous with future excellence.
Moreover, Mr. Zakir says that his brand has implemented strategies adhering to the current status of its business. The outlook for critical thinking and collaborative behavior in their services ensures that their work ethics stand strong on the pedestal of professionalism. Cyber-security is now an obligatory part of every business and this sector has a huge space to grow. Their future focus is to come up with an advanced range of technologies to lessen such nasty threats. Their focus area in the coming years will be at the entry and mid-level of cyber-security.

A Little Sweet Note for the Readers

Mr. Zakir concludes his words by talking about the portfolio of their security products, which are bestowed with threat intelligence for people, homes, businesses, and their IT devices, networks, and cloud services. The detection capabilities of their solutions guarantee rapid visibility into the threat-potent systems on-premises or in cloud environments. Their products are wholeheartedly designed to strengthen the adaptability against modern cyber-attacks by bolstering the accuracy of visibility into what’s happening at the endpoint.


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